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Corporate Consultant and Construction Expert Dedric Robinson

Corporate consulting is a diverse field and entails the involvement of many different aspects of a business. It could mean taking a look at existing policy and procedures , filtering out ones that don’t work and improving ones that do, providing training to corporate officials, and much more. It can be focused more on the overall functioning of a company, or just concentrated on a particular section or department. Corporate consultants can even help companies redefine strategies and goals when product sales are declining.

Dedric Joseph Robinson is a professional, experienced, and well informed consultant who owns his own corporate consulting company. Using his superior communication skills, and tactful strategies, he has helped many of his clients recover from the brink of serious business troubles.

Dedric Robinson has worked for reputable companies like Wells Fargo (Senior VP) and Direct Energy (consultant), and with this kind of a successful career path he is well versed with what it takes for a business to succeed. Additionally, he has immense experience in the construction field and also works as a professional residential and commercial construction consultant.

He has also worked as a successful manager for Bank of America in Virginia, which is a reputed national banking institution. Working as a manager for Bank of America, he ensured all activities run smoothly and efficiently for the department; provided leadership, training and supervision to officers, and other personnel within the department. He also provides a superior level of customer relations and service; and ensures compliance with Bank policies and procedures.

Dedric lives with his adoring wife and three children, and he always strives to lead by example. Being the “father figure�, he instills his kids with a motivational spirit and courage to prepare them for their future life. He belongs to a Christian family, and they are regular church goers. His hobbies include reading, traveling, snowboarding, construction management, wine and scotch collecting.

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Dedric Joseph Robinson | Dedric Robinson  
Dedric Joseph Robinson | Dedric Robinson  

Dedric Robinson has worked for reputable companies. Dedric Joseph Robinson is a complete family man, and enjoys spending time with his lovel...