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Old Devon Country House Fireplace Renovations

The living room, family room, den, as well as master Bedroom are all rooms of your old Devon House which deserve a nice makeover when it's time to complete a home renovation project. One idea that you may not have thought about is that adding fireplaces to the various rooms in your house will do wonders to increasing the value of your home. Adding fireplaces will not only add that extra monetary value to your property, it is also a good way to add a certain type of homeliness for people visiting and

your residing family folks. Indeed, although Devon is regarded as one of the mildest county's in England, there are still many cold winter nights which are spent indoors around an old living Hearth. You might even be accustomed to roasting marshmallows, listening to your favourite music, or watching a good movie on your lovely couch in front of that glorious old devonshire Fireplace. It's a fact that nearly every person you know will love a good homely fire to sit around, but if you don't have one, or want to add another 1 or 2 in other rooms of the house, here are some important points that need to be considered first!

Changing the Size or Dimensions of an Old Devon House Fireplace

If you don't already have one and in order to successfully have a fireplace added to your home, the first thing that needs to be considered is how it will fit into a particular room. The fireplace should be seen as a piece to the living room puzzle. Whether you want to figure out yourself what needs to be changed or you want to meet with a trusted and experienced team of builders in Devon, the dimensions of your living room should be thought about. If the house currently has a small, but quiet living room then chances are that it will need to be made larger. This is quite a common practice in old Devon Country Homes since many older houses traditionally had small cottage sized rooms, primarily to keep heat in the space as much as possible. Larger living rooms can be more conducive to grander fireplaces just because there is more wall space for the larger fireplace to sit emanating it's comforting and seductive warmth.

Builders with knowledge are what you need!

A seasoned professional Devon contractor such as Brimblecombe Bros, one of the oldest family building firms in the south west of England, will be the best advisers who can help you with living room renovation plans and problems. In addition, an experienced Devon building company will also be able to help you if you decide to add more fireplaces to other rooms and bedrooms in your house. If this is your particular scenario, there are a whole different set of considerations that need to be made,for example, you might also have to make the bedroom bigger to accomodate a new fireplace, you may have to knock out a stud wall, use and existing cupboard space into which the fireplace can be built

ect.If you are living in one of those beautiful little Devon houses, where every room and space seems to have been constructed for Lepricorns or Hobbits in the 16th century, where the door frames seem to be Elbow high and where each room has one of those tiny, yet wonderful fireplaces, then you might consider rebuilding only the living room fireplace and leaving the other rooms alone just for heritage and presevation reasons. You can always get the professionals to fix or restore any damaged fireplace and bring it back to life whilst still preserving it's hundreds of years old look.

Considering Which Type of Fire to Install Another issue that has to do with adding a fire to your home is what type and style of fireplace will be added. For example, solid fuel stoves are very popular now, sitting quite the thing in an old Devon fireplace, which doesn't need to be altered much. These modern wood and coal buring stoves are very economical, clean and produce huge amounts of heat for very little fuel consumption. It is a welll known fact that a good wood burner can heat a large house in no time at all. The other option is what type of open fire you might Want.

There are very robust and sturdy cast iron grills that retain a good amount of heat long after the fire has died down. The best open fire is one that is placed slightly in front of the chimney shaft with a thick metal plate almost completely covering the chimney entrance atop the fireplace. This causes the correct draft and pull on the fire itself and encourages the fire to give more heat into the room rather than disappear up the chimney. Another aspect to consider is that not all fireplaces need that much extra space to be fully functional and produce the desired heat for comfortable living. the house. There are lots of styles of fireplace inserts that can be purchased which will only take up a little bit of room in an already existing fireplace so that this particular room in the home will not need too much renovations done.

Deciding on the Right Building and Restoration Company There are many construction and building companies in Devon who specialize in doing traditional building methods and carrying out the work in ways that guarantee long lasting results which will ensure your sacred piece of english history lasts for a long time to come. Older buildings need specialist knowledge and fireplaces are an integral if not vital component of the original character and feel of the house. However, it is best to actually speak with builders who know their heritage and the work involved. . Adding or restoring a fireplace in an older country house is definitely worth placing in the hands of those who know what they are doing. There are many construction companies who have, with the best intentions, waltzed into a very old and valuable, listed Devon House and completely used the wrong, far too modern materials to get the job completed. This only leads to future deterioration of a fine old dwelling. Before you decide to have work done on your old fireplace, please take a moment to consider what essential skills and proper materials the builders will need to use to enhance, preserve and carry out the work in a way that is steeped in tradition, skill and know how! You should only trust a company that is best suited to the needs of your timeless and precious Devon home. Brimblecombe Bros Devon Builders have been restoring Castles, Farmhouses and Cottages all over Devon for over a century now, but these skills and techniques are passed down from way farther back than the last century. Visit the Devon Builders website or give us a call to discuss your needs and concerns. We are here to make sure you recieve the best advice and proper guidance. Thank you for reading.

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