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BTV Solo Review

BTV Solo functions as a strong beginning point for individuals who wish to make music such as the pros. Unlike other beat making software, all that you should get began is really a Mac or pc computer. No additional programs are needed to start lacing sharp, mind-banging, top quality music

BTV Solo Contents: > Getting Started Download and set-up introduction > Making a Track or Patterns How to Loop Beats, use Metronome, copy and insert, set up Tracks 9-16 > Editing Patterns and Sounds Including Kit Edit Mode, mute and solo, Mixer and filters, Pan, erase single notes and tracks, edit all of the sounds > Making Kits and Instrumentals Load in your own .wav samples, make an instrument, make custom drum kits, use Gate > Exporting your Patterns and Songs Try Song mode and Live pattern export > Miscellaneous Change Skins, The Freak Effect Button

BTV Solo features: - Easy to use - Quantize, Record Modes, Swings, & Bar Structures - Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release - Custom Instrument Mode - Precise Package Building and Keyspanning - Pitch, Pan, Cutoff, and Resonance per Seem - Custom Package Builder Mode - Song Mode Is Efficient and Wise - On-Board Quick Effects and Learning Package! - Modulation & Pitch Wheels! - WAV Editing & Autochop - Effects, Delays, and Reverbs

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