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Thinner Lighter Faster The iPad 2 has finally been revealed to the public and it’s thinner than even the iPhone 4

When it was first released, the iPad singlehandedly rekindled the tablet market. Today, with more than 15 million units sold, the iPad is by far the dominating force in the field. With the new model, Apple has significantly

raised the bar for the competition, one disappointing omission notwithstanding. The new system not only offers an all-new design that is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it is also significantly faster while still retaining the battery life

of the old model. The iPad 2 also comes equipped with the latest version of the iOS and has a host of new features that are sure to get its competitors worrying again.

The new iPad retains the same 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen from the original, which is not bad considering the quality of the old screen; but those expecting the retina display from the iPhone 4 to make an appearance will be disappointed

iPad 2 features an entirely new design that is 33 per cent thinner and up to 15 per cent lighter than the original iPad

The iPad 2 comes equipped with iOS 4.3; this new OS comes with a number of new features including faster Safari mobile browsing performance, iTunes Home Sharing, enhancements to AirPlay, choice to use the iPad side switch to either lock the screen rotation or mute audio, Personal Hotspot to share an iPhone 4 cellular data connection over Wi-Fi and the ability to run almost all of the over 350,000 apps available on the App Store

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TECH Issue 12  
TECH Issue 12  

Immersive Gaming, April 2011