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House Daraine :

A Shadow’s Apprentice 10.02.2017 World of Warcraft Warbound Prestige Class : Death Knight

Name : Lirinia Daraine Age : 102 Race : Undead Quel'Dorei Gender : Female Birthplace : Quel'thalas Family : Erasian Daraine ( Father); Eloria Daraine ( Mother) ; Aria Daraine ( Sister) Rolan Daraine (Brother), Simberia Daraine (Sister) Secondary Skillset : Tailoring. Class : Death Knight Status within the order : Initiate Social Status : Lesser Nobility (in life) Afiltration : Ebon Blade (Revived by the Ebon Blade Directly‌) Specialization : None (Under training) Notable Personality : Insane (deeply affected due to her death) Caring (to an extent) Lawful, Sarcastic, Hard-working, thoughtful Brutal, cannibalistic, -Emotional-. Equipment : Standard Initiate (saronite) Chainmail Death Knight armor. Standard Issue Rune Blade , Personal Diary ''A Guide of Divine transition between Life and undeath. Positive-Side effects?'' Current Residence : Ebon Hold (Comissioned to Northrend) Character Motives and End-Goals : Seeking to Avenge the Fall of Quel'thalas and Justice for the fall of Her family. Looking for a way to maintain her Lesser Noble House active Eager to learn and develop her skill set within the Ebon Blade.

- Lirinia Daraine Initate of the Ebon Blade

- Lirinia Daraine Merchant’s Daughter -Apperance *Blond hair, white dark blue sturdy leather robe thread with purple symbols , wielding a sword and a small book typing down any gossip or trade offers or any information benefiting the elf. Liri was well versed in courtship and enjoyed spending time with her brother and father mostly though her training and skills were learnt thanks to her family

- Lirinia Daraine Initate of the Ebon Blade -Apperance *No pulse, icy cold pale skin with darkened ears and dark blue illuminating eyes. Liri’s body seems similar to life apart from lack of organs lack of health care. As most death knights her skin appears to be well maintained due to highly toxic cosmetics and maintenance. Liri normally wears a full sturdy plate and chainmail robes basic attire of the Ebon Blade.

-Personality and Archi-typeLiri is a fallen Quel’dorei Death Knight without mental conditioning leaving her emotions veryContradictive and unsure. The female is on a road of self-discovery now as her second chance is given, she desires to fully exploit her undying life , helping others and learning the dark arts of corrupted Runemagic to use for means of protection for the weak. She is honourable believing Ebon Blade have the rare opportunity to help and make a difference within the darkened world of Azeroth overshadowed by the Lich King. She seeks to redeem the Death Knights within the eyes of others, normally seeking companionship and allies proving her worth. The social skills and utility learnt from her father further increase the flavour of her attempts.

-House DaraineA Merchant’s Heart Ages before the Third War and Second war, Liri’s house belonged in manegment between her father and mother which were renown merchants in leatherworking and jewelcrafting conducting deals and trade around Eversong woods. The house was formed deep within the past around a hundred years when two noble lesser houses conducted a trade’s deal to increase both their budgets by cooperation, House Sunglade used to manufacture raw materials employing mining and lesser industry by lumberjack and cutting down trees. Wood was a mostly required everyday material in addition to raw dimonds which were as well mined. House Daraine led by Erasian which was mainly a very small and uprising honour house due to Erasian’s public wellfaire influencing audiences and in full track with local prices the tailor used to supply everyday citizens from poor to high social standing with exqusite wears ranging from tunics to dresses. The House come to be after a selebration of Mid-summer festive when Erasian was tasked to sew and tailor clothing for exqusite selebrants and basic citizens and villagers. The contest was between a few houses and clothing had to be themed Mid-summer and festive. Very light-hearted elegant and allowing movement for dancing. Erasian approached the brief most creatively by symbolising Eversong Woods in their most booming and vibrant colours. The dress come with a medium sized skirt decorated with golden thread flowers and small gems around the skirt which were infused with arcane dust causing them to glow. The arcane dust was provided by a friend of his who owned him a favour during one of their travels Erasian shared his caravan with the merchant.

HIs robes were the most sold and favoured by the people, excellent customer service and the eyes of an hawk, her father managed to achieve second place within the contest of Mid-summer resulting in high popullarity witihn his sphere and many more customers. House Sunglade wished to participate as well within the contest so, both Houses made a contract agreement of Erasion to represent them as well. Even with the following months achieving fame and populartity the question come , after acquiring a name and fame would he develop further into a family or would he continue to remain just a merchant respected by many. During the period he definately had eyes for a few elven ladies. Calistia was from House Roselight another lesser merchant house which Erasion spend time within their home gathering advice daily gossip which he used to his benefit. Calistia had a chanting voice and an enchanter, dabbling within the synergies of arcane which he again used to his benefit. With Calistia they had a deal, she provided him with gossip and decorative flowers while he made specific clothing for her needs though he didn’t share love towards her, Erasian wanted something better. Eloria was from House Sunglase which non-stop cooperated with him. She seemed shy at first though he did visit her every now and then due to her interest and crafting skills within jewels and leatherworking. They normally worked together on projets providing the market it’s daily needs and earned a fine income. Sywel Sunglase was the major noble leading the house, which offered her father a deal of his life, to marry their daughter and receiving raw materials for free though any requests in tailoring he had to honour as well .


-House DaraineThrough Ruin and Dispair The two shortly after married and began building a family giving birth to Lirinia, and Rolan providing education within the fields of jewelcrafting, tailoring and leatherworking with high supporting from Sunglaze , Erasian and Eloria now accepting the name of Daraine prospered greatly from the uninion as technically the market began booming with their wears. Eloria sought the attention of the Farstriders using her Sunglaze family name trying to influence the military organisation defending Silvermoon and it’s borders by

manufacturing bows and leather-wear for military purposes, however the offer was rejected since the Farstriders did have enough supply and other houses already crafting and supporting their needs. At the age of fifty when the children were now growing up and the addition of further growth within the family, Rolan decided to finally join the Far-striders becoming a ranger years later after considerable amount of training and trials ranging from hunting trolls to saving people in dispair and aiding scouting groups. Liriana by this time was helping her mother with household and support, teaching young Liri the rains of courtship and maintaining standards. In fact the young female usally was sent acquring influence with the other households and lords. Public gatherings and noble dinners

were within her most favoured locations for gossiping and acquiring trade deals and offers which benefited the houses conducting deals. During the Second War the House was near it’s most prosperous times when Liri using her now developed skills was sent on a mission given by her family to represent the House to the Farstriders trying once again to make a trade’s contract during a political dinner regarding main source of arms within the organsation, Liri managed to conduct a deal via using her house supporters providing a really small percentage of armor to the houses supporting the war efforts against the trolls aiming to field test the armor they would produce. After the gradual success the house continued to support and increase their stock in multiple spheres maintaining a steady income until the Third War.

Once the first words of the fall of Stratholme come, Liri’s brothers were mobilized and sent alongiside the General to defend the elfgates and runestones. Since their manufacture was blooming as ever, Liri and her family were comissioned to produce leather sturdy armor with the guidance of others within close-by military villages providing enough shipments and aid to the front-lines. The Silvermoon Farstriders had to be as manuverable as ever by volunteers boosting their ranks and supporters. Shortly before the war Liri’s father wanted even more to increase the income by joining in caravans and traveling to Lordaeron. Unfortunately her father never returned and the village, Liri and her family worked was razed by the Scourge leading to the dawnfall of their house and shortly after Lirinia was raised in undeath.

-BackgroundLiri is a former lady of House Daraine daughter to the very prominent merchant’s noble house .Liri’s father was a trader merchant before the Third War, bringing jewlery and trinkets home from distant travels which Young Liri normally favoured and begged her sisters to keep. She was well-versed with household Maintenance helping her mother during social gatherings and meetings with tradesmen.Liri always have favoured her father Erasian more then others. During their free time togetherHe taught her how to wield a sword and secondary utility skills such as influencing ,courting and customer needs. During most of her time while father was away, the household business had to continue, Liri and her sisters were trained in various professions such as leatherworking, woodworking and tailoring for Lirinia. Once a set of clothing was completed and her sisters gathered all sales, Liri had to maintain the Scourge come and lay a devastating siege open market in Silvermoon and several times against the nearby villages of the Farstriders, per year in Eversong during social events and Liri’s family were slain during the first days of festivals. In her free time the elven received the onslaught either by her brothers protecting training in the arts of Bows and melee weap- the gates or by her sisters falling in the villagons from her brother Rolan who was part of es of Eversong. the military unit Farstriders shortly before Fortunately during this period of time, Liri was the Third war. Liri enjoyed spending time elsewhere split from her family her location with Rolan as they had a really close bond, was near the borders with the amani trolls, venturing together in forests, exploring crafting weapons and collecting wood as caves or the occasional sparring with well as making robes hardened with leather. wooden swords or bows by shooting ranged After the outbreak of Silvermoon and it’s fall, targets . she rallied under the Farstriders Lothemar’ Theron and eventually slowly and slowly re-As the Third war come down stagnating took Silvermoon after the arrival of Kael’thas greatly the Kingdom’s sales and manufacand formation of the Blood elves. Liri however turing since demons began swirling through was anxious to fall pray to the fel magics. She Lordaeron raising people from the graves, herself wasn’t potent or of desperate need for unfortunately Liri’s father was quite away magic, since her abilties were more naturally during these events setting his caravan for and required both agility and strength. Lordaeron which never returned. Liri’s world changed dramatically. Liri and her family Exiled from her homeland eventually, she folbegan aiding the military by training with lowed the Quel’dorei to the the Eastern Plaguebows and weapons , manufacturing armor lands after passing through the region now out of leather for the Farstriders. After the known as Ghostlands she began living with the

rest survivors becoming an archer herself and scout until the Arrival of the Argent Dawn, which she joined at a later point after their establishment of influences over the cursed lands. It was rumored the Lich King have grown in considerable power making his return once again, this time laying siege against the Argent Dawn and Light’s Hope….Liri was scouting the regions which were believed for the Scourge’s appearance around a rocky arch-way. Shortly before the charge of the Ebon Blade under the Scourge banner, an ambush struck down Liri and the few other argents sent scouting thus ending in an unfortunate set of events. Liri’s body was taken to Acherus for reanimation shortly before the invasion against Light’s hope. By the Val’kyr, Lirinia was revived as a disciple, new prospect ready to become a weapon of death in Scourge’s name. After re-forging a simple steel sword into a runeblade and acquiring a set of tattered clothing, worn by the many initates, the woman was given a set of tasks in order to progress within

the order, one of which slaying another disciple which she succeeded. During the events of Light’s Hope Chapel only a day later led by Darion Mograine , the Ebon Blade managed to break free from Lich King’s grasp and retake Acherus eventually. Liri was on a task within the region of the now corrupted and plagued lands of the now former Scarlet Enclave to find any remaining saronite arrows and slaughter any remaining scarlet crusaders. During her quest of gathering arrows, around the major camp, she managed to see a small group of death knights and lesser minions turning against necromancers and ghouls bursting into an outbreak. Finally news have arrived , Ebon Blade have gained full control and no longer serve the Lich King. Liri was accepted within the order though due to uncertainty and failing a few spars with other Ebon Blade, her training had to continue and further studies within using rune technology.

Death Knight of the Ebon Blade

10.02.2017 World of Warcraft Warbound Prestige Class : Death Knight

Lirinia Daraine  

A small booklet featuring a character application for Role playing, including background and traits

Lirinia Daraine  

A small booklet featuring a character application for Role playing, including background and traits