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The Exterior It is rather odd that BMW chose to call it the 5-Series Gran Turismo, rather than the 7-series, seeing as it uses the latter’s chassis. It even looks very much like the 7-Series from the front, only higher. c The rear takes its inspiration from the X6 and features a boot lid that can either be opened like a regular boot or by using an alternate release, opens like a hatchback. This odd mash-up of the 7-Series and the X6 is what gives it its unique character. It has one of those looks that you will either love or hate, with very little room in between. Regardless, you are guaranteed to be noticed on the road if you drive one of these.

Inside the cabin Because of its increased height and ample seat adjustment, the Gran Turismo can give you quite a commanding view of the road ahead and beside you. Rear visibility doesn’t fare so well because of the thick rear roof pillars and a tall boot lid. Space throughout the cabin is extremely generous and with such a high roof even the sloping rear doesn’t have any effect

on the headroom. The cabin layout is very similar to the new 5-series, with every control easily accessible. It even uses the latest version of the iDrivecontrol interface, which is far more intuitive than its predecessor. As is to be expected, boot space is simply gargantuan. Standard boot space

varies anywhere from 440 to 590 litres depending on the position of the rear seats; but fold them flat and the space increases to a massive 1,700 litres. And thanks to the two-piece tailgate, selectable by two separate switches near the rear number plate, every inch of it is easily accessible. April 2011 / 37

TECH Issue 12  
TECH Issue 12  

Immersive Gaming, April 2011