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Sdrujenie “Nadejda - CRD” 22 Sveti Nikola Novi Str. Sofia 1220 BULGARIA



Phone: +359 2 936 04 02 Fax: +359 2 936 07 67 e-mail: website: Project coordinator: +359 889 655 178 Dilyana Vuchkova e-mail: Head of the Board: Radostina Todorova

> > E W E R A O H W << ental governm

is a non” D as been R h C h a ic d j h e w “Nad lgaria, the Sdrujenie n from Sofia, Bu f 2006, o r a e y e tio Since th organisa . 8 9 efit. It 9 n 1 e b in c s, li d b e the pu ld of art register e in fi s e t h c t a in tion ort the nd clubs p a p organisa s u s ie it o t iv s s act l activitie eople and ia c organize o s , e gp scienc en, youn r d culture, il h c f o ected to t ir n d e e r m a p develo n. activities in a m educatio s d It n . a s s lt e u ad alu ultural v c e t o m pro

<< Project s >>

Sdrujenie “ Nadejda-CR actively de D” velops, imp lements an participates d in projects (Operationa under natio l) and inter nal national pro (Life-long-le grammes arning Prog rammes an In Action Pr d Youth ogramme). It has a str partnership ong with many national an internation d al governm ental and non-govern mental org anisations.

<< M A N A G EM EN T >> Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” is raising funds though donations, sponsorships, trades, etc. for giving support to creative and valuable activities with children and young people, organisings of events, festivals, taking part in initiatives.

> > K R O W L A I C O S << d social

an ” works cational u D d R e C l, a a r d j u e As a cult nie “Nad ral problems, e j u r d S iou tion d organisa sters with behav lusion an s c g x n e u l o ia y c o s NGO doe f e with o h t d n 9 e 0 20 t the s. Since ie people a it il b a Social ith dis people w in its Center for for children and n rk tegratio for Child social wo In y d c n e a g n n A e atio l The Stat Rehabilit y b for Socia d y e c c n n e e g c li A adults, he State T d n a n Protectio in Bulgaria. ce Assistan

<< EV S >>

Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” is accred ited EVS organisation for sending, hosting and coo rdinating organisation with Ref. number: 2012-BG-1 5.

For t he period 2009 - 2013 Sdrujenie Nadejda-CRD was promoter in the following projects e-School” Project title: “Free-Tim Period: 2009 – 2010 erational Programme: National Op urce Programme “Human Reso Development” al Children Promoters: Sofia Municip condary Schools. Se d an y ar im Pr 7 d an er Cent Budget: 175 672 euro tivities in the fields Main topic: Organising ac d of arts, science, sports an ts tourism for 1541 studen bs. from Sofia in 17 main clu

SuMMARY FOR OUR PARTICIPATION IN YOUTH IN ACTION projects PERIOD: 2010 - 2013 1.1. Youth Exchanges 4 in Turkey, Romania, Greece

g e Neighbourin h t h it w n io t 3.1. Coopera pean Union ro u E e h t f o s rie Partner Count d Greece 2 in Turkey an

4.3. Partnership Building Activities: 3 in Luxembourg and Italy 4.3. Training Courses: 6 in Luxembourg, Turkey, Romania, Italy and Slovakia

tra cia n pas t - eur ope an fut ure OUR FIR ST EVS pro jec t Aug ust 14- sep tem ber 14 201 2 Project: Short-term group EVS Participants: 14 volunteers 7 Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey Place: Preserve Sboriyanovo, near Sveshtari village Activities: Fieldwork - excavations with professional archaeologists (digging, object cleaning, map developing, geophysical measurements, photography), historical restorations, educational visits workshops and presentations, cultural nights with presentations of each country

BEST Pract ice for Evs activ ities natio nal agenc y of bulga ria year 2012 be to helped work volunteers’ The archaeological valuable discovered silver jewelry objects – fragments of with medallions with female faces, bronze fibulas, iron weapons, cult objects and pottery. The biggest sensation was the discovery of unique gold findings with absolute archaeological and historical significance. The volunteers who took part in the EVS “Thracian Past – European Future” contributed to this discovery by carrying out preparatory activities on Omurtag mound under the guidance of professional archaeologist Diana chance a gave This Gergova. archaeological real made be to excavations and investigations which were delayed for years. kg 1.8 contains treasure unique The beautiful gold ornaments and applications like bracelets, horse riding gear and a forehead covering in the shape of a horse head with a base shaped like a lion head dated from the end of the 4th and the beginning of the 3rd century B. C.

The successful implementation of the project has led the NGO to receive the Year Award “Best Practice for EVS activities for 2012” given by Youth In Action National Agency of Bulgaria National Center “European Youth Programmes and Initiatives”.

Sdrujenie "Nadejda-CRD" Broshure  

This is broshure for Nadejda-CRD Sdrujenie - NGO from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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