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A Comprehensive Guide to Lebanese Media TV RADIO INTERNET NEWSPAPERS

The Lebanese Media: TV ANB (Arab News Broadcasting) founded in July 2004 is owned by Lebanese businessman Boutros and his partner Iraqi-born British-Lebanese entrepreneur Aouchi. ANB had its license issued in Britain rather than Lebanon. ANB is seen as a having no direct political affiliation.

Future TV Founded by former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 1993, and remains the TV station of the Future Movement. Future TV also has a 24-hour sister station Future News. Future TV, as with the Future Movement, is strongly proSaudi.

Lebanese Broadcasting Cooperation (LBC) founded in 1985 during the civil war by the Lebanese Forces (LF). When the LF was dissolved in 1994, control of LBC was transferred to Pierre Daher, a co-founder of the station. There is currently a legal dispute over the ownership of LBC between Samir Geagea and Daher. Issam Fares a prominent Greek Orthodox politician is shareholder in LBC. While, LBCI the international satellite branch is majority-owned by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Al-Manar TV founded in 1991 is the official broadcast channel of Hezbollah. Al-Manar officially states that their funding comes from Hezbollah and the Muslim community and not Iran, although many accuse Iran of subsidizing al-Manar with up to $200 million a year. AlManar broadcasts follow the policy lines of Hezbollah and are pro-Syrian/Iranian. New TV (NTV) founded in 2001 is owned by Lebanese business man Tahsin Khayat who reportedly has strong links to Qatar. NTV has been a prominent opponent of the Saudi Arabia and the Future Movement. Khayat has been put on trial but aquited in the past relating to investigative stories carried out by NTV and NTV has been shut down in the past when it reported on a program about the Saudi opposition movement. MTV (Murr TV) founded in 1992 but has been off air until 7th April 2009. The station is owned by Gabriel Murr, brother of Michel Murr, Walid Jumblatt and Fares Boueiz a prominent Maronite. The Saudi Prince Bin Talal is also a shareholder. In 2002 MTV was shutdown on the grounds that it violated a ban on political propaganda and harmed relations with Syria.

National Broadcasting Network (NBN) founded in 1996. NBN is a private company but seen as the station of Nabih Berri, the head of the Amal Movement. In line with the Amal Movement policies NBN is pro-Syrian/Iranian.

OTV (Orange TV)founded in 2007 is a publicly listed company but is perceived as the official mouthpiece of the Michel Aoun’s party the FPM.

Tele Liban (TL) founded in 1958 is the oldest TV station in the Middle East. The station is owned by the Lebanese government. However, with most Lebanese politicians having significant interests in private TV stations TL has been deliberately been made an irrelevance.

The Lebanese Media: Newspapers Al-Akhbar is an independent newspaper started by prominent Lebanese journalists. While critical of all Lebanese groups it is perceived as pro-March 8th.

Aliwaa is a privately owned newspaper but closely associated with March 14 and the Future Movement.

Al-Anwar is a privately owned independent newspaper. The political alliance of the paper is unclear.

Al-Balad is a privately owned newspaper and is seen as independent. Although news is published al-Balad is seen as a commercial newspaper with no political alliance.

The Daily Star is Lebanon’s only English language daily newspaper and began publication in the 1960s by Kamal Mroue who also founded al-Hayat. Although the Daily Star is in deep financial difficulties it remains one of the few independent media sources in Lebanon. Al-Mustaqbal the Future Movements daily newspaper and follows the policies of the party.

An-Nahar was first published in 1933 and is one of Lebanon’s most prominent newspapers. Gibran Tueni, an editor of An-Nahar, was assassinated in 2005. The paper is independent but viewed as leaning towards March 14.

L'orient de Jour is Lebanon’s most prominent French language daily and is seen as aligned with the March 14 Christian population.

As-Safir describes itself as "the newspaper of the Arab world in Lebanon, and the newspaper of Lebanon in the Arab world". The paper is a privately owned and independent but is perceived as leaning toward to March 8th camp.

Al-Sharq is aligned with the Future Movement.

The Lebanese Media: Radio Sawt al-Ghad (Voice of Tomorrow) 96.7FM Voice of Tomorrow started its first transmission in 1997. The radio station is the connected to Aoun’s party the FPM and Franjieh’s Marada movement. Radio Liban (governmental) The governmental radio station that was previously given funding by the French government. Listening figures have dropped over the past few years and this is a marginalized radio station. Loubnan al-Hurr (Radio Free Lebanon) 102.5FM Founded in 1978, Loubnan al-Hurr is a privately owned radio station that is aligned with the Lebanese Forces. Voix Du Liban (Voice of Lebanon) Beirut: 93.3 FM Founded in 1975, the Voice of Lebanon was first commercial radio to ever broadcast in Lebanon. The Voice of Lebanon is associated with March 14 and especially March 14 Lebanese Christian. Risalla Radio 89.4 FM This is radio station is run by Amal and follows the party line. Sawt Van This is the official radio station of the Armenian Tashnak Party.

Al-Nour 91.7-92.2 FM The official radio station for Hezbollah.

Radio Orient 88.7 FM Founded in 1995 this is the official radio station of the Future Movement.

The Lebanese Media: Internet

Electronic Intifada

Lebanese News

Electronic Intifada Lebanon (EIL) was launched during the 2006 war. It is a not-for-profit, independent publication committed to comprehensive public education on the question of Palestine. ( Arabic language news website that is pro-march 14 ( Founded after the ‘Cedar Revolution’ in 2005 this is a pro-March 14 English language website. The English language website owned by Arabic language newspaper an-Nahar and follows the same editorial line that is pro-March 14. (

An Arabic language news website that is viewed as proMarch 8. El-Nashra

( Was founded during the ‘Cedar revolution’ in 2005. Although NOW Lebanon acts as a news website its aims are clear that it is a political website that propagates the views of the ‘Cedar revolution’ and the March 14 coalition. ( The news website for the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM). (

Wa3ad (promise)

Lebanon Reports

This is an Arabic language news website for Hezbollah and March 8. ( This is an Arabic language news website for March 8. (

The Lebanese Media: Internet March 8 Facebook Official Group for Lebanon National Opposition

Hizbollah Facebook Hezbollah (unofficial) Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party (unofficial) (unofficial) Facebook Antun Saadeh (unofficial) (

Future Patriotic Movement (unofficial) Facebook Elections 2009 Official Group ( 8dc82675c55db&gid=94831670011#/group.php?gid=43781657858) Free Patriotic Movement - Parliament Elections 2009 dc82675c55db&gid=49256211093 Marada

March 14 Facebook 14 March Official Group ( re) Supporters for the 2009 Elections ( 8dc82675c55db&gid=48140376747) Future Movement Facebook

Future Movement Election page,movement&fc=0&gc=0&cl=300&rc=550&rank=13&friends=0&sns=0&sf=p&i nit=s:quick& 8f333d9f74d8fb259fb4dc532a997d4%26n%3D1%26o%3D4%26k%3D200000010%26sf%3Dp%26s%3D10&is_friend=&sid=78f333d9f74d8fb259fb4dc532a997d4&num_uq=1&id=41133109264& o_type=2&rid=0&ab=X&t=c:name&

Progressive Socialist Party Facebook

Progressive Socialist Party P.S.P. 45a9ef81ef6c&gid=2226013119

Lebanese Forces (Unofficial) (Unofficial) Facebook Samir Geagea ( f=s#/pages/SamirGeagea/39367245830?v=wall&viewas=223200225) Lebanese Forces Official group (

Democratic Renewal Movement Facebook Nassib Lahoud ( 0d873a84e&init=q&sf=r&k=400000000010&n=1&q=hassan%20nasrallah#/pages/NassibLahoud/13376913778?sid=30f5abad437bf2b683f0c1c0d873a84e&re f=s)

National Liberal Party

The Lebanese Media: Candidate websites Nasrallah Boufadel(Marontie) March 14 Beirut 1

Nadim Gemayel (Maronite) March 14, Beirut 1

Robert Ghanem (Maronite) March 14, West Bekka

Rifaat Ali Eid (Alawite) March 8, Tripoli

Ghassan Moukheiber (Roman Orthadox)

Change and Reform, Metn

Fares Souhaid (Maronite) March 14 Jbeil

Ibrahim Kanaan (Maronite) FPM, South Metn

Michel Murr (Greek Orthodox) March 14 affiliated Metn

Imad Hout (Sunni) Islamic Group Affiliated Beirut III

Ibrahim Kanaan (Maronite) FPM, South Metn

Nayla Tueni (Greek Orthodox) March 14 affiliated, Beirut 1

Najib Mikati (Sunni) Independent, Tripoli

Sami Gemayel (Maronite) March 14, Metn

Farid E El-Khazen (Maronite) Change and Reform, Keserwan

The Lebanese Media: Blogs

Beirut Spring

Maintained by Mustapha who started the blog in February 2005 after the killing of P.M. Rafik Hariri. An independent blog that leans towards March 14 and Nassib Lahoud’s Democratic Renewal Party.

Blacksmiths of Lebanon

An independent blog that is very pro-March 14 and antiMarch 8.

Human Province

Angry Arab News Service

In the Middle East

Lebanese Chess

Oriente Lux

Syria Comment


Lebanon Elections 2009

A blog by an international AUB professor on various subjects relating to international politics but with focus on Lebanon. This blog is run by As'ad AbuKhalil a professor of political science at California State University and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley. He is also a contributor to the al-Akhbar opinion page. This blog is run by Bart Peeters (aka Zentor) a Belgian free-lance translator, researcher and journalist based in Beirut. Blog on Lebanese politics by a Lebanese-Australian freelance journalist. A blog on Lebanese affairs by an anonymous blogger. A blog maintained by professor Joshua Landis who is the Co-director at the Center for Middle East Studies at University of Oklahoma. A blog on Lebanese affairs by an anonymous blogger.

A blog by dedicated to the upcoming Lebanese elections.

The Lebanese Media: Civil Society Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor

An initiative by Lebanese NGO Towards Citizenship that monitors the activities of Lebanese MPs. Formed to assist in the creation of a new electoral law.

The National Commission on Electoral Law

Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE)


Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform

Lebanese Elections

International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)

A Lebanese NGO that aims at improving the Lebanese electoral system; reinforcing the fair and democratic practice of parliamentary and municipal elections in Lebanon. Assisted by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) and in collaboration with Partners for Democratic Change (PDC), Chaen is a youth coalition pushing for electoral reform. A coalition of Lebanese civil society organizations led by the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), and the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) calling for serious electoral reform in Lebanon. An Arabic language independent website with updated information on the elections. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is an independent, non-governmental organization providing professional support to electoral democracy.

IFES Election Guide

National Democratic Institute

NDI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that has supported democratic institutions and practices in every region of the world for more than two decades.

Carnegie Middle East Centre

The Carnegie Middle East Center is a public policy think tank and research center based in Beirut, Lebanon. It was established in 2006 by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Sawti Net

An Arabic language website focused on the elections. (

Media Guide Lebanon  

A comprehensive guide to media in Lebanon

Media Guide Lebanon  

A comprehensive guide to media in Lebanon