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MARCH 1- 6 2010


Discovery Arts Fest 2010

Welcome to the Discovery Arts Fest for 2010 This event promises to be a delight for the senses and an experience for not only the students at Discovery College, but the wider Discovery Bay and HK community. The Festival offers a range of concerts, sessions and events, in fact, something to tempt everyone who loves the arts. I would like to thank all of our artistes, staff, DCPTA, sponsors, friends and you, our audiences, for being part of a fantastic and very memorable Festival, one which I hope will continue to grow year by year.   

Mark Beach Principal


















Discovery College

Prepare to be amazed! The DCPTA Discovery Arts Fest Sub Without you this wonderful highlight of Committee has been delighted to help the school, and social calendar could not have happened. organize the 2010 Discovery Arts Fest.


Dancers, martial artists, musicians, actors, puppeteers, singers, storytellers and artists from every avenue and all corners of the globe ensure the Discovery Arts Fest 2010 will be a truly magical experience, as well as a time of learning made FUN.

The DCPTA Discovery Arts Fest Sub Committee would like to pay special thanks to Danielle Libine who has worked so tirelessly on this souvenir programme. We are indebted to Danielle for her expertise, guidance … and patience! If anyone should be on the look out for a first class graphic designer, and photographer … look no more! Danielle has also kindly agreed to take the photographs at Prom Night on Saturday March 6th and is donating all proceeds to the school.

In the evenings we are excited to offer a schedule of Hong Kong firsts. From movie screenings and professional drama productions to Prom Night (Saturday March 6th) these ticketed fund raising events are quite simply not to be missed!

We would also like to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ to Amy Freed, Discovery College Development & Communications Manager who has gone way beyond the call of duty. Her calm, professional dedication has been very much appreciated.

This unique week long event welcomes artistes from all walks of the performing arts to the school to conduct workshops for DC students, and to perform for, and with them.

Of course to make the Discovery Arts Fest 2010 such a success has required lots of help and support. The DCPTA would like to thank those who have given so very generously of their time, services, products, and yes … money!

The DCPTA Discovery Arts Fest Sub Committee





Chinese Ink Painting






Punch & Judy




Glenda Allen Dance Academy




Gu Zheng






Discovery Arts Fest 2010


A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski -4-

Discovery College

SAX MAX SaxMax is a Hong Kong based saxophone quartet and was formed in October 2008. The ensemble features the classic saxophone quartet line up of: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone instruments.   The players, Lean Cuglietta, Timothy Sun, Yin Tak Au and Pluto Chu come from a variety of backgrounds, which span the worlds of classical performance, popular music and jazz resulting in an exciting blend of musical styles.   With various musical backgrounds, and international training, SaxMax delivers an exciting performance for any occasion and is very pleased to be part of Discovery Arts Fest 2010.

When: Monday March 1st Where: Performing Arts Theatre DC Students Only

STUDENT BAND PERFORMANCES & MOVIE SCREENINGS Discovery Arts Fest 2010 isn’t just about visiting performers, an important component of the festival is the chance to showcase the many and varied talents of Discovery College students themselves. Throughout the week of Discovery Arts Fest 2010, DC student bands will thrill their fans as they perform lively and exciting lunchtime concerts, there will be an interhouse dance competition, while older students will debut their film-making prowess by screening their homemade silent movies. Additionally, on Friday March 5th a Carnival Parade will be held and the second DC Annual Music Concert will take place in the Performing Arts Theatre from 6.30pm.

When: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday DC Students Only -5-

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

OPERA HONG KONG Opera Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s first opera company. Since its inception in 2003 this non-profit, charitable organization has become firmly established on the Hong Kong cultural scene and is recognized for creative, thought provoking, and accessible productions.



Opera Hong Kong is committed to enhancing appreciation of this artistic form, as well as promoting local talent. As part of its community programme schedule, ‘Mini Opera’ makes opera fun, and easy to understand - perfect for the Discovery Arts Fest! There has been an overwhelming response to ‘Mini Opera’ productions, which are deliberately bright, colourful and engaging. Opera Hong Kong’s ‘Mini Opera’ will give DC students the chance to hear some of the greatest music ever written, and to ask questions of the professionals who understand it best.

When: Monday March 1st Where: DC Black Box Theatre DC Students Only


Discovery College

Chinese Ink Painting No Hong Kong Chinese painting.







The Discovery Arts Fest 2010 is pleased and proud to welcome Judyanna Li who will conduct workshops in this exquisite, delicate, traditional art form. Having studied under famous Hong Kong painter Mok E-den, Judyanna’s works have been exhibited to wide acclaim both locally and in Mainland China. Judyanna is passionate about fostering understanding of and interest in Chinese painting. Practicing a ‘free hand’ form of painting using timehonoured techniques and minimal strokes her works concentrate on flowers, birds, insects and fish in their natural habitats, using traditional brushes, on rice paper and with just five basic colours.

When: Monday March 1st Where: DC Art Room DC Students Only


Collages by DC students - January 2010 -7-

Discovery Arts Fest 2010


Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. ~Chinese Proverb -8-

Discovery College Event sponsored by:

THE HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS The House of 72 Tenants is considered to have heralded a new era in Hong Kong cinema.

crowded tenement slum ruled with an iron fist by a strict landlady and her sleazy husband.

Up to that point first class movies were made in Mandarin, now (1973) for the first time, one was made in Cantonese and it smashed box office records, including those made by legendary screen icon Bruce Lee.

In a leap of faith, top Shaw Brothers movie production house director, Chor Yuen directed what became a stellar cast, which includes Yueh Hua, Cheng Li, Lily Ho Lei Lei, Lydia Shum Din-Ha and Danny Lee Sau-Yin.

The House of 72 Tenants was originally a stage play set in Shanghai and written in 1945 – by Chu Hak, grandfather of a DC student, whose Mother, Sui Ming Chu-Hope performed as a child in the stage play itself!

This landmark movie has been digitally re-mastered by Celestial Films to enhance your viewing pleasure.

When: Monday March 1st Where: Performing Arts Theatre This vaudeville-like comedy has not only stood Open to All the test of time, it transcends cultural barriers as Ticketed event: $88 per seat audiences enjoy the ‘laugh out loud’ story of a Free seating Chu Hak


© The House of 72 Tenants is licensed by Celestial Pictures Limited. All rights reserved.

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

Punch & Judy In the spirit of true internationalism, the Discovery Arts Fest is pleased to welcome ‘Punch & Judy’ - as they are known in the UK, China, Australia, US and Canada … or ‘Hans Wurst’ in Germany, ‘Mester Jackal’ in Denmark, ‘Polichinelle’ in France, ‘Petrushka’ in Russia, ‘Jan Klaasen’ in the Netherlands … you get the picture!

For those concerned about the education aspect of this timeless puppet show please take comfort in the fact there are dedicated Punch & Judy Professorships in Canada, Australia, the US and New Zealand!

DC students are bound to fall in love (just as you did as a child?) with the self-satisfied (hence the Wherever he appears in the world, term, ‘Pleased as Punch’) antics and he’s been doing so since the of ‘Punch & Judy’ as arranged by 16th Century, the endearing and master puppeteer, John Hutton. enduring rascal, Punch with his When: Tuesday March 2nd distinctive squawk and hooked Where: Yrs 1 & 2 Shared Area nose behaves outrageously, often struggling against the forces of DC Students Only law and order to the consternation of his rolling pin wielding wife Judy (or Grete, Katrijin … etc)

STORY TELLING Everybody loves a great story. Reading a story aloud well is an art form – and it’s not been overlooked at Discovery Arts Fest 2010. DC’s younger students will be enthralled to hear professional storytellers bring a tale to life.

When: Wednesday March 3rd Where: Yrs 1 &2 Classrooms DC Students Only

- 10 -

Discovery College

CHINESE DRUMMERS Canice Gleeson has taught music internationally for 12 years with head of department posts in Dublin, Rome and Tokyo. Now living in Hong Kong he teaches music at West Island School and directs the Chinese Drumming Ensemble and school choirs. A music graduate from University College Cork, Ireland, Canice also holds postgraduate degrees in Music Education and Technology, plays clarinet, piano, and is a keen percussionist. Canice has lead workshops throughout the world in conducting, African music, Irish music and Chinese drumming. He is passionate about live performance and is delighted to be a part of the festival sharing the musical energy of Chinese drumming.

When: Wednesday March 3rd Where: Drama Studio DC Students Only - 11 -


Discovery Arts Fest 2010

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

- 12 -

Discovery College

Glenda Allen Dance Academy The Glenda Allen Dance Academy Hong Kong is one of the region’s most dynamic and highly respected dance schools. For fifteen years, Principal Glenda Allen, a graduate of both the Australian, and Royal Schools of Ballet as well as a recipient of the Dame Margot Fonteyn Award (with whom Glenda danced when with the Australian Ballet), and her team of dedicated professionals have been nurturing and encouraging young dancers, with a strong emphasis on live performance, which Glenda believes is an important challenge and incentive from which essential life skills may be learned. At the Discovery Arts Fest 2010 Glenda will conduct a series of workshops and performances for and with DC students introducing all forms of dance from classic ballet through to hip hop. Glenda will be ably assisted by her colleagues, Chelsea Coleborne and Kelly Richardson. From the moment Chelsea Coleborne could walk she knew she was born to be a dancer. At the age of two Chelsea started learning all fundamentals of dance, which to this day have taken her around the world performing, choreographing and teaching. Kelly Richardson started dance classes at two and a half years of age. Having qualified, and taught in Australia and South Africa, Kelly now loves introducing children, and adults to the delights of all forms of dance.

When: Wednesday March 3rd & Thursday March 4th Where: Dance Studio & Black Box Theatre DC Students Only

- 13 -

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

GREAT EXPECTATIONS Charles Dickens, one of the most popular writers western plays to Hong Kong’s stages. It is our honour in the English language of all time wrote some to have such a well-known and respected theatre cracking tales! But they don’t come much better director involved in the Discovery Arts Fest. than ‘Great Expectations’. Cast: The story of orphan, Pip and his strange relationship with Miss Havisham, who wears her wedding dress Pip - Hamish Campbell: Involved in HK theatre for despite being abandoned at the altar, only one many years, Hamish is a former West Island School shoe and hasn’t been in the sun for years, and student Pip’s unrequited love for Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, Estella, ‘Great Expectations’ is teeming Mrs Joe, Miss Havisham & Molly - Shiona Carson: with unique characters who quite literally jump off Queensland of Technology Theatre Studies graduate, Shiona has been a drama teacher, & the page, or stage in this case! director of plays and musicals as well as a Speech & Charles Dickens’ belief in the need for social reform Drama grade examiner moulds much of his work. To convey his theme Dickens used his masterful prose to create some of Magwitch & Jaggers – Mike Brookes: From stand up English literatures most memorable characters and comedy to theatre, and BBC radio dramas, Mike’s the Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection will done it all help bring the ones in ‘Great Expectations’ to life for Estella & Biddy – Holly Aston: Leicester Uni Theatre us. Studies graduate, Holly was Principle Resident In a Hong Kong first, this premier professional actress with Chunky Onion Productions before drama production company, which is devoted joining AFTEC she has performed most everywhere, to community arts and participation, will stage including the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival matinee and evening performances of this classic Joe & Drummle – Mark Peaker knew he was to be an tale, which the whole family will enjoy. actor from a young age, and has been treading the Directed by Dr Vicki Ooi who taught Theatre and boards in HK and elsewhere ever since English at the University of Hong Kong for more than 30 years, and was instrumental in founding Pumblechook & Herbert Pocket – Gerome Samonte: The Drama Lab there where many generations of HK Freelance actor & drama teacher, Gerome has been directors and actors have been nurtured. Dr Ooi was performing in HK for 8 years one of the first theatre directors to bring translated

- 14 -

Discovery College

Victorian Era Children

From Director’s notes: For this unusual adaptation Dr Ooi drew inspiration from Trevor Nunn’s stage work of Dickens’ ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ for the Royal Shakespeare Company. It took Nunn and cast 8 hours to do justice to that novel, Dr Ooi promises she can do better! Her response to the challenge of adapting ‘Great Expectations’ was to turn directly to Nunn’s influence, Brecht’s Epic Theatre style, describing it as an: “episodic, seemingly disconnected, open-ended montage of scenes.” The audience is allowed to arrive at its own conclusions about how events link together. Minimalist and representative, Dr Ooi notes, “We shall invariably lose much of the novel. Many characters had to be left out and significant events encapsulated into short scenes.” We are about to go on a wonderful dramatic journey and thank Dr Ooi for being in the driver’s seat!


When: Wednesday March 3rd Where: DC Performing Arts Theatre Open to All Ticketed event: $100 per seat Free seating

- 15 -

Dr Vicki Ooi - Director

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

CAPOEIRA The origins of capoeira, (pron: cap-oh-air-ah), an Afro-Brazilian martial art are somewhat obscure and surrounded by a good deal of myth and speculation. However, universally accepted is the fact it sprang from slave culture in Brazil in the early 16th Century. A vigorous martial art known for its fast and furious flying kicks, bobbing and weaving techniques, and acrobatics like cartwheels and back flips, which are all performed to a funky Brazilian beat, capoeira has grown enormously over the past couple of years.


At the Discovery Arts Fest, ‘Capoeira Brazil Hong Kong’ will introduce us to this mind-blowing martial art. One of the world’s largest capoeira groups with three of the most famous founding masters, Mestre Boneco, Mestre Paulinho Sabia and Mestre Paulao, ‘Capoeira Brazil Hong Kong’ is a growing team of local Hong Kong people passionate about capoeira and ready to help us discover the beauty, the fundamentals, the folklores and culture of this unique martial art.

When: Thursday March 4th Where: Performing Arts Theatre & Dance Studio DC Students Only

- 16 -

Discovery College

Gu Zheng The ancient Chinese musical instrument, Gu zheng is a sight and sound many may be familiar with, but few have ever had the courage to try and play! Ellie Siu, a year 12 student at DC sister school, Renaissance College, has been playing the 21 stringed instrument for four years and has recently attained a merit qualification in the Level 3 Certification.

We are delighted to welcome her to the Discovery Arts Fest 2010 and very much look forward to hearing her play what many consider to be one of the world’s toughest instruments. Ellie herself is very proud of her musical tool, saying, “It is very important to Chinese people to explore our history through music and Gu zheng music conveys a lot about China’s past.”

Having performed at numerous school functions and recitals, Ellie has hopes of passing Level 4 Certification this year, and of participating in the prestigious Hong Kong Music Festival.

- 17 -

When: Friday March 5th Where: Granite Courtyard DC Students Only

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

DETAILED PROGRAMME Monday, 1 March Performing Arts Theatre

09:00-10:00 Sax Quartet (Yr 4, 5, 6) 10:30-11:30 Sax Quartet (Yr 7, 8, 9) 16:30 House of 72 Tenants 19:00 House of 72 Tenants

Dance Studio

13:05-13:35 Drama Film Screening

Tuesday, 2 March

Granite Courtyard

Outdoor Amphitheatre Black Box Theatre

13:05-13:55 Band Performances 13:00-14:00 Opera Hong Kong (Yr 4, 7, 8)

Drama Studio

Saturday 6th March - don’t miss our PROM NIGHT! - 18 -

Discovery College

1-5 MARCH 2010 Wednesday, 3 March

Thursday, 4 March

16:30 Great Expectations 20:00 Great Expectations

09:00-09:15 Capoeira Demo 18:30-20:30 Annual Music Concert (Yr 7, 8 and 9) 11:45-12:00 Capoeira Demo

09:00-10:00 Dance (Yr 3A) 10:00-11:00 Dance (Yr 3B) 11:00-12:00 Dance (Yr 3C)

Friday, 5 March

(Yr 5 & 6)

09:15-10:15 Capoeira Workshop 10:30-11:30 Capoeira Workshop 12:05-13:05 Capoeira Workshop 14:00-15:00 Capoeira Workshop (all Yr 7) 10:25-10:45 Gu Zheng (Yr 3, 4) 11:45-12:15 Gu Zheng (Yr 9) 12:30-13:05 Gu Zheng (Yr 5, 6)

13:05-13:55 Interhouse Dance Competition 09:00-10:00 Dance (Yr 4A) 10:00-11:00 Dance (Yr 4B) 11:00-12:00 Dance (Yr 4C) 10:25-11:45 Chinese Drumming Workshop (Yr 8) 11:45-13:05 Chinese Drumming Workshop (Yr 8) - 19 -

Discovery Arts Fest 2010


P A T R O N S C h r i s t o p h e r K w o k ’s F a m i l y Casey & Erin O’Brien Jessica Foreman Perchard/Horner Family Samar Jayachandran The Pringle Family Kylie & Jonathan Chow Jade Elize Thomas Justin Choi De Ramos Family S.J. Hwang Grace Hwang Kelly Hwang Leslie Hwang Olivia Hwang N a t h a n L e e ’s F a m i l y Fung Eldon Giselle von Huene-Chan Ya n i s P a r k Hyung-Jun Kim F & C Ye u n g The Rogers Family The Shaw Family The Fillip Family Michael Harries - 20 -

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

- 22 -

K a m V i v i a n & S h u e t Y e n g M a t t h e w R o b b i n s B e n R o b b i n s T a n y a S u r a w s k i M a d e l i n e B o wd e n M u e l l e r F a m i l y N i i n a F u j i t a U r m e n e t a Fa m i l y Y e l i m L e e Tra My & Jack H ick in Matthew & Angela C o l l i n g w o o d K e l s e y & J o s h u a G o r d o n M i z u m o t o Fa m i l y A l i c e C a m e r o n




E v e C a m e r o n D e b b i e , R o n & A m a n d a B a i l l i e I s a b e l l a & S e b a s t i a n E l l i s - G e i g e r M a x w e l l F a m i l y A v a W e d l D a m i a n & B r e n d a n T i g h e T r e v o r C h a n M a x d e m i a n L e e A n d r e a B o n i T a r a J a d e & L e e H o R o b b e r t




Discovery College

- 23 -

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

- 24 -

- 25 -

Discovery College

Mandarin Made Easy! At Discovery Bay Mandarin Centre With Ms. Sonia Yan

No one said learning to speak Mandarin Chinese was easy! But with Sonia Yanʼs expert help and guidance it couldnʼt be easier!

Sonia has been teaching Mandarin to DB adults and children for more than 10 years, and has worked in both primary and secondary International schools as a Mandarin teacher. Her experience and qualifications alone make Sonia the ideal choice for you and your family. But, thereʼs more to it than just speaking Mandarin; Sonia cares about building all the skills required for exams such as GCSE, IGCSE and IB. With patience and humour, Sonia guarantees your Mandarin learning experience will be enjoyable, and get results quickly. Contact: Tel 9550 5458 Email:

- 27 -

Discovery Arts Fest 2010

Uncle Russ is proud to support the Discovery Arts Fest and hopes that you and your family enjoy all the performances and events during the week. We will be opening a new shop at the DB North Plaza in April so if you would like to try it out, please cut out the coupon below.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free 

@ DB North

Welcome to Uncle Russ Coffee.With this coupon you may enjoy buy one get one fee for all coffee item. Terms and Conditions.

1. This coupon is vaild until 31st December 2010. 2. No cash refunds for the coupon. 3. Damaged coupons will not be accepted. 4. We reserve the right to take legal action against those who reprint coupons without authorisation. 5. Only valid for use at Uncle Russ Coffee DB North New Plaza

- 28 -

DC Arts Festival 2010 - Programme  

Programme magazine for the first Arts Festival at Discovery college.

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