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St. Patrick’s Day Half Marathon

LA MESA — La Mesa City Manager Dave Witt has announced the selection of 28 ½ year City of San Diego Police Department veteran Walter (Walt) Vasquez, as the City’s new Chief of Police. Witt said that Vasquez competed against candidates from outside the organization and proved that he has exceptional qualities that will help him succeed in his new position. Vasquez is currently serving as Assistant Chief of Police with the City of San Diego overseeing the Canine Unit, SWAT, Communications Division, Information Services, Property Room, and the Chief ’s Community Advisory Boards Vasquez will replace La Mesa Chief of Police Ed Aceves, who retired in December 2014 after 30 years of service. Vasquez began his career with the City of San Diego Police Department in September 1986 as a full-time Police Recruit. In 1994, he was promoted to Police Sergeant, Police Lieutenant in 1998, Police Captain in 2005 until his promotion to his current position as Assistant Chief of Police in 2013. Throughout his career, his assignments included Patrol, Training Division, Special Events, Human Resources, Internal Affairs, and Operational Support. In 2007, Vasquez attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, a 10-week leadership program established by the FBI to provide training and networking opportunities to local and state law enforcement agencies. Mr. Vasquez received a bachelor’s degree in business management. Vasquez is well known throughout the law enforcement community in the San Diego region and comes to La Mesa with high recommendations from his peers. Mr. Vasquez has demonstrated through the selection process that he will be highly qualified to meet the objectives and goals of La Mesa in addressing public safety issues and in the continued development of a highly professional and community-oriented Police Department for La Mesa’s future. Vasquez was born and raised in San Diego, and graduated from Helix High School. He and his wife reside in El Cajon where they raised their son and daughter. “Mr. Vasquez participated in a very thorough application process that attracted a wide range of candidates inside and out of the region. I have every confidence that Mr. Vasquez is the most qualified candidate for La Mesa’s new Chief and will provide the energy and professional commitment needed to be successful in his new role at La Mesa,” Witt said. Mr. Vasquez will be taking over as the new Chief on April 6, 2015. A swearing in ceremony is planned for April 6th at 4:00 p.m. in the La Mesa Police Department, 8085 University Avenue, La Mesa

EL CAJON — The men’s basketball season came to an end Wednesday night (3/11) as they fought hard in the first round of 2015 CIF State Boys Basketball Championships playoffs. What an unbelievable season. Thank you to Coach Marty Ellis and his boys for taking us on such an exciting journey. High School alums traveled from all over southern California yesterday to support their Braves. El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, met with the players, thanking them for representing the City of El Cajon so proudly. Said Mayor Wells, “I would like to congratulate these young men for winning the CIF championship for their division in basketball. This is such a significant achievement that their pride is shared by the entire city.”


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onsider the criminal history of Bobby Beausoleil, 67, the latest follower of Charles Manson to come up for an automatic parole hearing. Among the lesser-known members of the murderous so-called Manson “Family,” Beausoleil was a Manson henchman who fled Los Angeles after the 1969 murders of musician Gary Hinman and movie stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea. Caught near San Luis Obispo and jailed, he could not participate in the group’s notorious slayings of actress Sharon Tate and grocer Leno LaBianca a few days later. Beausoleil was up for a routine, periodic parole hearing late this winter, with Gov. Jerry Brown yet to decide his fate. As it did with fellow Manson acolyte Bruce Davis last year, there was every likelihood the state Parole Board would order him released on the basis of advanced age and good behavior while in prison. The Manson cases raise the question of whether some crimes are sufficiently heinous to merit a special classification, one amounting to locking them up and throwing away the key without ever holding parole hearings like those given Davis, Beausoleil and Manson himself every few years. The question takes on urgency because this will likely be the last time the fate of either Beausoleil or Davis will be decided by Brown, who will likely be the last California governor with any personal recall of the horror of their crimes and the wave of fear and panic they spawned across wide parts of the state. The current front-runner to succeed Brown, for example, is Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor and a former San Francisco mayor who was two years old when Manson & Co. spread the chopped body parts of Hinman and Shea across the Spahn Movie Ranch in Chatsworth. It’s an open question whether an old crime story like this would have the same impact on him that Brown’s memories do on his actions. Brown lived in Los Angeles at the time. The Hinman and Shea murders marked the beginning of the Manson Family’s campaign of killings. Years after he was convicted, Beausoleil said he went to Hinman’s residence in the Santa Monica Mountains with two “Manson girls,” one of them Susan Denise Atkins, who would die in prison after being convicted in the Tate-LaBianca slayings. His alleged mission: To recover money previously paid to Hinman for mescaline which had later been sold to the Straight Satans motorcycle gang, operating in the Los Angeles area. The bikers demanded their money back when they discovered the drug was flawed. Beausoleil said Manson ordered him to hold Hinman at gunpoint until he arrived and began trying to extort money from Hinman by cutting his ear off with a sword, among other tactics. Eventually, Beausoleil told authorities, Manson told him to kill Hinman and he did, Davis also being convicted in the murder. They scrawled “Political Piggy” on a wall with Hinman’s blood, hoping to make police believe the slaying was done by political radicals. The scene presaged what Atkins and others wrote on the walls at the gruesome LaBianca murder scene. Eventually, Hinman was chopped up along with Shea, who Manson allegedly feared would turn him in to Los Angeles police. Parts of their bodies were found on the Spahn Ranch, the scene of many early Western movies. Few relatives of the victims survive today. A Hinman cousin living in Denver regularly opposes parole for anyone who participated in his murder. The same for Tate’s sister Debra, her lone surviving family member. Few doubt that Beausoleil, Manson and other in their grisly crew deserved the death sentences they first received, later changed to life in prison. In his message denying parole last year to Davis, Gov. Brown clumsily but accurately opined that “In rare circumstances, a murder is so heinous that it provides evidence of current dangerousness by itself.” That is also true for Beausoleil, whose role in Hinman’s death was larger than Davis’. There are a few other killers who could fit the same category, like Richard Ramirez, the recently deceased Night Stalker whose crime spree terrorized both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. People like these, as Brown implied, should never be freed. So it’s high time legislators create a new category of convict beyond the reach of parole, taking their eventual fate away from politicians who might not even remember them and their misdeeds.

Elias is author of the current book “The Burzynski Breakthrough: The Most Promising Cancer Treatment and the Government’s Campaign to Squelch It. The book is now available in soft cover, fourth edition. His opinions are his own. He can be reached at tdelias@aol.com

I’d like to be able to do CPR, but I’m squeamish about doing mouth-tomouth on a stranger. Any suggestions? There is an emergency technique called Hands-Only CPR. This is CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths. It consists of two easy steps: Call 9-1-1 and push hard and fast in the center of the victim’s chest. That means 100/minute uninterrupted compressions until paramedics arrive. The University of Arizona College of Medicine offers this helpful video of Hands-Only CPR at this website: http://ahsc.arizona.edu/node/730 This form of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is recommended by the American Heart Association for helping anyone who is a teenager or older. It is used when a person collapses suddenly outside of a hospital setting. However, there are occasions when you should use CPR with breaths, according to the AHA. These include: • All infants (up to age one) • Children (up to puberty) • Anyone found already unconscious and not breathing normally • Any victims of drowning, drug overdose, collapse because of breathing problems, or prolonged cardiac arrest If you use the hands-only version of CPR in these circumstances, it is better than being a passive bystander. When teens or adults suddenly collapse with cardiac arrest, they usually have enough oxygen in their lungs and blood for the first several minutes after the collapse. This oxygen will keep vital organs healthy as long as someone uses chest compressions to pump blood to the heart and brain. An unaided victim of cardiac arrest will die in five to 10 minutes. The chest compressions should have minimal interruptions. Stopping compressions to give mouth-to-mouth breaths may bring some additional oxygen into the lungs, but the benefit of that oxygen can be offset if you stop the blood flow to the brain and heart muscle. All CPR training courses that include skills practice will teach you Hands-Only CPR. You can learn more at http://www.heart.org/handsonlycpr. Ask The Healthy Geezer a question at: fred@healthygeezer.com

new study recently published in the journal Nature Communications led by researchers at The University of Chicago revealed that a drug for hypertension has a protective effect against symptoms characteristic of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in mouse models. MS corresponds to a progressive, immune-mediated neurodegenerative disorder in which the body’s own immune system attacks the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and optical nerves), causing inflammation and damage to the myelin layer that covers and protects neurons and to oligodendrocytes, which are the cells responsible for the production and maintenance of myelin. The loss of myelin and oligodendrocytes results in an impairment of signal transmission along the nerve fibers, leading to irreversible neurological disability. There is no cure for this disease that is estimated to affect approximately 2.5 million people worldwide. Oligodendrocytes were previously shown to have an innate mechanism responsive to stress factors such as inflammation, leading to a temporary shut-down of normal protein production in the cell and selectively driving an increase in the production of protective proteins. In MS, this system is overloaded or malfunctioning which leads to oligodendrocyte death and demyelination. Protection of oligodendrocytes is seen as a potential strategy for relieving the disease. In this study, researchers found that the FDA-approved drug guanabenz (for the treat-

ment of high blood pressure) is capable of preventing myelin loss and easing MS symptoms by enhancing the innate cellular protective response against inflammatory stress. “Guanabenz appears to enhance the cell’s own protective machinery to diminish the loss of myelin, which is the major hallmark of MS,” said the study’s senior author Dr. Brian Popko in a news release. “While there have been many efforts to stimulate re-myelination, this now represents a unique protective approach. You don’t have to repair the myelin if you don’t lose it in the first place.” The research team exposed cultured oligodendrocyte cells to interferon gamma (a molecule known to increase inflammation and that has been implicated in MS pathogenesis), which led to a significant induction of myelin loss and cell death. When these cells were treated with guanabenz, myelin loss was prevented and cell survival was restored to normal levels. Similar results were observed in MS mouse models, where mice genetically engineered to have high concentrations of interferon gamma in the brain were protected from myelin and oligodendrocyte loss by guanabenz. Guanabenz also improved relapse by a reduction of almost 50 percent in severity in a mouse model where MS symptoms relapse and remit (cycling from high severity to low severity to high again). “Human MS predominantly follows a relapsing-remitting pattern,” explained the study’s first author Dr. Sharon Way. “Our hope is that this approach would provide protection against future relapses by

making them milder and less frequent.” Researchers found that guanabenz acts by temporarily blocking a protein called eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2 (eIF2a) that when deactivated induces a stress response pathway that ultimately leads to protection against damage and cell death. This protective cascade triggered by guanabenz results in a decrease in inflammatory response and preservation of myelin and oligodendrocytes. Guanabenz is planned to be assessed as a therapeutic candidate in MS clinical trials. “Guanabenz will probably not be a standalone drug, but we hope that it can be developed for use in combination with other medications,” said Dr. Popko. “Some current treatments can have severe side effects — for example dangerous infections in the brain. It would be of tremendous benefit for patients to have effective, less-risky therapies.”

Source: Nature Communication, University of Chicago

Dean has been fighting Multiple Sclerosis for 28 years. She continually studies and researches the disease to educate herself. She writes this column as a community service to share her findings and to raise public awareness about MS. The opinions and experiences shared are her own. Dean is NOT a medical doctor. ALWAYS check with your doctor first before trying a new therapy. This column is intended for informational purposes only.

reetings precious people, this week we will continue our series addressing whether id you know every sale in California is an AS-IS sale? At least that is what the contractsays. You don’t even have to ask your REALTOR® to stipulate this. It is automatic. Yet if this is true, why is it that most homes that are not Flips or Short Sales are sold with requests to fix something or credit money towards the buyer?

A professional agent must sell a home several times. The marketing and promotion continues every hour on the hour throughout the listing period. The sale comes when a buyer’s agent has expressed interest in the property. At this point, the first sale begins. The listing agent helps sell the buyer’s agent sell the prop-

erty to the prospect. The listing agent then sells the real estate to the inspectors, the appraiser, and the lender. Often, the buying party must be sold again! After the buying party has received all the disclosures and inspections, they may ask for credits/repairs. Wait! What happened to As-Is? The buyer often has the option to terminate the transaction if they are not satisfied with the inspection report. The buying party usually comes back with a list of repairs and now gives the seller the option to fix or terminate the transaction.

Purchase a home inspection before you list and know what to expect. Make repairs up front or include the cost of repairs in the asking price. If

you list your home properly based on agent recommendation, the market place and current condition, then you can stand firm on your price, avoid last minute repairs and truly sell your home As-Is. Campbell is the sales manager for Pacific Growth Sales and has offices in Alpine, El Cajon and Mission Valley. He and his team of Concierge REALTORS® can be found on line at SanDiegoHomeBuys. com

With decades of experience, Jeff shares his views, tips, trends and advice with East County readers as it pertains to everything and anything real estate. Jeff Campbell & Associates are San Diego County REALTORS ® with the Concierge Real Estate Firm of Pacific Growth Sales. Jeff can be reached at MyFavoriteRealtor@yahoo.com

evil and wickedness exists. Last time, we looked at the origin of evil and wickedness and how it progressed and left off with looking at from where evil actions originate today, Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” The evil actions of man does not make the heart of that man evil, it simply proves that the heart of man is evil. Jesus tells us Mark 7:19-23 “And He said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man.” I want to spend some time further exploring this even though it may be controversial and unacceptable among most in our society today. What you and I think or feel concerning evil and wickedness is of little consequences in regards to the reality of evil. Our thinking is distorted by our own deceitful and desperately wicked heart and the corruption of our culture. We are quick to rationalize; justify; excuse; and minimize the actions of others and our own. What does matter is what God says and thinks concerning evil and wickedness. Though there may be varying degrees of evil and wickedness, evil is still evil and wickedness is still wickedness, just as lying no matter how we may label it (little white lie, exaggeration, embellishments, half truth, etc.) it is all still a lie as far as God is concerned. I take you back to the previous verses, Mark 7:19-23 “And He (Jesus) said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man.” Two points of great importance that we must make note of. First, where these evil actions originate and who must lay claim to them. They originate within our heart and we must own them, it is not someone else’s fault. Yes, society, culture, and others may play some role in influencing our thinking but it is each individual that makes the choice to act upon what we think or feel at any given time. The evils of Nazi Germany were not carried out by only Adolf Hitler, there were multitudes of others that either willingly joined in the evil or others who chose to do nothing about the evil, both helped the evil to progress at an alarming rate. The only thing necessary for evil to progress is for good men to do nothing. Second point of importance, is according to our verses, evil is not limited to only evil actions, they originate in our thoughts. In fact it is in our thoughts that many evil actions are first contrived, sometimes they never make it to being acted out but they are evil none the less. Jesus addressed this in what is known as the Sermon of the Mount. Matthew 5:2122 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder,’ and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment. But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.” Matthew 5:27-28 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” The wonderful truth is, that we recognize the true condition of our own heart and acknowledge our inability to change it; bring it to the Lord; repent and ask Him to change our heart, He does. King David cried out to God in the Psalms 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” And to the prophet Ezekiel 36:26-27 “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.” Then and only then can we do what is good and acceptable in God’s eyes. Drew Macintyre is associate pastor of Calvary Chapel of Alpine and can be reached at 619-445-2589, or ccalpinemac@gmail.com


fter my neck surgery, they told me I would have occupational, physical and speech therapy at the Rehab Center. I was surprised about the speech therapy, but I was glad because I want to talk more clearly. It turned out I needed speech therapy to eat safely. I had a feeding tube when I was in the ICU; now they wanted to see if the swelling in my throat had gone down enough for me to eat real food. Alissa, the speech therapist, ordered a “swallow test.” When they took me to the X-ray lab on a gurney I was scared. I thought I was going to have to have more surgery, so I took BearBear with me and held him tight the whole time. In the lab I had to drink a shake and eat some crackers while the X-ray machine took pictures. I got to see the shake and crackers going down in my throat. The pictures were neat. Some of the cracker crumbs started to go down the wrong way and that made me cough but they said coughing was good - it kept the crumbs from going down into my lungs. After the test they let me eat real food, but it had to be pureed or diced. I had to take small bites and “eat, swallow, sip.” Taking small bites is hard. I’m used to taking big bites. At the Rehab Center, Mary was my speech therapist. She was good – but not as good as

Sherri Lewis, my speech therapist at Madison. Sherri Lewis is THE BEST. But Mary is good, too. She really knows her stuff and her techniques. She drew pictures of inside my throat and showed me how the esophagus and the vocal chords and the trachea are all really close together. That’s why you have to be careful to swallow right. We did speech therapy outdoors on the patio. The patio was awesome. Mary watched me eat and played card games with me and tested me on my memory. Before long I could eat anything, but I had to always take small bites and “eat, swallow, sip.” Now I have speech therapy at home. Susan from Alpha Plus Home Health Services is my therapist. She’s really good. She’s pretty. Actually she’s got good techniques. I told her so one day. My mom had to talk to her, though, because she scared me when she talked about swallowing the wrong way and telling me the food could get into my lungs and stay there and I could get pneumonia and end up in the hospital. She kept telling me that and one night I couldn’t sleep because I was so afraid I would swallow wrong and get pneumonia and have to go back to the hospital and have a catheter again – I DO NOT WANT A CATHETER EVER AGAIN. Mom told me that wasn’t going to happen. We talked for a long time. Talking helped. The next

The Boys & Girls Clubs of East County will present its 49th annual Children’s Ball, a fundraiser on Saturday, March 28, at the Omni San Diego Hotel, 675 “L” St., Downtown San Diego. Reception and silent auction will begin at 6 p.m., with dinner beginning at 7:30 p.m. The theme for the evening is “Take Me Out to the Children’s Ball.” Honorees at the event will be Conrad Prebys and Debbie Turner and the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians. Individual tickets begin at $350 per person. To RSVP, call Samantha Olsen at (619) 440-1600 or visit www.BGCEC.org. Also at the event will be update on fundraising efforts to build future Brady Family Clubhouse, a 25,000-square-foot clubhouse on the west end of the La Mesa Middle School campus. Construction is planned to begin in 2016. Ron and Mary Alice Brady have pledged $3 million to build the clubhouse. The Boys & Girls Clubs of East County, a chartered member of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, has more than 3,000 members, ages 5 to 18, and operates five facilities, including: the Conrad Prebys Complex with the El Cajon Clubhouse, 1171 East Madison Ave., and El Cajon Teen Center, 1153 East Madison Ave.; Lakeside Clubhouse, 12824 Lakeshore Dr.; Brady Family La Mesa Teen Center, 7775 Junior High Dr.; and, Conrad Prebys Santee Clubhouse, 8820 Tamberly Way. The annual Children’s Ball raises funds to meet the financial demands to provide programs and activities for the 3,000 children served annually at the organization’s five clubhouse sites.


time Susan came, Mom told her not to talk about getting pneumonia any more; she said I understood well enough and it was scaring me. Susan gave me speech homework to do with Mom. It’s kind of fun: I chew gum for one minute with my mouth closed tight; I blow bubbles for five minutes; then I do speech and tongue exercises. When I do the tongue exercises I feel like I’m at a KISS concert. I always stick out my tongue at KISS concerts, like Gene Simmons. He has a super long tongue; I have that clipped tongue thing so I can’t stick mine out very far. The other thing I do is say words, exaggerating the sounds. I never thought eating right would help me talk better, but now I know: it’s all in the tongue, the lips and the mouth… Good thing I never get tired of eating- or talking.

ourses begin April 1 in the Professional Certificate in Human Resource Management program offered through San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15.5 percent employment growth in the human resources field between 2012 and 2022, which is faster than the average for all occupations. It equates to 35,400 new jobs for HR training specialists during that time, according to U.S. News & World Report. The need for HR professionals is further illustrated by the fact that every company – no matter how small or large – must provide human resources functions. Many of those functions have been streamlined, creating a need for professionals who can hire, train, manage, retain, and develop the workforce. “Not one class goes by that I don’t come into our office and check a manual or policy to see if we can do it better,” said student Kelli Dole, executive assistant to the president & CEO at Awarepoint. Whether you’re new to HR or an accomplished professional, the HR certificate program through the College of Extended Studies helps you advance your career by acquiring new necessary skills. You can complete all eight courses in the program to earn a certificate, or only take the courses you need. “I learned how to be more

rusa St. in La Mesa, will host a free program on “Diets, Diets and More Diets” from 10 to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25. The program is part of the library’s “Wellness Wednesday” series, normally held on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Millions of Americans resolve every year to eat healthier and lose weight. The list is growing of popular diets designed to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. Popular diets have included low carbohydrates, high protein, gluten free, Paleo, DASH, anti-inflammatory and Mediterranean. Speaking at the Herrick Library will be Kathy Quinn, library director. She will discuss the features of popular diets and how to distinguish one diet from another. Quinn, with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University in the Chicago area, has served as director of the Herrick Library since 2007.

Helix Water District has announced a major technological overhaul has begun with installation and implementation of computer hardware and software programs that will bolster the agency’s efficiency and benefit customers. The move will benefit the water purveyor’s 268,000 customers in several ways, the District said. The District has contracted with XC2 Software, LLC; Cayenta, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation; and KeyMark, Inc., to design, install and implement the advanced equipment and programs. The projects will automate repetitive tasks, digitize paperThe Grossmont Healthcare District’s Dr. William C. based processes, administer an upgraded backflow Herrick Community Health Care Library, 9001 Waka- prevention program, streamline record-keeping and

successful in managing difficult situations,” said student Veronica Valdez, human resources manager, Irvine Marriott. “This course was great for showing emphasis on documentation and communication. I always knew it was important to have things in writing, but this course really explains why.” For more information regarding the human resource certificate program, visit neverstoplearning.net/hr, email lhoward@mail.sdsu.edu, or call (619) 594-2193. SDSU’s College of Extended Studies reaches out to San Diego, the nation, and the world with a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities, and more than 50 certificate programs for career advancement. Topics range from contract management, construction, and craft beer, to grant writing, marketing, and human resources. And many programs are available online.

modernize customer account information handling.

La Mesa resident Ken Kramer, known for “About San Diego,” a TV series featuring entertaining TV stories about the people and places that define San Diego’s history, has been inducted into the KPBS Hall of Fame. Kramer will be honored with the KPBS Lifetime Achievement Award at “KPBS Celebrates,” a fundraising gala to be held Saturday, March 28 at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. Tickets for the fundraiser begin at $500 apiece. For information, visit www.kpbs.org/gala. “About San Diego” made its debut on KPBS Radio in 1972 and has aired on TV and radio over the past four decades. Kramer produced 63 shows for KPBS-TV and 74 shows for NBC 7 San Diego. In 2010, Ken returned to KPBS where he produced new content for the popular series. Although Kramer retired last year, “About San Diego” remains an important part of the KPBS Explore line-up. Reruns air on both KPBS and NBC’s Cozi-TV channel.

The La Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the Santee Chamber of Commerce will host a joint mixer from 5:30 to 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 25, at Lantern Crest Senior Living, 11010 Sunset Trail, Santee. The mixer will include tours of Lantern Crest. Prize drawings also will be held. Cost to attend is free for Chamber members and $10 for guests with advanced reservations. To attend, send an e-mail to rsvp@lamesachamber.com or call (619) 465-7700, ext. #2.

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