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VOL. 47 NO. 9, March 2014 Adar I/Adar II 5774

Congregation Beth Shalom

Distinguished Speakers Program P








Distinguished Speaker

David Axelrod America’s Future: Insights from an Iconic Presidential Advisor A moderated discussion with Carl Schrag

Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 8 pm Congregation Beth Shalom, 3433 Walters, Northbrook, IL • 847-498-4100 •

David Axelrod

OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY FREE OF CHARGE This program is underwritten with a grant from the Congregation Beth Shalom Eastern European Torah Project

David Axelrod served as senior advisor to President Barack Obama, senior advisor to the Obama-Biden Presidential Transition, senior strategist to Barack Obama's historic campaign for the presidency in 2008 and his 2012 re-election campaign. Today he serves as the director, Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago and is a senior political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. He was recently inducted into The American Association of Political Consultants’ Hall of Fame. During his time at the White House, Axelrod was the Administration's most frequent presence on the influential Sunday talk shows including NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, FOX News Sunday and CNN’s State of the Union. He also appeared several times on The Tonight Show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Late Show with David Letterman just to name a few. From 1988 to 2008, Axelrod was the founder and senior partner at the consulting firm AKPD Message and Media, based in Chicago. In that capacity, he managed media strategy and communications for more than 150 local, state and national campaigns, with a focus on progressive candidates and causes. In 2006, Axelrod ran the independent expenditure media program for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, helping Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives. That same year, Axelrod served as media adviser to Deval Patrick, who was elected Massachusetts's first Democratic governor in 16 years and the state's first-ever African American governor. In 2004, when President Obama was a member of the Illinois State Senate, Axelrod helped him defeat a primary field of six other Democrats and go on to a landslide win in his U.S. Senate campaign. Before entering politics in 1984, Axelrod spent eight years as a reporter for The Chicago Tribune, where he covered national, state and local politics. In 1981, he became the youngest political writer and columnist in the paper's history. He also served as the Tribune's City Hall bureau chief. Active in charitable work in Chicago, Axelrod has supported UP COMING E V E NTS Special Olympics and Misericordia. In 1998, he and his wife, Susan, helped found Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), which has raised over $26 million so far for scientists searching for a cure. Axelrod was born in New York City, and graduated from Stuyvesant High School and the University of Chicago. He served as an Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University and has lectured on political media at Harvard University, the University of Chicago and the University of PennRabbi Gershom Sizomu Thursday, May 15, 2014 sylvania. He is married to Susan Landau and has three children, Lauren, Michael and Ethan.

Schedule of Shabbat Services & Candle Lighting

From the Rabbi Aaron Melman

Saturday Morning...............................March 1 Shabbat Service .............................9:30 AM Parent Tot Shabbat .....................10:45 AM Mincha/Ma’ariv ..............................5:30 PM Friday Evening.....................................March 7 Candles.............................................5:30 PM Shabbat Service .............................6:45 PM Saturday Morning...............................March 8 Shabbat Service .............................9:30 AM Family Shabbat Service...............10:45 AM Mincha/Ma’ariv ..............................5:45 PM Friday Evening...................................March 14 Candles.............................................6:38 PM Shabbat Service .............................6:45 PM Saturday Morning.............................March 15 Shabbat Service .............................9:30 AM Mincha/Ma’ariv – Erev Purim.......6:45 PM Friday Evening...................................March 21 Candles.............................................5:13 PM Shabbat Service .............................6:45 PM ShabbaTONEd-Down.....................6:45 PM Saturday Morning.............................March 22 Shabbat Service .............................9:30 AM Family Shabbat Service...............10:45 AM Mincha Only Begins.....................12:45 PM Friday Evening...................................March 28 Candles.............................................6:54 PM Shabbat Service .............................6:45 PM Saturday Morning.............................March 29 Shabbat Service .............................9:30 AM Mincha ...........................................12:45 PM Minyan Monday - Friday..............................6:45 AM Sunday - Thursday Evening ..........7:45 PM Sunday Morning .............................8:45 AM

Rabbi's Desk

Every couple of years I dedicate a bulletin article to a very important subject - to help educate the congregation on the issues of Jewish Genetic Disorders. On March 29th synagogues around the country will participate in a program I helped create almost five years ago – Jewish Genetic Disorders Shabbat – a Shabbat designed to bring awareness to a subject very close to my heart. Congregation Beth Shalom has had the honor of hosting Genetic Education and Screening for Young Jewish Adults programs in the past. The events, organized by the Center for Jewish Genetics (, is designed to allow people the opportunity to be educated on, and get tested for, genetic disorders that affect the Jewish community at a significantly reduced cost. I have served on the Center’s Board of Directors for over eight years and have been involved in the Center since my arrival in Chicago almost twelve years ago. This is something that is very close to my family and me and I felt it was very important to be involved on a greater level. Jewish Genetics Shabbat is designed to bring greater awareness of these issues that affect the Jewish community. What is a Jewish genetic disorder? Certain inherited conditions occur more frequently in various ethnic and racial groups than in the general population. Such is the case for Jews as well, particularly those of Ashkenazi ancestry from Central and Eastern Europe. It is important to note that scientists have identified diseases that can affect those of Sephardic descent. Most Jewish genetic disorders are severely incapacitating, and some are tragically debilitating, leading to death in infancy or early childhood. Both parents must be carriers for a child to suffer from the disorder. It is of the utmost importance for all of us to be aware of these disorders and whether or not we might be carriers. With every couple that I meet with before I perform a wedding, I discuss with them the importance of being tested. It is important to know that we are testing for nineteen Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Disorders and five disorders common in the Sephardic population. In addition to these disorders it is important to know that we must also be informed about Hereditary Cancers (such as Breast and Ovarian Cancer and Colorectal Cancer) that are prevalent particularly in the Ashkenazi Jewish community. I encourage all of us to become more aware of the diseases that can and do have an impact on our lives. The following is a partial list of the Ashkenazi Jewish Genetic Disorders:

Bloom’s Syndrome Canavan Disease Cystic Fibrosis Familial Dysautonomia Familial Hyperinsulinism Fanconi Anemia, Group C Gaucher Disease, Type 1 Glycogen Storage Disease, Type 1A

Joubert Syndrome Maple Syrup Urine Disease Mucolipidosis IV (MLIV) Nemaline Myopathy Niemann-Pick Disease, Type A Spinal Muscular Atrophy Tay-Sachs Disease Usher Syndrome TYPE 1F and Type III Walker-Warburg Syndrome

There are also disorders that affect that Sephardic community:

Beta Thalassemia Familial Mediterranean Fever

G6PD Deficiency Glycogen Storage Disease, Type III Wolman Disease

For more information on these and other diseases you can contact the Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders 30 South Wells St., Chicago, IL 60606 312-357-4718

shalom 2

March 2014

Cantor’s Notes

Cantor Steve

I heard a comedian two months ago named Yisrael Campbell (born Christopher Campbell). He is a Philadelphia-born Israeli comedian. Campbell was born of Irish and [A]] aarere focuses ffococuses more PPrograms rograms mmarked arked with with anan [A more towards towards the the AAdult dult special special needs needs community. community. Italian descent and grew up Catholic in Philadelphia and is now living in Jerusalem as an Programs h re oc ds ) marked with a [K] are a focused foc f towards younger demographic (Kids) i of sspecial P rogra m s m a rke d w i t us e d t ow a rds a younge r de m ogra phi c ( K pecial needs. needs. Orthodox Jew with his wife and 4 children. for EEveryone. PPrograms rograms mmarked arked with with anan [E] aarere for veryone. During his routine he noted that it mentions less than a handful of times in the Torah the tandem with with North North Suburban Suburban Synagogue Programs Programs marked and marked with with anan * are are inin tandem Synagogue Beth Beth ElEl and prohibitions of mixing milk and meat but it does mention 36 times to be welcoming to the PB&J Buddieses aandnd Judaism) (Peer Buddi Judaism) PB&J (Peer stranger. Funny (or not so funny) how observant Jews often put much more emphasis on the former. Sunda Sunday,y, MMarch arch 1166th – HHUGS UGS PPurim urim CCarnival arnival at 10:30AM 10:30AM In reading a book entitled “Just Walk Across the Room” by Evangelical leader of Willow for allall ofof the the HUGS HUGS members members anandd wiwillll Th Thisis Purim Purim Carnival Carnival isis for Creek Church in Barrington Bill Hybels, I was smitten with the simplicity of the message. One never knows how powerful an act merely walking across the room to shake someone’s Megillah reading be ffollowed ollowed by aann abbreviated abbreviated Megillah reading and and hand or welcome a new person into the room can be in someone’s life. In the world of me rriment. [K merriment. [K]] “preaching the word” his followers take every chance they can to engage another person in the “truth” and hope to bring them to Christ. “Just a few steps can make an eternal difference” UGS Ch Chocolate ocolate Seder Sunda pril 6th – HHUGS S ed er Sunday,y, AApril it says. This This year, year, our our ininfamous famous HUGS CChocolate hocolate SeSeder der will will bebe held h e ld As I read The Jewish Week of December 15th 2013 the idea of being kind, reaching out e-Pesach and thus ooffers ore options goodies and prpre-Pesach and thus ffers usus mmore options for for goodies and and welcoming was driven deeper by an editorial by Tova Ross. She cites a story in Yaffa creative creative arts arts activities! activities! [E[E]*]* Eliach’s “Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust” of a rabbi in Poland who daily would walk his neighborhood and greet every person with a smile and a sincere “good morning”. He greeted Tuesday, UGS SShavuot havuot TTorah orah Tu esday, June June 3rd – HHUGS Jew and gentile alike. “Good morning Herr Mueller”, he would say and Herr Mueller would Our HUGS Shavuot Torah program will give Ou r S h a v u o t T o r a h p r o g r a m wi l l give everyone ev ery o n e a respond in kind, “Good morning Herr Rabbiner”. The short version of this lovely story is that chance to come before the Torah for an honor and ch an ce t o co m e b r h o n o r and engage engage inin efo ef o r e t h e T o r ah f o once the Germans took over the town everyone was sent to the camps. As they stood in line [A]] sosome me mmeaningful eaningful learning. learning. [A for the “selection” the rabbi noted a familiar face. “Good morning Herr Mueller” he said to the guard. Reflexively the guard responded, “Good morning Herr Rabbiner”. “To the right” the guard commanded and the rabbi’s life was spared. Who knows what a kind word can mean to another person. How many stories have we heard of a youth who was contemplating hurting themselves but a kind word from a fellow classmate that day swayed their decision to do themselves harm and try to live another day. Ron Wolfson authored a book called The Spiritualty of Welcoming, How to Transform Your Congregation into a Sacred Community. Merely by being welcoming we elevate our status to sacred. Keep the doors open and the programs accessible to all members of special needs, all ages, all religious affiliations. We, like the Bible commands, mustexit be welcoming to the on Celebrate winter’s and spring Ger, the stranger. We shall soon remind ourselves in the reading of the Haggadah next month the horizon with the musical gifts ofVol. 47, No. 9 that we too were once strangers in a strange land. Extend a hand, smile and say hello – it may March 2014 just change someone’s life and yours as well. Don Cagen. Followed, of course, byShalom is published monthly by Congregation

ShabbaTONEd-Down an Oneg of tasty treats!

ShabbaTONEd-Down Celebrate winter’s exit and spring on the horizon with the musical gifts of Don Cagen. Followed, of course, by an Oneg of tasty treats!

March 21, 2014 6:45 pm


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shalom March 2014

March 21, 2014


Congregation President Glen Rotor

Community, you’ve heard from me on this before. But on the night of January 28th, with my car’s thermometer reading 3, I found out what Community Beth Shalom really is. You see, we had been closed for almost two days due to the second Arctic Vortex, something none of us ever heard of before 2014. We decided to try and open for minyan that Tuesday night because there were people that needed to say Kaddish. So there we were, 7:45 pm and we had 6 people. Some of the group got on their phones and by 8:00, we had 10 people. Four people came out in the 3 degree frigid cold so that three people could recite Kaddish. That is what community really means, sacrificing yourself to help others. Thank you to those four people for being there. The thing is, there are a lot more like them at CBS. We are a community of people who help others and I was proud that night and am proud every day of what we accomplish as a group. An arm of CBS that does tremendous work is our Sisterhood. They help those in our congregation and throughout the area. Their President is Martha Sinton, the Executive Board member I want you to meet today.

Meet your Executive Board

Marti is serving her third year as Sisterhood President, not a normal term but one that has happened before. Having joined CBS in 1972 with her husband Howard, of blessed memory, both of them were involved in many different facets of CBS. Marti grew up in an Orthodox household and became a conservative Jew later. Growing up in Chicago, she attended Von Steuben High School and went on to the University of Illinois, where she met Howard on the first day of school. He didn’t leave a good first impression. She couldn’t stand him. 45 years of marriage produced 2 children and 5 grandchildren. Besides her long tenure at her job at Lord & Taylor (34 years), Marti spends her time exercising, reading and taking long walks. She loves to go shopping with her grandchildren and has been able to see a lot of the world, as she and Howard were terrific travelers. The Sisterhood and Executive Board have been fortunate to have Marti serve for 3 years. We are appreciative of the great work that Sisterhood does led by a great group of women who are led by Marti.

HAPPY PURIM! This year we are not feeding you – We are asking you to feed others! DID YOU KNOW? THREE MITZVOT OF PURIM • Listen to the reading of the Megillah of Esther and drown out the evil Haman’s name with a grogger • Send gifts of food • Give gifts to the needy

How to fulfill the three mitzvot in one easy task, you ask? We have the answer! This Purim, when the wicked Haman’s name is called out during the Megillah reading, bring a box of macaroni and cheese or any other uncooked pasta to use as your grogger! After the service, all food will be donated to Northfield Food Pantry. Other ideas for groggers – dried beans, cereal, popcorn kernels, rice pilaf – whatever makes noise when you shake it! PLEASE NO NUTS.

Extra boxes are welcome and needed for the food pantry Any questions, contact Sandee Levin at (Sponsored by the Social Action Committee)

The Biblical scroll or Megillah of Esther sets forth the classical struggle between good and evil. At the same time it is the prototype for the long history of persecutions which the Jewish people would suffer. Haman, angry at Mordecai, the Jew, tells King Achashverosh that the Jews pose a threat to the Persian Empire. A lot (pur) is cast and a date for the massacre of the Jews is set. Queen Esther, Mordecai’s cousin, intervenes and saves her people from destruction. To remember this triumph Jews were instructed to observe the fourteenth of the month of Adar "as the days wherein the Jews had rest from their enemies, and the month which was turned from sorrow to gladness, and from mourning into a good day, that they should make them days of feasting and gladness, and of sending portions to one another, and gifts to the poor” (Esther 9:22). We celebrate in the Synagogue with the public reading of Megillat Esther, making loud sounds with noise-makers (groggers) whenever the name of Haman is read. Children's masquerades and Purim carnivals add to the joyous spirit. As mentioned in the Megillah, it is customary for friends to exchange sweets, usually triangular cookies called Hamantaschen (Haman’s Hats) and to give charity to the poor. Purim is considered a minor holiday, but it is a time of great joy for the Jewish people. Purim evening will feature two simultaneous readings of the Megillah. One will be of the Megillah in its entirety. The other - intended especially for children and families - will be abbreviated and accompanied by lots of singing and our 1TB:Users:karenimac:Desktop:Dropbox:BS March 2014:SOURCE MARCH 2014:PURIM.doc annual costume parade! The entire Megillah will be read again on Sunday morning as part of the morning minyan. Saturday, March 15

Ida & Harry Roth Community Center Men’s Club Lox Box Sisterhood Holiday Cooking with Paula Shoyer Purim Carnival

Sunday, March 16

Erev Purim 6:45 PM – Mincha/Ma’ariv/Havdallah in the Bet Midrash 7:30 PM - Complete Megillah Reading in the Bet Midrash 7:30 PM - Abbreviated Megillah Reading in the Main Sanctuary with a Purim Costume Parade and Hamantaschen treats Purim 8:45 AM - Morning Service and complete Megillah Reading

shalom 4

March 2014


Now that we are in the winter season our Minyan needs your help as have missed having ten individuals necessary to function as a minyan on several occasions. As many of you know, I am very passionate about the subject of Torah reading. Learning from a master Baal Koreh (Torah reader) in my youth, I accepted his teaching that the readings need be done without error and read smoothly and using the Tropes appropriately. I want to share a blog I recently read on this subject, hoping those who volunteer to read will gain a deeper understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of having the awesome and sacred honor of reading to the Congregation. Baal Korehs, or those who read the Torah in front of the congregation,are a special breed. I've always had a high level of respect for these people. They have chosen to devote time not only to something that is incredibly difficult, namely the virtual memorization of the whole Torah, but also one which is so useful to the community. Lest you say that they are not actually memorizing the Torah, since as you can see it is written on a parchment which they are obligated to read as they chant the Torah portion aloud, let me clarify that while the words are there, there are no vowels, no punctuation, no indication of the beginnings or ends of sentences, paragraphs, or sections, and no musical notes. All of these must be memorized by the Baal Koreh, and practically speaking, he has to memorize the words along with them. And it is so useful to the community. I've been to many minyanim, and I've never failed to be impressed when, during a pivitol portion of the service, somebody asks, "can ANYBODY layn (chant) this?" and some fellow gets up and sings the section flawlessly. Once upon a time, after my Bar Mitzvah, I entertained the notion of becoming a Baal Koreh myself. But I soon found out that this fell under the heading of "a lot of work" and abandoned it. The Baal Korehs that I've known have all been exceptional people. They excel at whatever they do, whether it's business, medicine, law, rabbinics, etc. These people tend to take whatever they're doing and do it very well. You could argue that this is a chicken and egg kind of thing, i.e. the kind of people who can be very successful in their fields also have the brain power to memorize huge portions of text. Or maybe it's the mental calisthenics of learning to read long portions of Torah that give them the discipline to take any endeavor to its extreme. I don't know. All I know is that at some point in my life I figured out that I wasn't going to be one of them. I realized that I'd have to make due with my midget-sized mind and make the

most of what's left of it (of course, after having memorized all of Star Trek and Monty Python). I had hoped that my boys would become Baale Kriya themselves, as so far they have shown some aptitude for layning, but none of them seems particularly interested in the "a lot of work" aspect of it. Oh well. This past Yontiff I was asked to do the Torah reading for the first day minyan in the Shteeble, and although there was this persistant siren going off in my head that kept saying "SAY NO SAY NO SAY NO" I agreed,since it appeared I was the last on a long list of people being asked. Of course I had no time to prepare, and to be honest, I had mistakenly thought it was another reading that I had once learned many years ago,so I spent an hour or two Thursday night going over the reading about 5 or 6 times. Now, I'm not bad at making a dry reading as long as all the punctuation or trop (musical notes) are in front of me. I am a musician, after all, and I pride myself on my ability to read the words and music correctly. However, it became painfully obvious to me as the night wore on that I was not making any progress towards memorizing it. I resigned myself to doing a crappy job in the morning, which I didn't feel all that bad about since the rabbi had told me, "Don't worry, Steve, everyone will be asleep." Well, they weren't all asleep, and it turned out that I did a lot more than I had expected, including Akdamus (a tongue-twister in Aramaic)and the Haftorah. And as expected, I fumbled my way through the layning (which unfortunately included the Ten Commandments. I may have skipped one or two). However, the congregation was more than gracious, and a few people even told me they were impressed with the job I did. I can only assume they were the ones who were asleep. I don't think my brain is as receptive as it was 27 years ago. That would have been a good time for me to try to do this kind of thing. As it is, although I did a passible job (and I enjoyed it), I think I may have sprained my brain or something. It makes me a little sad to think that I'm on the downhill slide of my intellectual capacity (something I noted as well when I tried to learn new music earlier in the year). I can only hope that by increasing my measure of mental exercise, I may be able to stabilize the decline. For the rest of you Baal Korehs out there, yasher kochachem (may your strength be firm)! Taken from:

shalom March 2014


The Harvey Gold Retirement Celebration Needs You!


At least once a year I have been asked to reprint this policy.


We would like to share with you a decision made by the Professional Staff of Congregation Beth Shalom, and presented to the Board of Trustees at its June 1981 meeting. Please read this carefully. This decision may affect you and we would like you to understand it fully, hopefully, in the affirmative spirit in which it is intended. The Conservative Movement strongly believes in the consistency of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding, and the Kashrut of the meal which follows it i.e., the festive meal (Seudat Mitzvah) should be Kosher. This is because our tradition clearly states the meal is an integral part of the religious event itself, whether served an hour later or a day later. The Standards for Synagogue Practice of the Conservative Movement state: The meal served following any religious ceremony should be regarded as an integral part of such ceremony and should, therefore, be in keeping with the spirit of such ceremony and be planned accordingly. (Article IV, Section 4)

If the meal is indeed a religious event, then it should be consistent with the religious standards of Conservative Judaism. It should neither violate Kashrut (as we, the Professional Staff, define Kosher to include a fish, dairy, or vegetarian function) nor violate the Sabbath. Moreover, even if one does not normally observe the Dietary Laws, there are other good reasons for planning a Kosher Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding. These events are quasi-communal, usually involving significant numbers of participants, both Jews and non-Jews. The style of the party can be understood as a statement of Jewish communal values, not simple private preferences. Also, these are “once-in-alifetime” events which are the very essence of Judaism and should, therefore, confirm to its highest standards. Finally, quality Kosher catering is readily available at Congregation Beth Shalom and in the Chicago area. With all of the above in mind, we the synagogue staff have decided that we must actively, by our example, affirm the consistency of the Religious Ceremony and the Kashrut of the meal thereafter. Therefore, while we will continue to officiate, we will no longer attend a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding party, which is not Kosher or violates the Sabbath. If you have any questions about this matter, we would welcome the opportunity to answer them and discuss and clarify this issue for you. Please feel free to call.

The Professional Staff of Congregation Beth Shalom

A very special montage will be presented at the Sunday, June 8th lunch for our CBS Executive Director, Harvey Gold. Please help us to provide Harvey with a gift that he will treasure by searching through your photo albums and video collections to discover meaningful moments in your shared lives. Contributions in the form of discs and pictures may be mailed to Congregation Beth Shalom or dropped off directly at the synagogue. Pictures in the form of a .pdf may be sent to my email address at

Please do not submit originals! We can accept only copies and the items will not be returned.

Thank you all so much for your help with this project. You are giving a gift to Harvey that he will enjoy for many, many years to come. The presentation will also be a beautiful opportunity to reminisce on the many years of shared simchas in which we have had the pleasure of laughing and celebrating with a dear friend and colleague. Thank you, Tami Rokni

Tribute Book for Harvey Gold

In honor of Harvey’s 42 years at Congregation Beth Shalom, we are gathering a collection of special messages from family and friends for a scrapbook to be presented to him as a gift. We invite you to create a page for this scrapbook. Your message might contain memories, anecdotes or good wishes. If you have a favorite photograph, you are welcome to attach it to your page, but photos will remain part of the album. We strongly suggest that you use regular printer weight paper – nothing thicker than photograph thickness. Your page should be sized at 8 ½” x 11” and please use the sheet vertically. Do not add anything too bulky – no puffy stickers, thick pictures, or heavy cardstock. Please send your message either via email or regular mail to: or Jill Olefsky 3435 Harris Drive Northbrook, IL 60062

The DEADLINE for the inclusion of your special memory or good wishes in this keepsake album is May 1, 2014. In order for Harvey’s memory book to be ready on time, this deadline must be met. We will not be able to make any exceptions.

shalom 6

March 2014


C Can an yyou ou use use a little little News from Good G ood News from Israel? Israel?

Capturing Beth Shalom’s connection with Israel one congregant at a time

This This week’s week’s G Good ood N News ews ffrom rom IIsrael srael

The Israel Committee presents:

The mission of the Israel Committee is to enhance each congregant’s relationship with Israel through education, awareness and support. Over the past two years we have shared a delicious Israeli diner, heard over a dozen fascinating lectures on a wide range of topics, joined 13,000 other Israel advocates at the AIPAC Policy Conference and walked as a congregation at year’s JUF Walk with Israel. This year, JUF will not be holding a community-wide event in celebration of Israel Independence Day so we are busy planning our own Beth Shalom Israel weekend of events. It starts on Friday May 2nd with an Israel themed Shabbatone and continues on Sunday May 4th with a full program of events geared for all ages: games and art projects for children and families, lectures for adults, Israel Education Trail for everyone, special program for youth, etc.. Add some music and food and it will be a special day to celebrate and learn. Each month in this column we have been sharing the Israel stories of our congregants. Careful readers joined us in finding out about Matty’s Shechtman’s service in the Israel Air Force, Joel Schwartz’s time on a kibbutz during the Yom Kippur War, Matt Shamis’ time playing in the Israel professional basketball league, Erica Shaps’ research project on the attitudes of Christian Israeli Arabs, and Brittany Cohen’s decision to make Aliyah. And that’s just a few of the stories we have shared so far. We want to hear from you. We know that many of you have Israel experiences and we want to hear about them. Trips to Israel, time with family members living in Israel, business conducted in Israel, we want to hear it all. Your stories makes Israel come alive for all of us. And best of all, the process is simple, contact us, talk to us on the phone for 15 to 20 minute and we will take it from there. You can reach us at


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shalom March 2014


773/583-HOPE (4673)

“Its okay, the children aren’t effected” But what if you knew they were?

Shalva clients will often say that they can withstand their husband’s abuse as long as he never directs his anger toward their children. What many women don’t understand is that children are the silent victims of abuse and that they often repeat the behaviors they have seen. According to a recent study, over 90% of children are aware of domestic abuse in their home. These children are affected emotionally, cognitively, and physically. They are at great risk and often experience low self-esteem, shame, fear and guilt. Many distrust adults, fail to thrive or suffer from depression and anxiety. What can we do? The issue of domestic abuse is not just a women’s issue; it affects the entire family as well as our Jewish community. SHALVA offers free counseling to Jewish women who are or were in an intimate partner relationship. If you or someone you know needs our help, call 773-583-4673.

shalom 8


Yom Tov Yummies: Holiday Cooking For 4-6 Year Olds and Their Adults At Congregation Beth Shalom Learn how to cook delicious “eats” With Jill Roter (“Wee Chefs” program of the Northbrook Park District) & Judy Wolkin (cooking instructor and co-editor of Essa Bissel and Essa Bissel and a Whole Lot More)

Thursday, March 6, 2014 10:00 – 11:30 am

(please note change in date & time from adult ed book & CBS bulletin)

Fee: $10 per class (includes child and adult) for CBS members $18 per class (includes child and adult) for non-members

5774 - Chametz Riddance Food Drive

Register with Leann at or Deanne at or call 847-498-4100

Perform a mitzvah while cleaning out your food pantry!

Clean Out Your Closets!

Donate Prom, Formal and Bridesmaid Dresses!

Zengler Cleaners accepts, at any time, any prom, bridesmaid or formal dress you bring in for the Glass Slipper Project. After being cleaned at no charge to you, the dresses are then donated to this non-profit organization which provides the dresses, free of charge, to students who are unable to purchase their own prom attire. Thanks to the Glass Slipper Project, more than 16000 high school junior and senior girls in the Chicagoland area have been able to attend their proms in style! Any questions check out their website There are six Zengler Cleaner locations now in the Chicagoland area: Deerfield, Hubbard Woods, Libertyville, Long Grove, Northbrook and Northfield.


Do you have anyone in your family who is now serving in the armed forces overseas? Do you know of friends or co-workers who have family or friends serving overseas in the armed forces? Beth Shalom would like to send them a care package to say thank you. Please contact Debbie Bell at 847-564-2053 or with the name of the service man or woman and their overseas address. We want them to know that CBS cares about them and appreciates their sacrifice.

Collecting all unopened non-perishables Please donate your Chametz for those in need in our local community. Bring your food donations to CBS now! No Chametz donations will be accepted after Sunday, April 13th. We will again collect food for the pantries after Passover, Tuesday, April 22nd. All donations will benefit The Northfield Food Pantry and Northwest ARK Food Pantry.

Social Action – Maot Chitim

“Maot Chitim” refers to the centuries old custom of gathering wheat to provide the poor with matzoh and other items for the observance of Pesach. Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago started over a century ago and has evolved into a year-round volunteer effort, searching for the best and most reasonably priced Kosher products that delivers food packages to Jewish familes in need. There are many ways to help Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago accomplish its noble mission. They need volunteers to help pack Passover food packages on Sunday March 30th, and volunteers to help deliver packages on Sunday, April 6th. Please contact Maot Chitim of Greater Chicago at (847)6743224 or email them at for more information.

shalom 9


shalom 10

March 2014

KERUV CORNER KERUV: Welcoming Interfaith Families BOB SPECTOR Shalom Chaverim,

While this year’s winter has not been particularly kind to us I hope you all have maintained good health and your spirit has remained warm and hopeful as spring is finally almost upon us. One of the most frequently asked and challenging question of our intermarriage initiative I have been asked to address over the years is reflected in this month’s question to


Dr. Bob. Dear Dr. Bob, I am a person of few words so I will get right to the point…. You and others often refer to Beth Shalom as ‘interfaith welcoming’, but how do you reconcile the fact that our clergy will not officiate at our interfaith members’ weddings or allow interfaith marriages to occur at Beth Shalom? I am engaged to an amazing man who is not Jewish, but I do not know that I can maintain my membership at Beth Shalom under these circumstances. Please help me resolve this inner struggle that I am experiencing. Dear Struggling Beth Shalom Member, One of the biggest challenges of our Keruv Initiative is while many of our clergy within the Conservative movement (including our own) offer sincere support, guidance, and acceptance to our intermarried couples, my understanding is that the Rabbinical and Cantorial Assemblies (our Rabbis’ and Cantor’s governing bodies) clearly prohibits their participation in and/or officiating of an interfaith wedding ceremony. For further clarification please contact our clergy whom I know can offer a more detailed and sophisticated answer. So now the question is, for those of our members who are directly impacted by this conundrum how do we resolve the hurt and disappointment associated with it? I have thought about this a lot because at some point I may be faced with this same conflict depending on the life partner choices my children make. As a husband and father, I at times will disagree with and not support the choices my family members make, but I will never stop loving them and I will never reject them. I believe we are blessed at Beth Shalom to have such caring and committed spiritual leaders and a congregation that continues to be more and more accepting of our members’ life choices. There are times when our faith and relationships can be significantly challenged by a singular event, and it is at these times when we need to take pause and truly reflect on the wholeness of these relationships. While I deeply sympathize with your struggle, I sincerely hope that you choose not to condemn Beth Shalom and interpret our clergies’ nonparticipation in your blessed event as a message that they will not ultimately support your marriage. To the contrary, you and your spouse will be embraced as members of our extended family. As always, I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions. I can be contacted at


I am updating our Minyan call list of people who live within 5 to 10 minutes of CBS and are willing to come on very short notice to complete a morning or evening Minyan. If you are willing to help with this important mitzvah, please email me at with your name, phone number and availability. As a reminder, morning Minyan is 6:45 am Monday through Friday, evening Minyan is 7:45 Sunday through Thursday, Saturday Mincha times are posted weekly and Sunday morning Minyan is 8:45. Thank you, Tanya Solomon, Ritual Vice President

shalom March 2014



PURIM, which begins this year at sunset Saturday, March 15th, and ends at nightfall Sunday, March 16th, is one of the most festive, joyous, and fun holidays. It is a story of great courage and selfsacrifice. Throughout our history, we have found ourselves in mortal danger simply for practicing our religion. The story of Purim gives us hope that good can prevail; just as Queen Esther and Mordechai triumphed over Haman. Once again, we celebrate our freedom to worship one God and our victory over oppression. Several new acquisitions to enhance your Purim celebration include: The Better-Than-Best Purim by Naomi Howland (ages 5-8) Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook by Jane Yolen (ages 8 and up) Ollie and Taavi Celebrate the Holidays by Ellen Press (ages 5-7) A Purim Poem by Rena Dorph (Kindergarten) Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too!) by Leslie Kimmelman (ages 6-8) RECENT ADDITIONS TO OUR DVD COLLECTION: The Debt Hava Nagila The Other Son The Matchmaker Fill the Void The Other Son From the Diaspora (documentary) Footnote Homeland: The Complete First Season Homeland: The Complete Second Season

2013 NATIONAL JEWISH BOOKS AWARDS: The National Jewish Book Awards program began in 1950 when the Jewish Book Council presented awards to authors of Jewish books at its annual meeting. Yossi Klein Halevi’s Like Dreamers: The Story of the Israeli Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation was named the 2013 Jewish Book of the Year. Amos Oz won the fiction prize for his novel, Between Friends. The winner in the history category was Ari Shavit for My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel. Moshe Halbertal received the Scholarship award for Maimonides: Life and Thought.

2014 SYDNEY TAYLOR BOOK AWARDS: The Sydney Taylor Book Award honors new books for children and teens that exemplify the highest literary standards while realistically portraying the Jewish experience. The award is named for Sydney Taylor, author of the classic All-of-a-Kind Family series. Sydney Taylor award winning books for 2014 are: The Longest Night: A Passover Story by Laurel Snyder (Easy Readers: Kindergarten--3rd grade; The Blessing Cup by Patricia Polacco (Young Adult, 4th--7th Grades); The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Spies and Survivors Captured the World’s Most Notorious Nazi by Neal Bascomb (Teen Readers: 8th grade and up).

Please “check us out” in person or visit us online at (Lifelong Learning. . . Library and Resource Center). Chag Purim Sameach, Adele Zaveduk, Library Chairwoman Karen Wadler, Librarian Shira Cohen, Library Assistant


For the past five years, students, teachers, and parents have greatly enjoyed our Sunday morning VIP Readers Program. In the month of February, the following parents read to their children: KINDERGARTEN: On February 2nd, Amy and David Goldberg read to their daughter, Sarah’s, class. On February 9th, Ami and David Speigel read to their daughter, Lainie’s, class. FIRST GRADE: On February 2nd, Lisa Ackerman read to her daughter, Gabbie’s, class. On February 2nd, Ami and David Speigel read to their son, Simon’s, class. On February 9th, Melissa and Harmon Lyons read to their son, Logan’s, class. On February 9th, Jennifer Medvin read to her daughter, Sophia’s, class. On February 23rd, Dawn Ferencz read to her son, Alex’s, class. On February 23rd, Shari and Jeffrey Kaminsky read to their son, David’s, class. SECOND GRADE: On February 2nd, Amy and David Goldberg read to their daughter, Leah’s, class. On February 9th, Denise Eisenberg read to her daughter, Sarah’s, class. On February 23rd, Susan Eisenstadt read to her daughter, Claire’s, class. If you have not yet chosen a date, there is always room for YOU!!! Please contact Karen Wadler at your earliest convenience at 847.498.4100, extension 34. Looking forward to seeing you very soon . . . Thank you for your support of this program. Chag Purim Sameach, Karen Wadler, CBS Librarian


TRACY SAFRON RECOMMENDS . . . Naomi Ragen’s intriguing novel, The Sisters Weiss, leads the reader into the world of the ultra-Orthodox Weiss family in 1956 Brooklyn. The only girls among six children, Rose is six and Pearl is three. The sisters are being raised to become dutiful wives to scholarly husbands. It is photography that Rose falls in love with and she takes many risks as a teenager in pursuit of her passion. Ragen beautifully describes Rose’s feelings, “Bitterly she saw her life and youth draining away, her dreams like shards of shattered glass beneath her feet, wounding her at every step as she played her part in a vast, false drama, an actress with nothing to say but lines written for her by others”. When she is 17 Rose rejects her family and their ultra orthodox life in a very public way. Ragen’s story picks up 40 years later, in September of 2007. Pearl is raising her own ultra orthodox family. Her 17-year-old daughter Rivka wants to experience more of the world. Though Pearl has no contact with Rose, Rivka has discovered that her aunt has photographs hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. She writes to her cousin, Rose’s daughter Hannah, and then runs away. Rose is afraid to help her niece because her family would have the proof that she “made the choices I did not because I was different, but because I was evil”. Ragen’s novel focuses on a person’s right to lead their own life, but cautions the picture they leave behind is not very pretty.

shalom 12

March 2014

School News


DAVID BARANY Education Director

The clergy, Ritual Director Naomi Weiss and I have initiated a monthly Shabbat morning experience that is more appropriately suited for families with 5th - 7th grade children. A less formal approach, complete with coffee and cocoa on hand, helped lend the kind of relaxed Shabbat experience we were looking for. Our first attempt in February met with strong approval by those in attendance. It was parashat Terumah, in which God explains about the Tabernacle that the Israelites will build. Since this structure is essentially an elaborate tent, we created a tent-like environment in the Gloss youth lounge. Torah study, prayer learning and singing punctuated the morning. We look forward to meeting this crucial need and expanding our Beth Shalom Shabbat community. Our sixth graders and parents recently went to the Chicago Jewish Funerals home in Buffalo Grove as part of their lifecycle curriculum. David Jacobson, the director, (and former Youth Director at Beth Shalom), is a gifted educator. He blended the Jewish ideals of respect for the dead with respect for the living. We learned about Jewish customs and practices surrounding death and burial, but we were also given homework, “Say to someone in your family the words, ‘I love you’. Life is too short.” On a related note, Mr. Jacobson helped lead the Community Foundation for Jewish Education’s Taam Yisrael trip to Israel for eighth graders. From Beth Shalom: Samantha Berebitsky, Stephanie Birnbaum, Ari Bosse, Brandon Coleman, Brandon Gitles, Henry Holman, Eli Shapiro, Ethan Sawyer, Max Warshawsky, Melissa Tucker and Tatum Oblonsky. We honor their families’ commitment to continued Jewish education and to the state of Israel. Our annual Hebrew school Parent-Teacher conferences took place in February. New this year, our Hebrew teachers completed their report cards in Google Docs, a cloud based file-sharing application that allows teachers to add comments and grades in real time. Not only does this build a clearer picture of a students’ performance, it allows teachers who share students to work on report cards simultaneously. Also in the vein of improved instruction through technology, our school is one of five in the area engaged in a Board of Jewish Education pilot grant to master educational uses for iPads in the classroom. Two teachers will use newly learned skills with iPad applications to enhance their students’ learning experiences. Accessing web-based content, organizing information in creative and interactive formats and affording students the opportunity to express their learning are the project’s goals. A meta-goal is to bring our school community’s experience closer to their experience in the world at large. Our annual community wide teacher in-service event featured educator Paul Sweetow, who focused on strategies for bringing content rich lessons that keep students engaged and excited to learn. Mr. Sweetow has amongst his many credentials consultant to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center’s Children’s Exhibit. We joyfully welcomed our youngest learners in a formal ceremony of Kindergarten Consecration. They sang and displayed their recently gotten Jewish foundations. The first Jewish family and holidays featured prominently in the presentation. Synagogue President Glen Roter and Education Vice President Suzy Hakimian presented the children with their certificates and miniature Torah scrolls. Oy, the kvelling… Purim is coming. ☺



Daughter of Ifaat & Steve Bosse Sister of Ari Bosse Granddaughter of Selma Bosse, Emanuel & Carmela Arbel

Son of Kerry & Steve Butman Brother of Andrew & Simon Klein & Zion Butman Grandson of Judy & Dennis Neuhauser

SASHA DOGADKO Daughter of Amy & Barry Dogadko Sister of Kayla, Mira & Nava Dogadko Granddaughter of Karen Bergman, Fela Dogadko.

YOU can read Torah!

Whether you have experience and just need to brush-up your skills, or have never done it but want to learn, we have many opportunities available and Ritual Director Naomi Weiss will gladly work with you. CBS needs readers for Shabbat, morning minyan and holidays and help you learn and master the art of chanting Torah. Please contact Naomi Weiss at and find out about our Torah Reading classes for adults and/or tutoring so you can enjoy this personally enriching mitzvah.

shalom March 2014


MARCH 2014 Sun

Adar I/Adar II 5774 Mon







1 29 Adar I 5774

3/4 C. . . . . . . sugar

Pekudei-Shabbat Shekalim

Jessica Katz

3/4 C. . . . . . . vegetable shortening

Rebecca Zlotowicz

3 . . . . . . . . . eggs

Parent Tot Shabbat 2







3/4 C. . . . . . . orange juice 4 1/2 C. . . . . flour

30 Adar I 5774

1 Adar II 5774

Blood Drive Sunday School MC Breakfast

2 Adar II 5774

3 Adar II 5774

4 Adar II 5774

5 Adar II 5774

Hebrew School

Lox Box Making

Ideas Café

K-2 Shabbat Dinner

SH Exec/Board


USY Lounge Night

5:30pm - Candlelighting

6 Adar II 5774

7 Adar II 5774

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS Lox Box Delivery Sunday School Trope/School for Adults USCJ Annual Concert


14 Adar II 5774


10 Adar II 5774

11 Adar II 5774

12 Adar II 5774


Nosh 'n Drash


Men's Club Shabbat

Teen High School Program

6:38pm - Candlelighting

USY Lock-in



20 18 Adar II 5774

19 Adar II 5774

MC Exec/Board (Candle Packing)

Yom Tov Yummies


25 23 Adar II 5774

USY Lounge Night


Maot Chitim Packing

KITCHEN CLOSED HAZAK Dine & Discuss Ritual

Spring Break


Isaac Klein Family Shabbat Service


24 Adar II 5774

25 Adar II 5774

26 Adar II 5774

Spirits & Spirituality

FJMC Board

6:54pm - Candlelighting

Spring Break

22 20 Adar II 5774

6:46pm - Candlelighting


SH Book Review

29 Adar II 5774


17 Adar II 5774

Distinguished Speaker: David Axelrod 24

28 Adar II 5774

Study Minyan Purim Dinner & Entertainment



Tzav-Shabbat Zachor

SH Holiday Cooking Program: Paula Shoyer

Hebrew School

22 Adar II 5774

13 Adar II 5774

Megillah Reading

16 Adar II 5774


Youth Commission


Social Action: PADS



1/2 tsp. . . . . . salt


Hebrew School

23 21 Adar II 5774


9 Adar II 5774

15 Adar II 5774

PURIM Trope/School for Adults HUGS @ Purim Carnival Purim Carnival


8 Adar II 5774


Danielle Bosse

Lox Box Packing


3 tsp. . . . . . . baking powder

Family Shabbat Service

School Board

Trope/School for Adults


29 27 Adar II 5774


Sasha Dogadko

Cream sugar and shortening. Then add remaining ingredients, and mix together well. Roll out dough very thin 1/8” - 1/4” on a floured surface. Flour the rim of a glass and cut out circles. Spread your favorite filling in the middle of each. To shape triangular hamantashen, pinch together towards the middle, then fold the bottom upwards toward the middle, and join to other sides. Place onto well-greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350º for approximately 15-20 minutes until slightly browned. B’tayavon! Isabel Mussman

“Ma Nishma” MATT RISSIEN Youth Director

I am writing this article having just returned from staffing Ta’am Yisrael. Over 180 8th graders from around the Chicago area spent 8 days traveling around Israel. I was fortunate to have been selected to staff the trip, and enjoyed spending time with our Beth Shalom delegation as well. One part that stood out for me was seeing everyone’s reactions to seeing the Kotel for the first time. Seeing smiles and even some tears in the eyes of the 8th graders, as they spark that connection with Jerusalem is something I’ll never forget. It reminded me of my first time in Israel, on March of the Living. Having just spent a week visiting concentration camps in Poland, knowing there was a homeland for the Jewish people was something very important to me. This month we will be celebrating the holiday of Purim. If you have not yet heard, our CBS USY chapter has brought back the Hamantashen for Hunger fundraiser. If you have not yet seen, our President Zach Sandler put together an amazing and touching video about the necessity of raising awareness towards hunger in the world. Please think about ordering hamantashen from our USY chapter, it really goes to a great cause. In February, in addition to some amazing lounge nights and programs, we also had our President’s Day Ski Trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Our 6-12th graders enjoyed spending time at the Kalahari water resort, and skiing, snowboarding and tubing the next day. It was a lot of fun taking a break with the kids and getting out of snowy Chicago for a couple of days, even though it was snowing in Wisconsin as well. I hope everyone has an amazing Purim, and an amazing Spring Break. I look forward to the last few months of the programming year, which will be filled with lots of fun activities for everyone K12!!

March 16th, 2014

-Matt Rissien

shalom 16

March 2014

Sisterhood President Marti Sinton

During the cold and snowy month of January Sisterhood hosted two wonderful and very different events. Sisterhood Shabbat took a new turn with an afternoon of laughter brought onby our speaker Lenore Skenazy, "America’s Worst Mom". Lenore, a New York City columnist allowed her 9 year old son to take the New York subway alone at the age of 9. The media went wild over this after which Lenore founded her book and blog, “Free-Range Kids.” Needless to say, it was a very entertaining afternoon. Thank you Ifaat and Karen and the committee for a wonderful afternoon followed by a beautiful service. The second event was a Zumba Night where 16 women sweated their “uknowwhats” off. It was an hour of dancing, shaking and trying to figure out if any of the participants would be able to walk the next day! Everyone had a lot of fun! Thank you Beth for our Zumba Night! Sisterhood has something for everyone. Sisterhood Shabbat and Zumba, two events at opposite sides of the spectrum - it’s your choice. Sisterhood also hosts a terrific Book Club, thank you Marsha and Deby for all your hard work. With YFO and Men’s Club, Sisterhood co-hosted the annual Bingo event. Thank you Beth for your help with Bingo. Come join us March 11 for A Baking Workshop with Paula Shoyer, author of “The Holiday Kosher Baker” or sign up to bake for our Passover kiddushim and get a real hands on experience! It is up to you. In spite of the very cold, snowy January we had a hot month! Marti


Lorna Cohen . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Nancy Elliott . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Lori Heller . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Michelle Schneider . . . . . . . . 1 Charlotte Tritsch . . . . . . . . . . 1 Yetta Goldman . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Judith Kaplan . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Doris Kessler . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Laura Immergluck . . . . . . . . 3 Monica Birnbaum . . . . . . . . . 4 Amy Dogadko . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Sherri Fishman . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Ami Handler . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Tamara Marks . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Sheryl Blackman . . . . . . . . . 5 Kelly Beeland . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Nancy Levin . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Helen Bronson . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Joyce Katz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Joyce Poticha . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Laurie Rosner . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Gail Wasserman . . . . . . . . . . 8 Beth Gilford . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Leona Natenberg . . . . . . . . . 9 Marla Peckler . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Millie Mayster . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Eileen Samlan . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Gloria Snite . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Melinda Kahn . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Audrey LeCavalier . . . . . . . 11 Barbara Gaffen . . . . . . . . . . 12 Renee Alpern . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Diana Bentkover . . . . . . . . . 13 Diane Levy . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Catheryn Rotstein . . . . . . . . 13 Susan Schwartz . . . . . . . . . . 13 Pauline Flower . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Pat Hartman . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Gail Pestine . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Julie Snyder . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Elaine Michaels . . . . . . . . . . 15 Diane Lebovitz . . . . . . . . . . 16 Pamela Rosenberg . . . . . . . . 16 Ellen Roth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Debra Zide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Linda Jesser . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Lindsay Mittelman . . . . . . . 17 Amy Weinstein . . . . . . . . . . 17 Harriet Berger . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Dayle Meliker . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Corinne Rivkin . . . . . . . . . . 18 Laurie Silverman . . . . . . . . . 18 Renee Strum . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Sharyl Portugal . . . . . . . . . . 19 Ellen Segal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Ellen Finn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Ellen Mink . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Carrie Rosenstein . . . . . . . . 20 Rachel Dunn . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Patricia Dechter . . . . . . . . . . 22 Lara Katz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Jill Lake . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Sheila Medansky . . . . . . . . . 22 Daphne Frank . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Beverly Miller . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Sherry Weinstein . . . . . . . . . 23 Anita Gordon . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Sheila Kelin . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Lauren Lustbader . . . . . . . . . 24 Marcey Bernstein . . . . . . . . 25 Gale Glantz . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Lindsay Pearlman . . . . . . . . 25 Gail Rosen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Bonnie Weisman . . . . . . . . . 25 Ellyn Nudelman . . . . . . . . . . 26 Marlene Kerstein . . . . . . . . . 27 Miriam Pike . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Mona Weiss . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Karen Goldberg . . . . . . . . . . 28 Barbara Kurnick . . . . . . . . . 28 Lynda Rose . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Amanda Schwartz . . . . . . . . 28 Suzanne Goldberg . . . . . . . . 29 Vicki Kravits . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Paula Goldsand . . . . . . . . . . 30 Eliana Kahn . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Marla Silverman . . . . . . . . . 30 Would you like to send a birthday or anniversary greeting to a CBS member? It is SO simple! We can establish an account for you by just sending in a check for any dollar amount. We will deduct the amount you spend each month on each Leagram/Anniversary and let you know when your account is low. What could be easier? No more 75¢ checks! Send your donations prior to the 20th of the month to: Karen Rosenthal, 317 South Can Dota Ave., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056.

Name __________________ # of Greetings __________ Amount _______________ c On account c Money enclosed

shalom March 2014


Anniversaries April

Aaron Adams and Beatriz Gonzales-Rajal .................... 5 yrs. 1 Michael and Leann Blue ........................... 1 Elliot and Sharon Goldman ....................... 3 Ronald and Ronna Heftman ...................... 4 Joel and Amy Taub ................................... 4 Sanford and Eliana Kahn .......................... 8 Neal and Stacey Schneider ............ 30 yrs. 8 Howard and Sophie Gelman ......... 25 yrs. 9 Michael and Ruth Hudak .......................... 9 Paul and Laura Lapping ................ 25 yrs. 9 Robert and Kandye Martin ........................ 9 Alan and Rhoda Maslov ............................ 9 Alan and Ilene Shapiro .............................. 9 Allen and Pauline Flower ......................... 11 Joseph and Ferne Appel ............... 55 yrs. 12 Robert and Pepi Barr ................................ 12 David and Osnat Lichtenfeld ................... 13 Harold and Susan Schwartz ..................... 14 Arthur and Rita Schwartz ......................... 15 David and Denise Eisenberg .................... 16 Howard and Susan Herman ...................... 16 Jack and Marianne Bankier ...................... 18 William and Judi Goldman ...................... 20 Marc and Alexis Engel ............................. 21 Maurice and Diana Lewis ............ 40 yrs. 21 Scott and Meryl Weis ............................... 21 Robert and Janet Footlik .......................... 22 Burt and Becky Ofsaiof ............................ 22 Burton and Jennifer Weinstein ................. 22 Robert and Barbara Kasper .......... 65 yrs. 24 Hal and Ellen Lipshutz ................. 20 yrs. 24 Paul and Nancy Epstein ........................... 28 Martin and Gina Silverman ...................... 28 Marty and Sandra Gold ................ 35 yrs. 29 Edwin and Donna Greenberg ................... 29 Ephraim and Gloria Knopoff ................... 29 Evan and Lisa Oblonsky .............. 20 yrs. 30

Anniversary Greeting Update

Do you know how EASY it is to send an anniversary and leagram greeting to a CBS member? We can establish an account for you just by sending in a check for any dollar amount. We will deduct the amount you spend each month on Leagram/Anniversary and let you know when your account is low. No more 75¢ checks. Send your donations prior to the 20th of the month to: Karen Rosenthal, 317 South Can Dota Avenue, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056. Email:

Name___________________________________ # of Greetings ____________________________

Amount _________________________________ _____ On Account ____ Money Enclosed







March Bima Flower Fund Donations

Thank you to our congregation family for their good wishes in honor of our January birthdays. - Laurel & Marvin Letwat Thank you to our CBS friends for the generous donation to the Sisterhood Eyshet Chayil Fund made in our honor. - Darlene & Norman Padnos Thanks to all for sending the Anniversary grams. - Carol & Ed Kaplan

Thank you to all my friends for helping me celebrate my special birthday. - Frank Horwitz

Bima Flower Fund

AMC/Regal Theaters $8.00 each


Suzanne Minkus 847.657.9001

Please do not call after 9 PM or on Shabbat (Friday PM through Saturday PM) Please support CBS Sisterhood through the sale of movie tickets.

NOTE: Tickets are for general admission and are subject to rules of use that may be printed on them.


Mail your completed order form and check to: Suzanne Minkus, 2582 Fielding Drive, Glenview, IL 60026 You MUST include a STAMPED, SELF-ADDRESSED, BUSINESS ENVELOPE. Orders cannot be filled without it. We cannot be responsible for tickets lost in the mail.

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________City, State, Zip: ____________________

The Bima Flower Fund helps to ensure that our Bima bouquets will continue to be as beautiful as they always have been. Your minimum donation of $10 (or more) will make that happen. Acknowledgement of your donation will appear on the Sisterhood page in the bulletin. If the donation is in â&#x20AC;&#x153;memory ofâ&#x20AC;? or in â&#x20AC;&#x153;honor ofâ&#x20AC;? someone, a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the family. Simply fill out the form below and send it to Elissa Pelts by the 15th of the month with your check. Any questions, call Elissa at 708-804-4696.

Bima Flower Fund Donation Form

I (we) ___________________________________ wish to donate $_______________ to the Bima Flower Fund. Check one: o In honor of ____________________________ o In memory of __________________________

Phone Number: _______________________ Email Address: _____________________

Message: ______________________________

Minimum five (5) tickets per order, maximum unlimited. Total enclosed $ _____ Total enclosed $______ Tickets now available in Judaica Shop

Name: _________________________________

AMC Theaters # Tickets ______@ $8.00 each = Total $______ RegalRegal Theaters # Tickets ______@ $8.00 $______ Theatres # Tickets _______@$7.50 eacheach = Total=$Total ________

Please make checks payable to CBS SISTERHOOD


Address: _______________________________ Mail by the 15th of the month to: Elissa Pelts, 164 Oakmont Dr., Deerfield, IL 60015

shalom 18

March 2014

Do You Knit, Crochet & or Craft Linus Blankets?

Your efforts are needed to fulfill the on-going critical need to create warm scarves, hats, afghan blankets, throws, baby blankets, toddler clothing for the Jewish Child and Family Services JCFS organizations and Project LINUS.

You will make a difference in someone’s life! Join CBS Knits for Tzedakah

Sunday mornings 11:30 AM – 1 PM Horwitz Adult Education Room (in the library) March 2 March 9

May 4 April 27

April 6 May 10

Contact Maureen Gold at 847.509.1978 for details


The Louis Gurvitz Memorial Sisterhood Judaica Shop


A unique shopping experience awaits you at our ~ S h o p A r o u n d T h e C o r n e r ~

Relax and breathe………..No it’s not Passover already, but it is time for Sarah Budweg and I to begin planning the baking schedule for our Passover Kiddushim and we want YOU!!! Please say yes and sign up for a slot….or two and help us prepare a wonderful assortment of savory hot dishes like our world famous Mac and Cheese and our delicious baked goods such as our mandel bread and assorted cookies and cakes. Here is the baking schedule divided into two hour slots: Please email us with your day and time slot preference to: Kim Shwachman at Monday, March 31st 6:30-8:30 Tuesday, April 1st 9:30-11:30, 11:30-1:30, 1:30-3:30,or 6:30-8:30 Wednesday April 2nd 9:30-11:30, 11:30-1:30, 1:30-3:30, or 6:30-8:30 Thursday April 3rd 9:30-11:30**, 11:30-1:30**

**If needed

Featured item for the month of March Purim Greggars filled with candy A delightful item to gift as Mishalach Manot We’re sure you’ll find something to buy for yourselves or to proudly give to someone as a gift. You’ll see new and imaginative Judaica, useful items for the home, and great merchandise for the kids and grandkids. You can also support Israel by purchasing our tallitot, jewelry and Ahava made in Israel. Sisterhood Tribute Cards & Cookbooks, Torah Fund Cards, Regal & AMC Theatre Tickets, and Mah Jongg Cards are also available for purchase in our Shop. All Judaica Shop profits assist Sisterhood in fulfilling its financial commitment to our Synagogue. VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card are gladly accepted and our prices are at least 10% less than retail. REGULAR SHOP HOURS Monday through Friday mornings…10:00 AM to 12:00 NOON Tuesday and Thursday afternoons…4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Sunday mornings…9:00 AM to 12:00 NOON

Appointments are always available by calling Diana Lewis (h) 847.947.2906 Darlene Padnos (h) 847.998.0494 or (c) 847.217.4531 Robyn Rosengard (h) 847.498.9901 or (c) 847.917.1197

Thank you in advance for what we know will be another fantastic year! We look forward to hearing from you!! Kim Shwachman and Sarah Budweg Pesach Kiddushim Co-Chairs

Keep browsing, keep shopping, and keep in touch!

shalom March 2014

19 1TB:Users:karenimac:Desktop:Dropbox:BS March 2014:SOURCE MARCH 2014:SH JUDAICA SHOP.doc

Men's Club President Larry Grossman & Ray Rokni Madness, but in a good way

2 014 Men 's Club S habbat & 2014Award Club A Men’sPro ogram Kavod Jewish h Pop Sin ngers Th T h ro ough the Y Ye e ars Shabbat & Kavod Award Program

March is always madness for Men’s Honoring Club and this year is no exception. We tip off with our Larry Grossman Ray Rokni signature Lox Box Packing event on H OHNono O rRing ING Saturday, March 8, followed by the “Day of Deliverance,” when thousands of Chicagoland Jews nosh lox and bagels and gladly pass the herring to the one person at the table who loves it. We hope you and your family will join us on Saturday night to pack. It’s a great community camaraderie event and if you have never seen 1,000 dozen bagels in one place, you will then. Ste ven Eliscco Men’s Club Shabbat is Friday, March 14. Join us at 7pm as March 14, 2014, 7:00pm we commemorate Jewish Pop Singers Through the Years with an informative and engaging service featuring our Club members Please join us as the Men’s Club leads an engaging Friday night service featuring both a spoken and musical historryy of Jewish Pop Singers through the Years. We will also present and the world renowned Men’s Club Choir, just back from their our 2014 Kavod Award to Steven Elisco for his nearly lifetime commitment to, and active participation at CBS. Since his family joined in 1969, he has participated in leadership roles whirlwind tour of the Winter Garden. We will also celebrate the from our first USY President, to Men’s Club Board and Executive Board, to the CBS Board of Trustees. In his professional capacity as a licensed architect for nearly 30 years, he designed 2014 Kavod Award honoree, Steven Elisco and honor him for the CBS executive offices wing and built the Youth Lounge (twice), the Youth Lounge Ark (1.5 times). Steven also serves our community both as chairman of the CBS Blood Drive and as a his many years of commitment to CBS. Steven has had many member of the Northbrook Planning Commission. He and his wife Debbie and daughter Grace are an integral part of our CBS family. We hope you’ll be there to honor him, and join us for the leadership roles that include being our first USY President, a wonderful Kiddush provided by Sisterhood following the service! Men’s Club Board and Executive Board member, and being on 1TB:Users:karenimac:Desktop:Dropbox:BS March 2014:SOURCE MARCH 2014:MC SHABBAT KAVOD AWARD.docx the CBS Board of Trustees. As a USYer he was honored with a Youth Kavod Award, one of two ever presented. He graduated for University of Illinois in 1978 and has been a licensed architect Please join us as the Men’s Club leads an engaging Friday since 1985 and is responsible for the design of the CBS executive night service featuring both a spoken and musical history of offices as well as building the Youth Lounge and the YouthPlease joJewish Singers through Years. present in us asPop the M en’s Club nightalso service featuring both a leads anthe engag ing FWe riday will Lounge Ark as both a teenager and an adult. Steven also is anspoken and We will also present usical Kavod histo oAward SingeElisco ough f Jewi htoPop ourm2014 Steven for hise nearly. lifetime Elisco participation for his nearly lifeattimCBS. e commSince itment his to, and active Kavod Award tto, o Stand even active active member of our community as chairman of the CBS Bloodour 2014commitment rticipatfamily ion at CBS y johas ined participated in 1969, he hain s pa rticipated in roles leadership roles . Sincin e h1969, is familhe joined leadership Drive, board member of North Suburban YMCA, the Northbrookfpa rom our first USY ’s Club Boardtoand ExecutClub ive BoaBoard rd, to theand CBS Board of sidentUSY , to MenPresident, ourPrefirst Men’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and as a member of theTrustees.from In his professional capacity as a licensed architect for nearly 30 years, he designed Executive Board, to the CBS Board of Trustees. In his executive offices wing and built the Youth Lounge (twice), the Youth Lounge Ark (1.5 Northbrook Planning Commission. He and his wife Debbie andthe CBS professional as un a licensed nearly years, times). Steven also servcapacity es our comm ity both asarchitect chairman for of the CBS 30 Blood Drive and as a daughter Grace are valued members of our CBS family. designed CBS the ter Grace member ohe f the Northbrookthe Plann ing Cexecutive ommission. offices He and hiwing s wife Dand ebbiebuilt and daugh By now we hope you have heard of the Men’s Club ofare an intYouth (twice), the Youth (1.5 egral parLounge t of our CBS family. W e hope you’llLounge be there tArk o hono r himtimes). , and join us for the l Kiddushalso provserves ided by S istecommunity rhood followingboth the sas ervchairman ic e ! Congregation Beth Shalom Student Opportunity ScholarshipwonderfuSteven our of the CBS Planning Fund at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center to1TB:UserBlood s:kareniDrive mac:Deand sktopas :Dra opmember box:BS Maof rch the 201Northbrook 4:SOURCE MARC H 2 0 1 4 :M C and T KAVOD AWARHe D .d o cx his wife Debbie and daughter Grace are benefit students at schools who would not have the funds forSHABBACommission. an integral part of our CBS family. We hope you’ll be there to travel costs and admission fees to visit the Museum to learn not honor him, and join us for the wonderful Kiddush provided by only about the Holocaust, but the ability to be an UPSTANDER, Sisterhood following the service! not a BYSTANDER in the battle against bullying and prejudice. Your Yom Hashaoh Yellow Candle donations will directly underwrite this worthy cause. So, it’s crazy, but a good crazy! Please join us in the madness.


Jewish Pop Singers Through the Years

Steven Elisco March 14, 2014 • 7:00pm

March 14, 2014, 7:00pm



Larry and Ray Twitter: @CBSMensClub


shalom 20

March 2014


The Congregation Gratefully Acknowledges The Following Contributions: RABBI WOLKIN’S GOOD AND WELFARE FUND: In honor of:

Ellen and Andy Roth on the birth of their grandchildren Dylan and Tyler – Fern & Larry Roseman

In memory of: Sue Nekritz – Jodi & Adam Berlinger & family; Fern & Larry Roseman

BURT PATZIK SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In honor of: Susie and Scott Field on the birth of their granddaughter Ellen Althea – Ellyn & Harvey Nudelman Phyllis Mason on her special birthday – Sue & Joel Weinstein

In memory of:

Rabbi Wolkin to thank you for the beautiful service for my father Howard Ginsburg – Scott Ginsburg Rabbi Wolkin for making Stephen & Lauren’s wedding so special & meaningful – Eileen & Alan Samlan Dr. Lee & Laura Shulman for the marriage of your daughter Becky to Noah – Hirschtritt Licht Family Dr. Cliff & Robin Wolf for the recent marriage of your daughter Becky to Max – Dr. Jeff & Bonnie Kramer Sandi Zelen for Jack’s Bar Mitzvah – Carol & Ed Kaplan Our twin grandchildren’s B’nai Mitzvah – Bev & Sam Weisenberg Eileen & Alan Samlan for your son Stephen’s marriage to Lauren – Dayle & Dennis Teven Mr. & Mrs. Shel Rosen for your daughter Lauren’s marriage to Stephen – Dayle & Dennis Teven Rabbi Stanley Kazan for the 60th anniversary of his ordination – The Kazan Family Judy & Ed Rowe for the birth of your twin grandchildren Hannah & Ethan – Mellie & Larry Wolfson Rita & Gregg Schneider for the marriage of Brad & Lexi – Adrienne & Ira Holtzman Dr. Andy & Ellen Roth for the birth of their twin grandchildren Dylan & Tyler – Helene & Tom Coorsh

Ethel, grandmother of the Hass Family – Shirley Samuels Susan Nekritz – Phyllis & Leonard Mason

In memory of:

Selwyn Marcus on the 50th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah – Carol & Neal Blustein Darlene and Norm Padnos being the recipient of the Israel 66 Award – Jill & Les Olefsky Julie and Arie Degabli on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Dylan – Carol & Michael Schnitzler Barbara and Phil Barnett on the birth of their grandson Ariel Eliyahu – Charlene & David Sales

Harold Sawyer – Joanne Hirschtritt Licht & Family, Deby & Michael Eisenberg Tillie Waller Resnick on the occasion of her Yahrzeit – Ilene & Norm Iglarsh Howard N. Ginsburg – Terry & Gloria Pogofsky Faye Menzer – David & Barbara Menn, Lori & Larry Fohrman, Nancy & Phillip Resnick, Decker & Portman Families Selim Habib – Joyce Younes, Dr. Jeff & Bonnie Kramer Helen Greenberg on the occasion of the end of the 11-month mourning period – Marlene Weinstein Scott Sternfield – Susan Sternfield Sidney Walowitz – The Decker & Portman Families Oscar Wolf on the occasion of his Yahrzeit – Mellie & Larry Wolfson Barry Wolf on the occasion of his Yahrzeit – Mellie & Larry Wolfson


We are seeking donations to help families of patients with severe medical conditions and burdensome medical bills. Checks may be made payable to: Rabbi Wolkin’s Good & Welfare Fund

All donations are strictly confidential.

CANTOR’S GOOD & WELFARE FUND: In honor of: Susan and Cantor Steve Stoehr on the birth of their greatnephew Bryce Aaron – Fern & Larry Roseman Irene Stoehr on the birth of her great-grandson Bryce Aaron – Fern & Larry Roseman Cantor Steven Stoehr in appreciation of the prayers said for her mother during the 11 month mourning period – Marlene Greenberg Cantor Stoehr in appreciation of his kindness and understanding – Rita & Greg Schneider Cantor Stoehr in appreciation of the beautiful music he provides at services at Congregation Beth Shalom – Lorraine & Carl Fischman

In memory of:


Jerry Malkin – Lana & Danny Zakon Susan Nekritz – Barbara & Jerry Petasnick Howard Bresler – Fern & Burt Slotky & family

In memory of: In honor of:

In memory of: Larry Grossman – Michele Bresler & Barry Goldberg Fayth Berkowitz – Amy, Lawrence & Meital LeVine Mother of Marlene Plotz and family – Linda & Bernie Petchenik Arthur Nutig – Merrill, Kevin, Brian and David Medansky; Amy, Lawrence &Meital LeVine; Matty & Steve Shechtman; Leslie & Scott Rogoff & family Susan Nekritz – Jane Pomerantz

HAROLD & SHIRLEY HOFFMAN ADULT EDUCATION LEARNING FUND: In memory of: Alan Woodhouse – Eileen Woodhouse

LESTER KURNICK YOUTH FUND: In honor of: Alyce Stanton on her special birthday – Carrie & Herb Rosenstein

In memory of: Sister of Jerry Shneider – Bonnie & Rick Meltzer

MEN’S CLUB YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In honor of: Gail and Sherwin Meyers on the birth of their grandson Jack Andrew – Carol & Neal Blustein Laura and Lee Shulman on the marriage of their daughter Becky to Noah – Gail & Brad Shaps

In memory of: Selim Habib –Leslie & Scott Rogoff Larry Grossman – Leslie & Scott Rogoff Sue Nekritz – Leslie & Scott Rogoff & family




In honor of:

In memory of: Faye Menzer – Debbie & Bruce Bell


In memory of:

Barbara and Stan Neimark on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Josh – Fern & Larry Roseman Goldie Belenke on the birth of her great-grandson Jack Andrew – Fern & Larry Roseman Gail and Sherwin Meyers on the birth of their grandson Jack Andrew – Fern & Larry Roseman Candace, Perry and Brady Meyers on the birth of their son and brother Jack Andrew – Fern & Larry Roseman Betty Primer on her special birthday – The Mitzvot Committee; Fern & Larry Roseman


Barbara and Jerry Petasnick on their grandson’s Bar Mitzvah – Amy & Dennis Pessis Doris Behrstock on her 100th birthday – Barbara & Jerry Petasnick

Roland Medansky – The Farhat Family Harold Sawyer – Jody & Howard Sigal


In memory of: Selim Habib – Adrienne & Jerry Bauer Faye Menzer – Ellen & Jonathan Salk & family; Robin & Allen Berg; The Noparstak Family Arthur Edelmuth – Bev Sugar; Sherry Azaria Janna Sugar on the anniversary of her birthday – Naomi Spector & family; Debbie Brinkworth & Joe Moncer; Barbara & Joe Wolke; Hutensky family; Sheryl & Frank Weissman; Marcie B. Weiss Linda Cowan – Lana & Danny Zakon Grandfather of Lauren and Bob Katz – Terri & Lee Chalmers Nathan Iglitzen – The Hutensky Family; Bev and David Sugar & family

Selim Habib – Barbara & Burt Chotiner Faye Menzer – Deby & Michael Eisenberg; Alene & Cary Wintroub & family

Barbara and Jerry Petasnick on the birth of their grandson – Janet & Arnie Hoffman Laura and Lee Shulman on the marriage of their daughter Becky to Noah – Janet & Arnie Hoffman


Linda and Tom Mayer on Jason’s marriage to Connie – Bev & David Sugar Bev, David, Ben and Jordan Sugar on Dana’s marriage to Garry – Sue & Bob Salutric & family Marsha and Stuart Diamond on their grandson’s Bar Mitvah - Matty & Steve Shechtman

In honor of: The Paull Family on the Bat Mitzvah of Alexa – Carol Abrahams Barbara and Jerry Petasnick on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Alex – Marcia & Henry Rabinowitz

In memory of: Sister of Jerry Shneider – Carol Abrahams Faye Menzur – Susan & Scott Glazer

JANNA SUGAR MEMORIAL ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In honor of: Susie and Scott Field on the birth of their granddaughter Ellen Althea – Mona & Andy Berman

Allen Brown – Peter Brown June Freeman and Nathan Barr – Diana & David Freeman All their loved ones – Susan & Alex Freund Marvin Abrahams – Carol Abrahams Sarah and Albert Goodwin – Nancy & Richard Sher Sarah and Harry Sweet – Marlene Silverman Cecelia Aronoff – Sidney Aronoff Anne Blum and Reuben F. Brookstone – Joan & Milton Blum Florence Redman – Harriet E. Goldberg Dorothy Melamed and David Goldberg – Rose & Art Goldberg Sidney Belenke – Gail Meyers Albert Sperber – Jerome Sperber Francine Elrod – Helene & Lennard Becker Lillian Kerschner & Jody Kerschner – Marshall Kerschner Sara Zuckerman – Sally &Mel Zuckerman Ida Rabin and Michael Rabin – Bette & Irv Polakow Sam Marcus – Shel Marcus Joseph Gabel – Anita H. Gabel Harold Horwitz – Lorraine & Frank Horwitz Gahee Genender – Alan Genender Touba Rastegar – Jacqueline & Jamshid Soomekh Helen Greenberg – Marlene Weinstein

shalom March 2014


CONTRIBUTIONS, REMEMBRANCES, CONGRATULATIONS Malcom Spencer – Nessa Lisitza Thelma Dobkin and Alice Korach – Regina Meerbaum Nathan Gess – Marilyn Bogan-Minkoff Ted Samotny – Marc Samotny Sam Zelen – Sandra Zelen Betty Loeb – Diane Lebovitz Donald Epstein – Ilene Epstein Marion Forkash – Joan Schoeneman Sam Bysek – Gayle Zis Earl Goldberg – Harriet E. Goldberg Rose Gess – Marilyn Bogan-Minkoff Father and Grandfather of David Schoeneman – Carol Abrahams All his loved ones – Michael Berman Manuel Desnet – Marla & Ron Zelikow Joseph Gee – Kathryn Korman Mollie Spector – Denise & Jonathan Handler Carl Shapiro and Marcy Velick – Cheryl & Bruce J. Shapiro Bertha Gibrick – Marsha & David Hochman Gerard Marx and Else Sommer – Karen & Gary Gruen Arnold Kravitz – Carol Blustein Meyer Gellis – Arlene Gellis Segal Channie Studnitzer – Ari & Staci Studnitzer Pnilip Bender – Mildred Bender Reine Borg – Stuart Borg Marvin Wolff – Sheila Medansky Bernard J. Steinberg – Mitzie & Stewart Herman Gertrude Berson and Beryl Root – Joyce & Herb Root Samuel Matasar and Robert Matasar – Ann Matasar Deanna Rudich – Perry Rudich

RABBI MELMAN’S GOOD & WELFARE FUND: Speedy recovery: Beryl Block – Sheryl & Jeff Blackman Betty Price – Lori & Larry Fohrman

SISTERHOOD SHABBAT KIDDUSH FUND: In honor of: Barbara and Jerry Petasnick on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson – Iris & Ira Lerner Susie and Scott Field on the birth of their granddaughter Ellen Althea – Sharon & Mark Telpner; Adrienne & Ira Holtzman Phyllis Mason on her special birthday – Carrie & Herb Rosenstein Laura and Lee Shulman on their daughter Becky’s marriage to Noah – Sharon & Mark Telpner; Edna & Mike Schrank; Ethel & Art Obrand Marla and Ronald Zelikow on the marriage of their daughter Lindsay – Carol & Jay Simon & family Laura and Lee Shulman on the marriage of their daughter Becky to Noah – Ethel & Art Obrand Lisa and Jim Ginsburgh on the birth of their granddaughter Evelyn – Carol & Michael Schnitzler Barbara and Phil Barnett on the birth of their grandson Ariel Eliyahu – Carol & Michael Schnitzler; Edna & Michael Schrank; Adrianne Varhula Ellen and Andy Roth on the birth of their grandchildren Dylan and Tyler – Carol & Michael Schnitzler Barbara and Jeff Lerch on the birth of their grandson Easton Jax – Carol & Michael Schnitzler

In memory of: Bernard J. Marks – Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Witt Larry Grossman – Arlene Saretsky Selim Habib – Donna & Craig Yale Faye Menzer – Donna & Craig Yale; Marcy & Mark Saltzman & family; Meredith & Richard Friedman Harold Sawyer – Edna & Mike Schrank Arthur Nutig – Jodi & David Lasky & family Susan Nekritz – Iris & Ira Lerner Jerry Friedman – Estelle & Eddie Miller Larry Grossman – Adrianne Varhula Jacob Rotsin – Frances Binder

In memory of: Larry Grossman – Sheila & Marshall Ander Faye Menzer – Debbie & Mark Zide Phyllis Loundy – Sheila & Marshall Ander

ROSENGARD MUSEUM FUND: In honor of: Selwyn Marcus on the 50th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah – Pam & Michael Issen Julie and Arie Degabli on their son Dylan’s Bar Mitzvah – Leatte & Adam Gelfeld

In memory of: Arthur Nutig – Leatte, Adam, Sammie & Jordan Gelfeld Louis Shaevitz – Beth & Sheldon Gaffen & family Susan Nekritz – Eileen Rosengard & family Burt Levy – Roberta & Norm Friedman


SOPHIE BINSTEIN TZEDAKAH FUND: In memory of: Karen Heran – Renee & Earl Strum

STEVEN TEITELBAUM RAMAH SCHOLARSHIP FUND: In honor of: Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Varaona on Sabrina’s marriage to Carlos – Bobbi & Harvey Teitelbaum Kathy and Peter Hecht on their new home – Bobbi & Harvey Teitelbaum

In memory of: Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Nani, of Lil Sherman & family – Maxine & Allan Burke; David Burke Oliver Steiner – Marilyn & Charles Arbetter Faye Menzer – Tammy & Howard Goberstein; Marla & Ron Zelikow & family Howard Ginsburg – Marla & Ron Zelikow & family

Paul Roberts – Deby & Michael Eisenberg Arthur Nutig – Faye & Fred Tatel



In appreciation of this fund – Rita Janowitz

In honor of: Beth and Ira Fenton on the birth of their grandson Meyer Shalom – Karyn & Mitchell Liss & family Eileen and Alan Samlan on the marriage of Stephen and Lauren – Karyn & Mitchell Liss & family

We regret to inform you of the Death of Esteemed Member: Norman Rivkin

Our Beth Shalom Family Milestones:

WE PRAY THAT THESE FAMILIES WILL BUILD STRONG JEWISH HOMES AND CONTRIBUTE BLESSINGS TO THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL AND TO ALL HUMANITY Barbara & Phil Barnett are happy to announce the birth of their grandson Ariel Eliyahu Barnett-Jolson Dr. Andy & Ellen Roth are happy to announce the birth of their twin grandchildren Dylan Edward & Tyler Brianna Baldocchi Alan & Eileen Samlan are happy to announce the marriage of their son Stephen to Lauren Rosen Teri & Dennis Sklar are happy to announce the birth of their grandson William Neil Vanderplas Geri & Bob Gainsberg are happy to announce the birth of their grandson Elliot Henry Gainsberg

The Congregation Extends Its Sympathy To:

Jerome Shneider on the passing of his sister Emeé Myers Corinne Rivkin on the passing of her husband Norman Rivkin Andi Kessler on the passing of her father Norman Rivkin

In honor of:

!"#"#$"%&'()*&+%"",& !"#$%&'(')*++'$,'('-+("./"0'1(#')2'32%2*')3+'4+42*#'2/',24+2%+'502,+')2'#2"' (%6'$%7+,)'$%'8,*(+0'()')3+',(4+'.4+9'




In honor of: Hilary and Ric Braun’s special birthdays – Carolyn & Ed Gabelman


SISTERHOOD EYSHET CHAYIL FUND: In honor of: Darlene and Norm Padnos for being the recipient of the Israel Bond 66 Award – Their friends at CBS

In memory of: Faye Menzer – Sharyl, Mitch, Jessica & Nina Portugal

:(53')*++'524+,'1$)3'('-+("./"0;'<+*,2%(0$=+6'5+*.>5()+9'?2*'42*+'$%/2*4(.2%' 2*')2'2*6+*'#2"*')*++,'52%)(5)'!(*-(*('@0+$%'()')3+',#%(&2&"+'ABCD9CEB9FGFH'2*' !@0+$%I!+)3J3(024K!92*&L9'M*++,'52,)'NOP'(<$+5+9&

shalom 22

March 2014

Congregation Beth Shalom Gift Card Program Please help raise needed funds for CBS by purchasing gift cards for your every day purchases.


Return completed form to Congregation Beth Shalom Attn: Fund Raising Committee Make Checks payable to Congregation Beth Shalom ORDERS RECEIVED MONDAY WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP ON FRIDAY OF THE SAME WEEK You will receive an e-mail when the Gift Cards arrive at CBS. Phone Number

Check #

E-mail Address

Order Date


% QTY Total

Ace Hardware $25.00 $25.00 / $100 Avis Car Rental $50.00






Banana Republic$25 / $100


Bed Bath & Beyond $25 / $100


Barnes & Noble $10 / $25 / $100 Best Buy $25 / $100



Bloomingdale's $25 / $100


BP $50 / $100 / $250


Body Shop $25


Brooks Brothers $25


Burlington Coat Factory $25


Budget Car Rental $50 Carson's $25 / $100

Celebrity Cruise Lines $100 Chevron $50 / $100

Jewel-Osco $25 / $100.00



Kmart $25 / $50



Limited $25.00

Lowe's $25 / $100

Men's Wearhouse $25





Michaels $25.00

Mobil Gasoline $50 / $250




Pottery Barn $25.00 / $100




Sears $25 / $100 / $250


Foot Locker $25


Gap $25 / $100


Golfsmith $25


GNC $25

Hallmark $25









Harry and David $25


Home Goods $25 / $100





Home Depot $25 / $100


Hyatt Hotels $50 / $100 iTunes® $15 / $25 J. Crew $25




FOR THE ARK $25 / $50 /$100


$ $




Sam's Club $25 / $100 / $250


Fairmont Hotels $100



Express $25




Ritz Carlton $50




Restoration Hardware $25




REI $25.00

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) $25.00 9.00% Eddie Bauer $25.00



Payless Shoes $20.00

Dick's Sporting Goods $25 / $100


Old Navy $25.00 / $100

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8.00% 4.00%

Shell $25 / $50 / $100


Speedway $25 / $100


Sports Authority $25 / $100


Staples $25 / $100


Starbucks $10 / $25


Sunset Foods $25 / $100


T.J. Maxx $25 / $100


Talbots $25


Walgreens $25.00 / $100


Target $25 / $100

Walmart $25 / $100 / $250 Whole Foods $25 / $100














Neiman Marcus $50

Container Store $25 / $100



Total CBS Gift Cards Sold $157,895








Marshalls $25 /$100

You can also purchase cards or give them as gifts s as I-tunes, Best Buy, Brooks from retailers uch Brothers, Crate & Ba rrel, Dicks Sporting Goods, DSW Shoes, Hallmark, Target, etc. eeS the Gift Card order form in the Bulletin or on the CBS website. Hand in your order at the CBS office. Orders placed by Monday a rrive by Friday.




Starbucks Walmart Kohls & Noble



Office Max $25.00 / $100



Marathon $25 /$100 / $250


CVS Pharmacy $25 / $100


Sunset Foods Jewel The Gap Amazon Walgreens CVS Bed Bath & Beyond Barnes


Marriott Hotels (all brands) $50.00 / $100 / $500





Lord & Taylor $25.00


Crate and Barrel $25 / $100


It’s been a cold winter but please support Beth Shalom with your gift card orders. You can buy gift cards form name brand retailers at face value for your purchases and help Beth Shalom as well. It doesn’t cost you anything.







Kohls $25 / $100

Choice Hotels $50 / $100 Claire's $10


Macy's $25 / $100












J. Jill $25

J C Penney $25 / $100



















shalom March 2014


March 1-7 Fannie Drower Ethel Ruth Grinker Ralph Spielman Leonard Zarovsky Benjamin Bloom Allen Buckley Sheldon Edelson Irwin Flaster Carole Beth Marcus Rose Pichinson Nina Ross Sorel Ansell Florence Gotkin Ira Korman Lena Levine Meyer Linkow Mary Wagner Howard Weisman Dora Fein Joseph Freedman Belle Rappin Rose Meltzer Durbin Samuel H. Friedman Estelle Gottlieb Marvin Hoffman Belle Jacobs Samuel Maslov Fred Saruk Rosalie Spitzner Helen Chodash Steinfeld Rose Feinberg Morris Hauser Rebecca Rosenthal Edith Weiland Silberg Pearl Sterling David Bernstein Mary Block Norman Faber Herbert Kreiter Edward Wishnoff

March 8-14 Ernest Jacob Elizabeth Nathan Edward Zelner Joseph L. Ashman Bernard Binder David Edelman Aaron Elisco Albert J. Kessler Jessie Kristal Susan Lasky Harry H. Fischman Tillie Lerner Leonard Lobell Gus Stein

Charles Gotkin Helen Roseman Charles Buddy Altman Clara Feldman Joe Horwitz Hyman A. Kaplan Ruth Kolchinsky Ida Neiditch Sophia Weisman Ruth Goldberg Abe Israel Max Lesnoy Dave Wolinsky Joseph Berman Howard Orleans Milton Rohde

March 15-21 Shirley Ganellen Morris Gurvitz Harold Mermel Toby Slay Anne Smith Howard Alterson Jeanette Berman Tillie Welnak Anne Hammerman Harold Schneider Jack Dawson Jule Goldberg Florence Handler Julius Kaplan Adolph Pawlan Don Richman Brandon Rotstein Ruth Savitsky Martin Simon Milton Greenstein Suzanne Mirelman Frieda Brin Shirley Stolberg Isaac Tepper Kenneth Braude Arnold Dobkin Fannie Fischer Zangwill Freed Anne Gold Pearl Goldstein Sidney Laskin Maxeen Linderman Sam Sak Edith Weiss Albert Zukerman

March 22-28 Dorothy Abrams Samuel Ersler

Arthur Greenbaum Sylvia Ruth Marks Sheldon Baitman Belle Caplan Morris Cohen Seymour Grey Judith Lynn Orenstein Samuel Rubenstein Ida Small Ruth Wershkoff Sol Ebner George Goldman Pauline Kornblath Burton Verson Etta Balkin Solomon Blum Harry Cooper Max Cwibel Deborah Harwood Dorothy Lepp Nettie Takiff Arthur Barsky Bernard Lifschitz Israel Steinberg Helen Bernstein William Colwyn Joaquin Jose Farnos Mae Gershon Lenard Levy Jack Zelkowitz Agnes Berman Leonard Genender Alvin Lawrence Gitlitz Mary Stoken

March 29-31 Bessie Knopoff Avraham Ben-Dov Leon Doppelt William Elfman Seymour Goldman Reva Messer Claire Weitzman Anita Fagot Joseph Fox Seymour Holleb Edith Horwitz Martin Kahn Irving Kramer Ida Singer

In Loving Memory

If you wish to honor the memory of a dear one, a most fit ing, traditional and dignified remembrance is through a Memorial Plaque. Each memorial plaque, bearing the name and yahrzeit date, is mounted on the tablet in the Moseson Memorial Alcove. It is lit on the Shabbat of the week of the yahrzeit, on the day of the yahrzeit and on the four festivals during the year when Yizkor is recited. Call Maria or Harvey (847-498-4100) for information or to order a plaque. The following families have dedicated memorial plaques in the Moseson Memorial Alcove in memory of their loved ones. In memory of BARBARA SHULMAN, ESTHER ZOBERMAN, NORMAN ZOBERMAN by Lily and Harry Zoberman

In memory of ESTHER SHAPIRO by Beverly and Seymour Binstein In memory of JOSEF DEMBO by Harold Dembo

In memory of BERNAT DAVIDOVICS, FREEDA DAVIDOVICS HOFELD by Sarah and Allan Budweg In memory of HARRIET (MALKE) SOIFER by Carol and Ed Kaplan



The Zionist Arm of the Conservative Movement


Conservative/Masorti institutions in Israel do not receive government funding like Orthodox institutions, and the only opportunity to get funds is through the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency where MERCAZ Efforts to: delegates, whose numbers are determined Join MERCAZ USA Today & Support Our Effor by membership, have a voice in the decisionUÊ Ensure religious pluralism in Israel and full recognition making process. of our rabbis, synagogues, mohalim, institutions and If you are a Conservative Jew, you can not programs. continue to ignore the critical need for reli- UÊ Determine an equitable distribution of funding for the gious pluralism in Israel and MERCAZ’s apConservative/Masorti Movement, around the world. proach to Zionism. Israelis deserve to be UÊ Support Aliyah and Hebrew language studies. exposed to a meaningful, traditional, non- UÊ Oppose any change in ‘Who is a Jew’ and ‘The Law of coercive approach to Jewish life. Israel needs Return’. Conservative/Masorti Judaism to enhance the UÊ Support Fuchsberg Center, Center, Schechter Institute, TTALIALI, USY,, NATI USY NATIV, Conservative YYeshi eshiva and Ramah. quality of Jewish life in our homeland. UÊ The Membership Application may also be completed on-line at



The Membership Application may also be completed on-line at www [ ] $ 12.00 Student (18 +) [ ] $ 36.00 Individual [ ] $ 54.00 Family [ ] $ 100.00 Sponsor [ ] $ 250.00 Donor [ ] $ 500.00 Benefactor Last Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Name: ______________________________________________ Spouse’s First Name: _________________________________________ Permanent Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________________________ State: ___________________________ Zip Code: ____________________ Telephone: _____________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________________ Congregation: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

If paying by credit card [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] Amex # ______________________________ Exp: _______________ The Jerusalem Program: The aims of Zionism are: The unity of the Jewish people, its bond to its historic homeland Eretz Yisrael, and the centrality of the State of Israel and Jerusalem, its capital, in the life of the nation. Aliyah to Israel from all countries and the effective integration of all imm i g r a n t s i n t o I s r a e l i S o c i e t y. S t r e n g t h e n i n g I s r a e l a s a J e w i s h , Z i o n i s t a n d d e m o c r a t i c s t a t e a n d s h a p i n g i t a s a n e x e m p l a r y s o c i e t y w i t h a u n i q u e moral and spiritual character, marked by mutual respect for the multiit -faceted Jewish people, rooted in the vision of the Prophets, striving for peace and contributing to the be ttterment of the world. Ensuring the future and distinctiveness of the Jewish People by furthering Jewish, Hebrew and Zionist education, fostering spiritual and cultural values and teaching Hebrew as the national language. Nurturing mutual Jewish responsibility, defending the rights of Jews as individuals and as a nation, representing the national Zionist interests of the Jewish people, and struggling against all manifestations of anti-Semitism. Settling the country as an expression of practical Zionism.

MERCAZ USA, 136 EAST 39th STREET, 4th FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10016 TEL: 212-533-2061, Your affiliation with MERCAZ USA implies acceptance of the Jerusalem Program.

shalom 24

March 2014

Com ing S pring 2014

The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;newâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

ALDEN ESTATES OF EVANSTON Specializing in Transitional Care & Post-Acute Services

After a year-long renovation, Alden Estates of Evanston is ready to help individuals optimize their transition from hospital to home.

For more information or a tour our,, call 847-328-6000 or visit

Alden Estates of Evanston joins Alden Estates of Skokie and Alden North Shore in providing the best in shortterm rehabilitation on the North Shore.

ALDEN ESTATES OF EV EVANS ANSTON Specializing in Tr Transitional Care & Post-Acute Services 2520 Gross Point Road Evanston, IL 60201

shalom March 2014


Affordable Non-Medical In-Home Care We'll be there for your loved one Sam Tatel General Manager

866-910-9020 773.259.8420

6160 N. Cicero Ave.,•Suite Chicago, 2951 N. Clybourn #401 •402 Chicago, IL 60618IL 60646







THE GOLDMAN FUNERAL GROUP WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. AT A TIME OF NEED, YOU WILL KNOW YOU DID THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR LOVED ONE. Irwin Goldman Chapel Services 195 N. Buffalo Grove Rd, Buffalo Grove (Just minutes from Shalom Memorial Park) Graveside Services Synagogue and Temple Services Alternative Services Advance Planning Available

We build our reputation every day

Please contact us at: (847) 478-1600 shalom 26

March 2014

Authorized Unilock Brick Paving Contractor

shalom March 2014


3433 WALTERS AVENUE • NORTHBROOK, IL 60062 • 847-498-4100 • Fax: 498-9160 Senior Rabbi Carl Wolkin Rabbi Aaron Melman Cantor Steven Stoehr Harvey R. Gold, FSA, Executive Director David Barany, Director of Education Rabbi Sander J. Mussman, R.J.E., Director of Education Emeritus Naomi Weiss, Ritual Director Leann Blue, Director of Jewish Life & Learning Matt Rissien, Director of Youth Activities Glen Roter, Congregation President Marti Sinton, Sisterhood President Larry Grossman & Raymond Rokni, Men’s Club Co-Presidents Zach Sandler, USY President


Current occupant or

Davida Horwitz, Editor Judy Balter, Advertising

Visit our website at

A person who seeks help for a friend, while in need himself, will be answered first. – Talmud


Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Northbrook, IL Permit No. 144

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