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SONG Sandhya Rao pictures Deepa Balsavar ISBN 978-81-8146-515-3 © Tulika Publishers © Series concept and design Radhika Menon First published in India 2009

This publication has been facilitated by a grant funding from the ICICI Centre for Elementary Education. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means — graphic, electronic or mechanical — without the prior written permission of the publisher. Published by Tulika Publishers, 13 Prithvi Avenue, Abhiramapuram, Chennai 600 018, India email website Printed and bound by The Safire Offset Printers, 59 N. R. K. Rajaratnam Road, Sivakasi 626 123, Tamilnadu, India

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Song (English)

One day, Thumb Thumb Thangi started to sing.

The frogs began to croak.

The cats began to mew.

The dogs began to howl.

The donkeys began to bray.

And the peacocks called out to each other.

Kyaaaaan! Kyaaaan! Kyaaaan!

Thumb Thumb Thangi stopped singing.

She looked at the frogs, the cats, the dogs and the donkeys...

and they all danced together.

The story is over. Let’s draw.

This is Thumb Thumb Thangi dancing.

Put your thumbprint on this page and draw a picture.

This is me, dancing.


THUMB THUMB BOOKS is a unique reading series created around the commonplace thumbprint. Words and pictures tell simple stories, sometimes with unexpected twists, featuring Thumb Thumb Thambi and Thumb Thumb Thangi and their world of thumbprints. The books use words from a child’s rich and spontaneous spoken vocabulary rather than from the formal, graded one. Short sentences, bold type and vibrant pictures make reading effortless and enchanting. At the end of the story, children are encouraged to make drawings using their own thumbprints and feel at home in the pages of the book. Every book carries on the last page the line, ‘I can read this book.’ Each time a child reads this out aloud, it affirms the young reader’s place in the world of books. Thumb Thumb Books offer a dynamic creative space in which to learn to read.

This is a Thumb Thumb Thangi Book Av ailable in English, Hindi, Tam il, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam , Marathi, Gujarati and Bangla

ENGLISH Age 4+ / ` 45


This is part of a series of thumb print books published by Tulika Publishers, Chennai, India

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