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Magazine Issue 2

Spring/Summer 2012



Made by Sarah Beth Smith Contributing Photographer Rosemary Photography Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter This publication and the contents within may not be reproduced without express permission.

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Cover photo by Rosemary Photography.


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Juliana & Randall get hitched


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Where to Splurge, Where to Save!


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Ideas and Inspiration from the 2012 NW Vintage Wedding Fair Vendors


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Effortless Vase Create a vintage-rustic centerpiece with this inexpensive mason jar makeover

Something Old, Something New... This year’s issue highlights a nostalgic, indie wedding style that pays tribute to the personal tastes of modern brides and grooms, while recognizing the need to stay budget-conscious, relaxed, intimate. Vintage means more than just a nod to styles of the past - it’s connecting with traditions, re-using and recycling, personalizing what’s old to make it new again. We hope you find inspiration within these pages.


Photo by Rosemary Photography.

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Something Old, Something New... Randall & Juliana share their story of a pictureperfect, budget-conscious wedding that’s full of vintage style and special touches. Randall and I met in college. We were both English majors and spent many a night at the local dive bar because it was the only place with wi-fi until 1 AM. When we were scouting locations for the wedding, we found the places in Seattle we liked were either too expensive or too unavailable. So when we found a little white chapel in Snohomish, we were pretty excited.

After choosing a location, my next priority was photography. Randall and I talked to several photographers, but we both kept going back to Rosemary Photography. I heard about Rosemary several years before when she did another friend’s wedding. Rosemary had a way of capturing all the emotion of the day and “cramming it into her camera” as Randall would say. Her photos also reflected that vintage sensibility we loved and seemed to fit perfectly with our setting. Photos by Rosemary Photography.

Budget-Friendly & Beautiful We asked ourselves, “How can we make this as pretty as possible without going over budget?” Randall’s parents preserved peonies from their own garden for my bouquet as well as my bridesmaids. Family and friends pitched in as well. Randall’s dad helped out by creating a trellis as a backdrop for our wedding, and his aunt and sister spent the morning of the wedding draping it with fabric and hanging crystals. The week before the wedding, we talked with one of the flower sellers at the Pike Place Market. She agreed to make all the table bouquets and pew bouquets for the wedding - all for about $200. The rest of the details fell into place from there. Before you spend money on props for your wedding, Consider using objects from home, asking friends and family, or scouring Grandma’s attic.

Literary Nod Because we were both English majors, we wanted a fun way to represent our love of books and make sure we would actually be able to use some of the items used for decoration after the wedding. We scoured antique shops and thrift stores for vintage books to use as centerpieces. The teacups at each table were from my mom's personal collection.

“All of their help made our day a

memorable celebration.”

In lieu of a guest book, we used a vintage typewriter and accounting book that we found at one of the antique shops my mom would drag me to as a young child - the same one where Rosemary took our photos! I bought a library card file, so we could make individual library cards for our guests to find their tables - 150 different book titles for each guest (three nights before the wedding!) My mom got a friend to lend us his vintage police car as the getaway car, and my cousin made us the most creative wedding slideshow I’ve ever seen. All of their help made our day a memorable celebration.

Photo by Rosemary Photography.

Where to Splurge, Where to Save Create a memorable wedding whatever your budget! Here are three ideas on where to splurge and three ideas on how to save.

Splurge! 1. Hire a great photographer. No matter what your budget is, a good photographer should be a top priority. Find someone to capture all the details and special touches as well as the big moments. Great photos will last a lifetime and remind you of your special day. 2. Call in the pros. Don’t have the time and energy to do it all yourself? Professional event coordinators work within your budget and help with the big decisions to create a memorable event that reflects your personal style. Their expertise and resources mean less work, and ultimately less stress, on your big day. 3. Make memories. Offer guests a chance to feel like kids again with fresh alternatives to cake ice cream carts, cupcakes, candy buffets, soda fountains and fresh made donuts are a huge hit at weddings! Photo booths where your friends and family can take photos with silly props or fancy backdrops are also fun for guests and a unique way to say thank you for coming, with a take home photo keepsake.

Photo by Rosemary Photography.

Save! 1. Location, location, location. Know someone with an amazing backyard? Ask if you can host your event there. Need a bigger space? Consider an indoor location in the off-season to save some money. Many venues also offer the option to host a ceremony and reception all in one place. Also ask caterers and florists to use what’s in season in your region to save even more. 2. Enlist help. Invite all your crafty friends and relatives to a decoration-making party. Enlist their expertise to come up with simple, inexpensive designs and serve some appetizers and cocktails to keep the mood light and fun. They’ll be delighted to join in on the fun! 3. Second hand treasures. Scour antique malls, estate sales and flea markets for unique and beautiful vintage goods. A wedding consignment store can also be a treasure trove for finding gently used wedding dresses - new or old, most have only been worn once and are still in great condition. By Sarah Beth Smith

Create a vintage-rustic centerpiece with this inexpensive mason jar makeover. Vintage sheet music, garden twine, and lace scraps lend themselves to a romantic and effortless feel. Fill with seasonal market flowers and make enough for each table, or each guest - each jar costs only about $1 to $2 to make!

need: • Pint size mason jar • Glossy Mod Podge • Foam paint brush • Vintage Newsprint, sheet music, book pages, etc. • Ribbon or twine

*D o*It *Yours elf * Effortless
Vase Tutorial and photos by Sarah Beth Smith

DIRECTIONS Make sure the mason jar is clean and dry. Tear the vintage paper into shreds. Paint a little Mod Podge on the jar.  Stick your first shred of paper in place and smooth over the top with your wet paint brush to get out all the bubbles and wrinkles.  Wipe any excess away with a paper towel. Continue adhering strips to the jar to cover.  Place strips right up below the lip of the jar.  This part will eventually be covered with ribbon, so don't worry too much about being perfectly even.  Cover the bottom if you like, but I prefer to leave it uncovered.  It won't stick to the table as much that way when all is said and done.  

Make sure the paper is stuck well to the jar - use a second coat of Mod Podge over the top if needed. Let dry.  Tie ribbon, twine, lace, etc. right under the lip of the jar. Add a tag or table number if you'd like and fill with fresh flowers.

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EYE CANDY A mouth watering look at our 3rd Annual NW Vintage Wedding Fair vendors.

Right: 2nd Saturdayz Indoor Market is full of gorgeous eye candy for Northwest Vintagelovers. On the second Saturday of each month you’ll find a one of a kind collection of curiosities and inspiration at the Magnusson Park Hangars in Seattle. Below: A feast for the senses Seattle event designers Crinoline & Tweed expertly set the mood in this vibrant and cheerful wedding vignette.

Top Left: Create a custom fragrance for your special day. Top Right: Sparkling vintage jewelry with classic elegance, redesigned for the modern bride. Bottom Right: Evocative and nostalgic photography. Center: Gorgeous and timeless. Handcrafted hair decor by ReDeFind. See all of our hand-selected, vintage-infused vendors at the 3rd Annual NW Vintage Wedding Fair on March 31, 2012! VIP and General Admission Tickets available for pre-sale online.

A unique and intimate events venue

NW Vintage Wedding Fair Magazine  

The 3rd Annual NW Vintage Wedding Fair Inspiration Magazine in conjunction with the NW Vintage Wedding Fair, March 31, 2012 in Seattle

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