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==== ==== Thoughts on how we mange life and relationships. ==== ==== We all have good days and bad days. I have to admit that some of the bad days are dreadful! One of the worst things that can happen is when a day begins well, but then starts to accelerate downhill rapidly and you can't wait for the end of the day. Sometimes it's hard to stay positive. However when you have a really bad day, one of the things that could help lift your spirits up might be inspirational and motivational & funny messages, stories or quotes by all kinds of wonderful people. Whenever we're feeling low, turning to inspirational daily messages for a pick me up, can really make a great difference. Positive quotes and sayings are an effective way to help you regain a positive state of mind. The idea is to repeat a positive saying over and over in your thoughts or aloud, so you will feel positive and empowered. If you set goals for yourself then you are probably aware how difficult it is to stay motivated. Inspirational thoughts are often used to keep the benefits of your goals in your mind to motivate you to achieve your objective. So you have most likely already used them. Imagine a garden without a gardener or seeds, abandoned. It will still grow weeds and grass, wild and rambling. Your mind without training will grow weeds too or at least negative thoughts, that will fruitfully multiply. However if you decide to feed your mind with some positive thoughts, cultivate and nurture it, it will provide the fruit for much better days. Positive thinking is where we need to be in our thoughts, we need to feel good to achieve great things. It's not always easy, but it is necessary for the quality of life we all desire. Why not do a little search right now and have a positive, feel great day.

==== ==== Thoughts on how we mange life and relationships. ==== ====

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