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24x7 Interactive, LLC

Prototype Specification Objective Create a demonstrable widget to show the concept of tagging photography. This prototype will be similar to’s “Tag this photo” feature. Where the users can tag a photo by drawing a square object around a picture. And input relevant info. In this case, brand names or product names. Also can tag other users on the system on it as well.

Solution Although this is a prototype, we are only narrowing scope, rather than the reliability of the feature. We will focus on users, photo tagging, and photo display as the key features.

Users Just need name, email, and illustrate the ability to login using Facebook Connect.

Photo Tagging A tagged photo will show a star. When mouse over, it will show a pop up, with more information. For the prototype, fields we care for is Name or the tagged object (could be brand, product name, or person’s name) and Comment.



24x7 Interactive, LLC

The actual tagging page looks like the following. It will allow input field for Page Name(“Perfect Nursery for the Modern Tots� for example)

Perfect Nursery for the Modern Tots Brand Name | suggested price

Comment This is the main page where merchandizer can tag their images and publish their page.

List of Tagged Products

Attributes here should be Page Title Adding Pictures/Multiple? Brand/Product Name Suggested price Comments on they love the product How to make the product identification process easier?

Name of the tagging object (brand name, product name). For this particular field, we would like to have it in the style of Google suggest. Where when you type in a few characters, and it will find the closet thing to it in the database. In the database, it could be searching for brand name, product name.

Comment(free form text, external links is ok) This will allow tagging of multiple objects.



24x7 Interactive, LLC

For tagging “users”, it will be similar to Facebook’s style, it will show a list of friends and check boxes. The Comment field is simply a free form text input box. Not valid with html tags, except for external link is ok

Tagged photo display Each tagged photo will be it’s own page. (use the Page Name specified in the tagging page. Also please note, that the detail info(i.e. where the Ugly Dolls section) the location can change and over lay on top of the photo. Please see the illustration



24x7 Interactive, LLC

Source of photo Simple file upload. For future phases, we will want to pull from;; picasa or any other sources.

Technology Looking for using AJAX/CSS/HTML based technology to accomplish the widget. PHP/Zend framework, and MySQl will be sufficient. Or other comparable platform. Browser support: IE 6,7,8; FireFox 3.0+; Safari 3.0+




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