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Shrek and Fiona take Donkey to the Beach

“Let’s go to the beach. Its such a lovely day outside Shrek” says Donkey. “Donkey, are you going to wear sunscreen this time?” asked Shrek. Fiona explained, “ Shrek is right Donkey, you need to wear sunscreen.”

“I got it!”

“Donkey! You don’t need more waffles! Lets go!!” yelled Shrek. “But Shrek, I’m hungry. I need all the energy I can get before I go swimming. I don’t want to sink in the sea.” replied Donkey

“I cant wait to go swimming” said Donkey. “ Donkey, Donkeys don’t go swimming.” said Shrek.

“Fiona, look at this view!” exclaimed Donkey. “Don’t forget the picnic and sunscreen” called Shrek.

“Look Shrek, look Fiona, I’m floating!” Fiona and Shrek quietly enjoy the sunshine and eat their delicious picnic.

Come on Donkey. Time to go home.

Shrek and Fiona take Donkey to the Beach  
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