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Daikin FTD60FV1K A Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purification filter removes airborne dust particles, ensuring a steady supply of clean air

Outdoor units are equally important when considering air conditioners and with a special acryl pre-coated fin on the heat exchanger for anti-corrosion, the unit is protected against severe weather conditions The wide angle louvers provide comfortable air flow


General’s new five-speed wall-mounted, environment-friendly AC efficiently handles distribution and circulation of air in the required space

With the airflow increased by almost 30 per cent and a reinforced heat exchanger, the air conditioner delivers efficient cooling

The unit has a high-efficiency DC fan motor that helps the strong air flow

The new ‘Straight Air Flow’ design technology reduces resistance to return air, thus allowing more air contact with the heat exchanger

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The external parts of the outdoor unit are corrosion-resistant, which works perfectly, given the climatic conditions in the sultanate

TECH Issue 12  
TECH Issue 12  

Immersive Gaming, April 2011