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February 2018

Love Aaj Kal A Take on Modern Day Relationships

Heart and Mind An eternal battle between waiting and letting go

Breakups suck ! how to be strong after Breakup


Editor's Note UNSHORT Unshort, is a magazine which I envisioned to help bring a smile on your face. It's a magazine to remind you of the good things in life, and I aim to create an impact through this. We're all so busy in our daily lives that we forget the things that matter. Along with my beautiful team of writers, I bring to you Unshort - A magazine that takes very little time to aim and create an impact, and create smiles. This magazine is dedicated to all the people who live for their families.

Deepak Chhabria, Editor of UNSHORT Hi there! My name is Deepak Chhabria. Before you read further, I want to make sure that you have read the column on your left. It explains what UNSHORT is all about. Now that you're familiar *Smiles*, let's get into the theme of this month. It's an edition dedicated to love and peace. That's the reason, we're launching it on the 14th of Feb, The day of Love. Love is a beautiful feeling. It doesn't begin or stop, just at a partner. Love amongst all souls is priceless. This edition is dedicated to all those who love someone, including themselves. There are also people who do not love anyone, not even themselves. This is highly dedicated to them as well. We sometimes are so hard on ourselves that we forget to appreciate what we are. This is a reminder and a dedication to people like us. This edition also touches upon modern day relationships and one-sided love. I hope you enjoy reading. Thank for choosing Unshort!

Unshort | 2018

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Heart and Mind 6 An eternal battle between Waiting and Letting Go Relationships 8 The types of it. A reminder to be Grateful Being strong after breakup 11 A guide to post-breakup happiness Spread Love. Spread Peace. 13 Theme of the Month. Spread love and peace. Love Yourself 15 For you can never love others unless you learn to love yourself Soulmates 17 An Unshort Story

Unshort | 2018

“Love Aaj Kal” By Monal Verma Today, we humans are so desperate for our needs that we don't have time for love to happen. We just need hook-ups and short-term relationships. That's all that is left today. The purity of love is lost somewhere along the course of time. Today, Forevers lie in two days or a maximum of two months. Egos have shattered love to the core, and where the roots of it exist, not only can love not grow, it can never exist. We haven’t lost our feelings and emotions. We also get affected by them. We crave for love. It’s just that, today we have forgotten the little feelings of the skip of a heartbeat, smiling without purpose, the first meet, the first kiss, the first night. All that love today, is lost in lust.

Love aaj kal, or rather I should say Lust aaj kal. If I have to be honest, I'll say that Love aaj kal lacks nothing but Love itself. One cannot see love in relationships these days. People are in it just to have fun and satisfy their needs, which I won't say is completely wrong. I'm also not saying that satisfying physical needs is wrong. No, it isn't wrong. I mean come on, we are all human beings and we all have physical needs, but faking love, just to fuck someone and satisfy one’s physical needs, that is what is wrong. Such relationships are as hot and adventurous as fire for one, and as painful as walking on a garland of thorns for the other. For one it's like Sunlight, and like Fog for the other.

It’s just that, today we have forgotten the little feelings of the skip of a heartbeat, smiling without purpose, the first meet, the first kiss, the first night. All that love today, is lost in lust.

Unshort | 2018

One gives the world to the other, and the other only gives regret in return. For one, making love is the most beautiful feeling ever, while for other, it's just having sex. The only thing wrong here is love, the love that is faked just to enjoy sex and then gift betrayal to the mate. It's actually better to hook up and get along your own way with mutual agreement. At least there won't be any faking of love or disloyalty and no disappointments and no heartbreaks. In hook ups, whatever happens, happens with mutual agreement and that's the only thing I see good about relationships these days. Because true love, it's rare these days. People are just looking out for a

companion to feel less lonely, to satisfy their physical needs, or just because it’s cool and trendy. I mean, look around, even kids of 10-11 years of age are dating these days. In a generation where youngsters do not know the kind of purity that the feeling of Love holds, how will they ever know, what love is. They date just because it’s cool and intrend. But there was a time, when we believed in Love. The time of Raj and Simran. Then, relationships were filled with love, honesty, care and most importantly, loyalty. Although some relationships at that time also were conditional, such relationships were rare, where people were in it just to satisfy physical needs.

“Believe In Love”. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the universe. These days, it's just the opposite, relationships full of love, are rare. I just want to make one request to everyone out there reading this, especially to the youngsters, "Believe In Love". Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the universe. It’s like flying in heaven. Trust me, You will feel complete when someone will be there by your side, someone who will hold your hands and whose hands you will hold, someone to hug your fears and tears out, someone to always hold your chin up, someone not just to fuck, but to make love with, someone to Love, someone to Live, someone to Grow old with. One of the most beautiful feelings has already become rare, please don't make it extinct. Love, Live, Believe!

Unshort | 2018

~ Monal Verma ~

Heart and Mind By Anjali Unshort | 2018

Heart and Mind An Eternal Battle


battle they fight. I do not know whether to laugh or to cry. Will he come back? Will he heal my wounds? Or should I give up, and make a move?

“What if you'll be broken again and remain crying?” Once again the same time once again the same feeling, With no one for sharing,with no one for healing. Heart says forget it, Mind says don’t. Even if you try to, the truth is you won’t. Yes it was your fault, that you got assault. The girl inside me is screaming, And the heart within her is dreaming. Dreaming of the one who would heal, Would understand what she feel. Once again mind says, "What if you’ll be broken again and remain crying?" One again heart says, "Don’t give up. Keep trying. Don’t be scattered and broken and sad. One day you're surely gonna be glad!"

~ Anjali ~

Unshort | 2018

Relationships By Deepak Chhabria Unshort | 2018

“Relationships – The most delicate bonds, yet the most powerful”

From my experiences till date, I’ve realized that relationships are easily made, but very difficult to maintain. Parents, do anything for us children. They do not expect anything from us except love, care and support. We must live up to them. It is our first and foremost duty. No matter what happens, our role as a child must be to take care of them no matter what. They did so much for us when we were kids. As they grow old, we must also do whatever the best we can, for them. We must take care of them, fulfill all their dreams, and give them the best life. Love you Maa and Paa!

Siblings are the first best friends! You can share anything with them, play with them, fight with them, dream BIG with them, work seriously with them, etc. Siblings just rock! As an elder sibling, there comes a role of a guide, a role model, a responsibility. Younger ones look up to the elder ones to move ahead in life. Based on everything what the elder siblings do, the younger ones are able to take decisions. They trust each other blindly, and they believe and give assurance to each other, that no matter what happens, they are always there for each other. Love, care, support, sometimes anger, sometimes fun. No matter what happens, your sibling is always there for you, forever. You can always count on your brothers and sisters, and must be the best

Our role as a child must be to take care of them no matter what.

Unshort | 2018

brother/ sister you can ever be. Love you bro! Friendship is one of the best bonds, which will last for a lifetime. A friend in need is a friend indeed. There is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance. A real friend knows everything about you and still supports you, respects you, loves you, and cares for you. A real friendship is where we respect the differences that each of us has. A true friend will do anything for you. A true friend sacrifices anything that he/she has if you need him/her by your side. A friend is the one cares about your future and is ever ready to

help. The truest of friends and the best of friends involve in any activity together. If one does it, so does the other if he/she likes it too. Misunderstandings do happen, but everything becomes alright soon and they remain friends forever. They scold each other and argue with each other, not for their own benefit, but for their friends. They will go till any extent to solve a friend’s problem – even if they have to sacrifice their life. To maintain the relationship of friendship, a true friend always compromises. Love you idiots!

“Love is a bond which I believe lasts beyond lifetime.” Love is a bond which I believe lasts beyond lifetime. Love, What can I say? A life-partner is the one who compliments you and completes you. Love is blind as people say. Love is by character and not by external beauty. I have no experience of being in a relationship, but all I can say is that being true to each other and having trust in each other makes the bond stronger. Don’t be too possessive about your partner. If you truly love that person, you will be ready to set that person free. Have an open mind, and keep calm. Believe each other no matter what!If you follow jus this, and always make your loved one feel very special, you’r relationship will be really great I believe!

Pets are also an important part of life. They are there when nobody is there. They understand and give all the love and expect nothing in return. Love your pets because they know only you. You may have the whole world to look after and explore, but they have only you. A lot of other relationships also exist apart from these. Each has it's own significance. Value them. Respect them. Love them. Wish them on this day of love.

Unshort | 2018

Happy Valentine's Day. ~ Deepak Chhabria ~

Being strong after breakup “Sometimes, you have to meet the wrong people at the right time, or the right people at the wrong time, before meeting the right people at the right time.�

Breakups suck!

Step 2 : Talk to people.

Even though I have never been in any relationship before, I can tell you that as I have seen my friends go through it. I have seen them grow over it and they are at good, sorry, great places now. I guess, sometimes, breakups are necessary for the betterment of you. Sometimes, you have to meet the wrong people at the right time, or the right people at the wrong time, before meeting the right people at the right time.

Talk to people around you. Get to know what is happening in their lives. Talk to your friends, family, roommates, relatives, neighbours, shopkeepers, etc. They're not as bad as you think. Also go meet new people. It will help. It will unravel you to new experiences in life.

Following are a few steps to growing yourself after any breakup:

Step 3 : Get Out! Go see the nature. Go for a walk. A jog. Anything. Just go out. Go out alone, with your friends, family or anyone. Go for trips, travels, or even a movie. Step 4 : Pick up a hobby.

Step 1 : Cry it all out. Cry until there is no more tears left in you. Go meet your best friend and talk to her/him. Even though you may think that they may be upset with you for ignoring them during the course of relationship, trust me, they will always be there for you. Share everything. Hug it all out until you feel better.

Remember that thing you took for granted just to spend more time with your partner? Yeah that. Since you have this big free time all of a sudden in life, go pick it up and go for it. Become an expert at it. Start reading books. Practice your hobby and lessons learnt from books you read, in real life.

Unshort | 2018

Step 5 : Follow Your Dream What happened to your dream? Yes, that dream that you once dreamt. It's time you made a plan and started following it. Take classes related to that. Meet people who are expert in that field and go for it. No excuses. FYI, One of my best friends owns a brand now. Step 6 : Fall in Love! You never know, you may find the right person at the right time, anytime. Once you know that this person is the right person, and you have them at the right time, just maintain balance between your career and love life. The person you love should be an inspiration to you. If you feel that it's not destiny, then it's not destiny. But when you know that it's destiny, then it's destiny. Become the person you know you are and not the person somebody thinks you are. Go out there, grow yourself following these 6 steps. I hope you find your Yellow Umbrella someday soon (Yellow Umbrella is a reference to the series HIMYM). Wishing you all the love and happiness.

~ Deepak Chhabria ~

Unshort | 2018

Spread Love. Spread Peace. Aarthi and Deepak

Coming to the theme of this edition of the magazine, "Spread Love. Spread Peace.", we would like to begin this article by reminding us the state of the nation, nay, the state of the world. Everyday, we see gunshots fired, missiles launched, walls built, stones pelted, killing, especially honour killing, rapes, child deaths, and lot's more including racism. There is so much hatred growing that we have forgotten to love. Children understand this more than anyone, because, we grown-ups have become so busy in our daily lives and survival that we give zero fucks to what surrounds us, while children are getting educated to face the world we

leave them. When you were a kid, what kind of a world did you want to grow up in? It's not what you expected, is it? Why spread hatred and gain pain, while we can spread love and peace and only gain? Love is a complicated feeling. How did it begin though? When we were born, we were nothing but skin, flesh and bones. But love began way before we were born into the world. It began with mother. That's where love began. The purest form of love. This energy needs to keep flowing, just like we studied in school that energy moves from one organism to another.

Why spread hatred and gain pain, while we can spread love and peace and only gain?

Unshort | 2018

Imagine a world of harmony. Forget the big negatives. If we focus on small positives, it's a huge start. Let's spread love and peace. Let's try to be kind to one another. The magic will happen. Love and Peace is the key to survival. This Valentine's, promise yourself that you will be kind. That you will not get involved in politics. That you will smile at everyone. That you will take time to make a life better. Add your own list of promises. There is so much to gain with the feeling of love in this universe. Let's Spread Love. Spread Peace. Little steps help us conquer mountains. We think of the silliest problems and make it to the size of the mountain, while in reality, if you compare your problems with the size of the universe, it is not even as big as the size of the nucleus of an atom or whatever is smaller than that. We need to understand that our soul is much greater than the universe. When a problem doesn't matter 5 years from now, there is no need to dwell in it for days or months together. So when things happen, let's try to agree to disagree and move ahead with our lives. We need to learn to forgive and forget. There is no use in worrying over what happened and fighting for the rest of our lives. It will only make everything miserable. So, let us, in this short journey of life, SPREAD LOVE. SPREAD PEACE. ~ Aarthi Priyadarshini and Deepak ~

Unshort | 2018

Love Yourself Pranayee Gupta


I love you" - The most wonderful, yet scariest words. So scary that most of us don't even say it to ourselves. Do you remember the last time you said these words to yourself? No?? Did you forget to say it or you don’t want to say it?

Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, comparison is complete nonsense. Most of us do, or at least have seen people who put themselves down, saying that they don’t love themselves. Things like this are not taken seriously, but in reality, this is a kind of self-criticism that may lead to low confidence levels, inferior feeling and sometimes depression too. Self-love is something that every person needs at some point in life. By accepting our selves and fully being our selves can change our perception towards life and our presence can make everyone around us happy as well. For you can never love others until you learn to love yourself. Why do most of us not love our selves? It’s because we are not ready to accept reality and we don’t even bother to know about it. We are chained mentally, by certain comparisons, judgements and stereotypes. We are not satisfied or convinced with what we already are. We worry about our future, capabilities, weaknesses , fears, physical traits and the mistakes we have done in the past. Hating our selves for a better reason is okay, but we don’t find any, other than these. “Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way, comparison is complete nonsense!” we all know that but we still do. We just need to understand. We just need to understand that perfection is a myth and move on. It’s really sad to see the stereotypes that society has created, it makes us believe that fair, tall, skinny and flawless are the only beautiful and perfect people. They are indeed beautiful, but others are nothing less.

Unshort | 2018

What exactly is “being beautiful”? Beauty is what we feel about our selves, not what others think or decide. Because the definition of beauty is not just limited to the "so-called" dominant traits we assume. Who are others to judge you? You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody. When we are say that we love and feel comfortable with people about whom we know little, and they too love us for who we are, then why can't we love our selves when we know our selves better than anyone else?

If we hate our selves because of mistakes made in past, then we need to forgive our selves, even though it is one of the hardest things for us to do. When we stick on to the mistakes of our past and weep, we cannot learn anything in the present and may use it as an excuse to hate our selves much more in future. Instead of pointing out the reasons to hate our selves, why don’t we find some reason to love ourselves?

Beauty is what we feel about our selves, not what others think or decide. First, we should learn to accept things, because worrying and crying will never alter anything. Instead, we should think about what can be done. We should try to surround ourselves with people who love us, and broad minded ones who accept us instead of judging us.

Despite all the things that we think may be terribly wrong with us, we need to love our selves because we are the only ones who’ll be with us forever. Love yourself. Love your own company. You are your best friend. Wish yourself A Happy Valentine's Day, and gift yourself something.

When we spend time with animals, kids and nature, the positive vibrations from their pure heart reach us. Sometimes we should think about the things that define us and not which describe us. Life can be stressful or boring at some points, but that doesn’t mean we should give up or hate or quit the game. Insulting and blaming life is easy but accepting is not.

Unshort | 2018

~ Pranayee Gupta ~

“Soulmates� An Unshort Story

While waiting for his bus at the stop, he had the intuition to turn to the other side. While he looked away, there was a girl who was approaching him. He felt some glow in her. There was an instant connection which he felt. She smiled at him and asked for the details of a bus which she had to take. It turned out that they had to take the same bus as their destination was the same. They started talking there, and never stopped.

and cheered up. There was love from one side. She could understand that. She also understood that it wasn't being expressed because the society would never accept such a relationship. They didn't have to convince the whole society. Convincing their families was enough. Families can not stay angry forever. They approved of their relationship. They were married soon.

There was another one who loved him. When she heard from him about his connection and how their relationship was on, it killed her inside. She just didn't express it outside. She found comfort in her best friend's arms. She was comforted at all low points in life,

Soulmates - There is a reason for this word. Their relationship is higher than a normal relationship. It is beyond caste, creed, religion, color, age and sex. ~ Deepak Chhabria ~

All 4 lived happily together ever after.

When they meet, it's harmony everywhere. It is believed that when we were made, we had 2 hearts. One heart was ripped out and a soulmate was formed. Both were left in the mortal world to find each other in order to feel complete. Perhaps, that's the reason we find it familiar when we meet our soulmate. Be Happy. Spread Love. Spread Peace. Unshort | 2018


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