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Deen Babakhyi

Hijinx Unlimited A book by Deen Babakhyi 1/18

This book is about Hijinx Unlimited, a skate video created by Tristan and Leo over the course of four years. The video shows kids of all ages and origins coming together to film skateboarding. During the course of the making of this film, the boys broke out of their shells and grew together to form one mighty group. Since its release, people have seen the video to be extremely controversial. Because of the fighting and attitude showcased. Some people see the fights and trouble these boys get into as a determining factor for their futures in and for skateboarding. Others see this as nothing but a side effect that comes with the making of every great skateboarder. This book is meant to break down the jinxers, separate and analyze their attitudes and personalities. These photos showcase the similarities and differences in the unique way these kids grow through skateboarding. These photos show my closest friends. These photos were all taken after the release of the video. There are some people featured in this book who did not appear in the video. There are some people who appeared in the video who did not appear in this book. Regardless, the behaviors of all the jinxers are sculpted by Hijinx Unlimited, which is not only a skate video but a mindset.


“mom's still buy their clothes though.” -brokenupbeat

“best 1 hour of my life” -trashed

“Y'all are the reason why people get kicked out of spots and shit gets skate-stopped. It takes way more maturity and thicker skin to leave a spot diplomatically and nonviolently. Spoiled, entitled, Trump-era, privileged, whitewash kids. The editing could use some work - way too hyperactive and cliche. All that aside, the skating was solid.” -firstname lastname

“what happened to the good old days when white boys were white boys?” -j. “58 minutes of bored rich kids who live in gated communities lmao” -totatuva

“these kids are an embarrassment to skateboarding” -nathan lopez

“Suburban kids gone wild” -Christian Bathany

“sick skating but fuck these kids” -RGTSK8KREW

“one of the best skate crews” -willliam darling

“if I see any of these links at my local spot, T STREET your getting knocked the fuck out on site and I'm leaving your body there” -jake sellaton

“yall are gonna be real embarrassed by this shit in like 2 years. skating was sick but half of yall need a fuckin attitude adjustment ASAP or you're gonna in up in jail. its cool to be nice.” -luke bacon

“so much cringe in one video” -david bravot

“This is entertaining but this shit is why people hate skaters” -matata

“all these kids are definitely grounded now” -alex pugh-harris













Hijinnx unlimited  
Hijinnx unlimited