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APRIL 2011


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Twenty-nine degrees and more mercury to rise; guess the dreaded summer’s here. First order of daily business: peek at the weather report to check if the CD in your car will melt, with the rest of the day spent fantasising about luscious cool drinks, delicious ice creams, and exciting dips in the ocean. But it’s not time to bid farewell to your winter coats just yet. Summers in Oman are not just the time for selling Pinkberry, but air conditioners too. People rush to choose the ‘coolest’ air conditioner – and by ‘coolest’ we are not talking only about the performance of the AC, but also the plethora of designs and options available. With this in mind we have enjoyed putting together a six-page coverage that will give you an insight in choosing an AC from among the latest brands available in the market today. There is also a surprise awaiting aficionados of electronics – a sneak peek at one of the largest IT, Telecom and Consumer electronics extravaganzas in the region – Comex 2011. Not to leave out our gaming reader base, check out our in-depth review of Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, and our experience of Killzone 3 with the former. And guess what! We have just finished our 12th issue. We have done well, or so we’d like to believe – and surely you do too, but there is more to go. Sergey Brin had said, “Great… just isn’t good enough,” inspiring us towards a great-er second year. Now, enjoy this issue, we have work to do…



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TECH Issue 12  

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