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waterworks | newsletter May 2012

DEECO | "In the know about water flow"

Craig Ramsay Managing Director

This year we continued to see the introduction and development of many new products from our international suppliers. The rate and speed of R&D development and market availability seems to increase and the ability for Deeco to train in these new product features, gain supply and

make them available to our customers is an increasing challenge we must all meet in this world of technological expansion. Deeco has increased its rate of training and introduction to market of new products, and where ever possible negotiated with suppliers shortened supply chains, so that more product diversity can be available within an acceptable time frame and cost. In addition Deeco appointed Alexandre Angileri who has an extensive background in Irrigation design and field application in most of our irrigation products, as well as qualifications in marketing. Through this collaboration, our aim is to provide you, our customers, with ability to access more product information and their application detail more easily

from both Deeco and our suppliers. The first signs of these changes are evident in the design of this newsletter, our easy to use and download price list and of course the new interactive Deeco website. 2012 will continue to see Deeco expand our product range and services, so please do regularly look over our constantly evolving website to remain current with what is

available and just as importantly, the CURRENT performance specifications of our products.

NEW WEBSITE | Stay Informed By developing a new website DEECO places a strong emphasis on delivering the highest level of service and support to its customers, consultants and engineers throughout New Zealand. Clearer, more precise and technical, discover the new features offered by our website: ­ Download technical brochures and pricelists. ­ Easy access to the manufacturer’s technical information. ­ The latest news of DEECO.

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Passive Intake Screens

World's Most Efficient Johnson Passive Intake Screens | The Intake System

The Most Efficient Intake Screen System in the World – WHY? • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Wedgewire construction Greater open area and low headloss High capacity performance Dual pipe flow modifier Uniform flow distribution across entire screen surface Very low and controlled through slot velocity Resistance to blocking Static Screening ­ No moving parts No collection or disposal of debris required Compressed air backwash method Project specific Hydroburst backwash design Very low energy consumption compressor only PLC control with remote integration capability Design solutions for any intake application environment

This Fluid Analysis image depicts the uniformity of the flow velocity across the entire intake screen surface area when using a dual pipe low modifier

With a long and growing list of successful New Zealand installations, Deeco have the experience to offer the right solution for your intake screening needs or


Johnson High Capacity Intake Screens solve many problems with debris and aquatic life entrainment at intakes while meeting or exceeding common resource consent conditions for surface water intakes. Johnson Passive Intake Screens are designed and constructed for efficient delivery of raw water at a very low and uniform inlet velocity, suspended solids or aquatic life are not SUCKED toward the screen surface eliminating regular maintenance regimes while protecting aquatic life from harm.


Johnson Screens® patented internal flow modifier

Secondary Flow Modifier

Primary Flow Modifier


1. A compressor, which supplies compressed air, needed to recharge the receiver tank. 2. A receiver tank that stores the compressed air. 3. A distributor system is required for multi­screen applications. 4. A control panel, for manual or automatic operation.

The typical backwash procedure cleans each water intake sequentially or at regular intervals. The system can be manually or automatically operated.

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

EuroMag | Electromagnetic Flow Meter The EuroMag 2200/2500 series of electromagnetic sensors represent new technology for accurate measurement in water reticulation and process applications. This new generation sensor incorporates improvements to the signal protection as well as the magnetic distribution elements to create a unique electromagnetic field profile that ensures accuracy in turbulent, transitional, and laminar flow regimes. These new extended linearity EuroMag meters are capable of measurement in a range of more than 1000:1 without the aid of linearization software.

Data Transfer: EuroMag meters can be specified complete with the successful low cost CommCell 4 data telemetry station for automatic data delivery via GSM mobile network. For assistance and information on the water meters products, please contact us.



The meters are fitted with EuroMag’s latest low power consumption electronic multiple output MC608 model transmitter with either mains or battery powered options. The transmitter is IP67 rated when mounted on the meter or in an application with flooding potential the transmitter can be remote mounted with an IP68 rating for continuous underwater use to a depth of 10 meters. The transmitters large LCD backlit display provides full data interface via the 4 push buttons located below the display including Volume, Totalizers, Flow rates, Battery condition, flow direction, alarms, data logging, Serial output for device control, remote reading or output to telemetry is standard, as is the in­built 4 megabyte 200,000 lines 5 parameters per line data logger function.


• Battery powered version with a working life of up to 10 years (MC608B). • Battery replaceable in field. • Built­in data logger with fully programmable parameters. • Total management of power consumption with automatic sleep function. • IrDA interface for programming communication with laptop. • MODBUS RTU interface for communication on RS 485. • All configuration, totalizer and data logger values are stored even in case of power failure. • Multi­level password system to guarantee accessibility protection. • Submersible IP68 rating with remote mount.

SENSUS Meistream Plus

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Main Features

Meter with MID pattern approval acc. to annex MI001. Pattern approved (75/33/EEC).




Unique measuring range. High overload capability.

Metrological calss C acc. to 75/33/EEC in horizontal installation

Meter body in short (WP) and long (WS) overall length acc. to DIN 19625 and EN 14154 available. Used materials are temperature resistant up to 70°C. Register prepared for HRI­Mei pick­up. Use of optical pulser type OD is still possible. NO requirement for up and downstream straight pipe length

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI Metering)

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)


The Meistream Plus hydrodynamic meter ensures delivery of the highest accuracy in critical revenue and district metering applications. The Meistream Plus revolutionary rotor design provides starting flow characteristics 2.5 to 5.3 times better than standard Class B bulk water meters.

The resulting increase in low flow registration is critical to effective leak detection programmes, or commercial consumption metering. The proven performance commonly delivers a payback period as little as 2 months when compared with Class B meter costs and performance.

Measuring insert fits the meter body of WP足Dynamic

Partners for success. Sensus designs manufactures meters and systems in its facilities, delivering an end足to足end approach starts with project specification and design, leads to manufacture and application by teams of qualified engineers and technicians.

and own that and our

For more than a century, Sensus has been a key partner for energy companies and utilities. Today the company is the measure of the future when it comes to delivering advanced data collection and metering infrastructure solutions.

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Fire Protection Valves


Fire Protection Valves

Deeco's extensive knowledge of valving is gained over our 65 years existence This experience allowed Deeco to introduce and competently represent to NZ and the Pacific Bermad's complete valve product range for the last 25 years. Deeco is unique in the world for we represent all Bermad valve divisions for the NZ market.

Incorporating unique patented technologies for fail­safe opening, zero flow obstruction and invulnerability to water hammer, Bermad's globally proven Fire Protection solutions provide greatest reliability throughout longest service life.


› Simple design › One piece, solid elastomeric assembly › Obstacle free, full bore › In­line serviceable › Large range of approved sizes & applications › Vertical & horizontal installation › Ability to control pressure during operation › Flange, groove & threaded connections

Deeco Services Expertise

Bermad Valves have been selected for a number of recent Petroleum Tank Farm fire protection upgrades in Wellington and Christchurch as well as a large Road Tunnel Fire Protection Deluge system in Auckland. Deluge valves for these applications have been specifically designed and selected to meet particular customer requirements by our in house valve engineers in co operation with the Clients, Engineering Consultants, and Installation Contractors. Deeco Offer a wide range of Bermad UL listed Deluge Valve models from basic no Frills on/off valves to advanced Deluge Valve Controls including multiple trigger methods, test loops, alarm feedback, pressure control and test fixtures. Simplicity of set up, commissioning and maintenance along with Deeco’s high level of in field support and expertise were seen as particular strengths in the Deeco package. In addition to the range of Deluge Valves supplied for these projects Deeco also supplied Bermad Fire Water Tank Fill valves, Bermad Fire Pump test loop Relief Valves, and various Wilkins Backflow Preventers.

High profile Train Tunnel fire protection system in Belgium Road Tunnel Fire Protection Deluge System in Auckland

Petroleum Tank Farm Fire Protection upgrades in Wellington

Internationally Bermad's customised Deluge Valve Package Solution has been recently selected for a high profile Train Tunnel fire protection system in Belgium. The tunnel leading to the Port of Antwerp is being constructed exclusively for trains carrying hazardous chemicals through metropolitan areas to and from the port, Over a period of three years Bermad worked with Tunnel Design engineers developing this valve package solution to meet demanding performance specifications. The result hi­ liting Bermad's flexibility and innovation in custom design solutions.

Newsletter Waterworks Products - May 2012  
Newsletter Waterworks Products - May 2012  

New solutions and updates, get the latest news of Deeco's range of products in the Waterworks Newsletter