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A Jelly Priest Rocks The Vatican During The New Pope's Election Week! Comedy Cult Pop Group The Jellybottys Raunchy New Music Video "Jelly Priest" Shows A Nutty Dancing Priest At The Vatican With Only One Thing On His Mind, Jelly!

Welcome fellow Jellybottys! – We thought we would introduce you to our new jellytastic music video and single “Jelly Priest”

"This video is causing a storm during pope election week and the song should be in the top ten just for ballsyness. Musically, if you can imagine a jam session with a glam era bowie, funkadelic bass grooves and jim carey crooning the vocals, you've got it!" -Ian McWhackel, Music Blogger, Aberdeen, ScotlandIndy Bad Boy Rockers and Nutty Cult Pop Band The Jellybottys have got to be the real deal when it comes to causing anarchy. The lead singer can be seen in the video of their new song dressed as an actual priest dancing around the Vatican, for real! Johnny Rotten eat your pants. This is true rock 'n' roll rebellion. The band's new single Jelly Priest with it's spectacular hollywood mini epic movie feel, takes a very un-subtle and satirical view on all things Rome, Religion, Raunch and, yes you guessed it, Jelly! As the band themselves like to call their particular brand of extremely uplifting music. "We always deal with the heavy subjects, or awkward things in life with some damned fine jelly humour" says lead singer and songwriter deekstar jellicious, "it reminds us that we are not actually really anything to do with the sinister, corrupt and screwed up goings on that are all around us, yet make you feel like you should be part of them, for us jellybottys, laughter is the key"

Most people will find this grand spectacle of a pop video very amusing, it certainly beats reading about or watching recent news on yet more scandals from certain holy global institutions. Make a point to check out the Jellybottys delicious new "jelly Priest" video on youtube, especially when new pope Francis has just arrived at the Vatican. As the band said today in all sincerity "he is our biggest fan mate" Enjoy the jelly! View Full Length Jelly Priest Video Here - Download The Jelly Priest New Single by The Jellybottys from iTunes To Download Song & video, please visit - He’s Got His Copy!

Contact Information: Name: The Jellybottys Telephone: +441647231188 Website:

Jelly Priest Dances At The Vatican For New Pope Francis  

The raunchy new single and music video from those zany indy rockers the jellybottys as they party at the vatican celebrating the old pope be...

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