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U P D AT E D A U G U S T ‘ 1 4

I AM “ TRYING TO PUSH AWAY THE GRAVITY Gravity: power that has always pulled us toward the earth, it's always leads things down, to the lowest point

Fathurisi, [fathur] + [ition] or [fathur] [is] [I], the name I found while I was driven by my youthful spirit. It’s about 9 years ago in my junior high school, while I was having a bunch of fun in playing with formulating words, dictions, etc - with my very friends. Now I do believe, that "visionary-name" has already been and has meant to be a 'brand' which is able to spread the 'art of design' atmosphere to the creative world My actual life could be seen as like something formal and superficial but at the same time is raging and colorfully exciting in fact. According to the typical form of my design works which is mostly constructive, it's clear also that I am a systematic but phylosophist thinker.

I am the youngest child of a religious family. Since my childhood, I used to and have participated in various competitions in the field of art. I have a diverse education background, started with regular state elementary school, religious-based junior high school, and private vocational school in the major of telecommunication - which had directed me to worked in a telecommunication provider company rightafter I graduated from that school. I took the Visual Communication Design study after one year as I resigned from my position. I am a highly motivated person in pursuing my visionary goals, as I had done working and studying in an art & design course tutoring at the same time to prepared the incoming university entrance examination at the time.

Deden Fathurrahman, S.T. (B.Eng)


Date & place of Birth 31 Mei 1990, Jakarta



Jl. Raya Pondok Petir No. 28 RT. 04/04

Phone Number

+62 (21) 747 082 56

Mobile Number

+62 89 999 190 67

E-mail Address


Pondok Petir, Bojongsari, Depok 16517

My college life was filled with participating in design & business competitions, teaching high school students, building my personal branding by cooperating in freelance projects as it published on my personal website & portfolio -, and cultivating my own face-illustration

My curiousity leads me to the understanding that I'm not studying to merely draw a good figure, or simply to find money. But I must utilize it for benefits of many

the 2nd best seller product, and have passed in national Shell


Livewire Award 2013 as the semifinalist. I have won several national

page to be the social movement and/

design awards in poster, illustration, comic & design competitions.

community for the youth - in countering the

Accordingly, I was selected by ITS department of Industrial Product

ideological battle of western civilization and

Design as a student representative to be the college's best student

furthermore, as my deep sympathy to the

nominee (ITS Hero 2013.)

humanitarian disaster in the middle east. We

studio, - that has achieved the award in Muslim Youth Millionaire Conference 2012 as

I treat the book as I cultivating its facebook

can mention Palestine for example. Beside Today, as I had done leaving one semester of study for internships,

the book, I educate people infographically

I can conclude my personality as a critisism-thinking oriented,

through the fanpage to understand about

means that I questioning things carefully in philosophically way. My

what is really happening there. How could our

curiousity leads me to the understanding that I'm not studying to

consumption pattern could indirectly misused

merely draw a good figure, or simply to find money. But I must

as the killer machine of Palestine's civillians by

utilize it for benefits of many. It is the thing I have learned that

Israeli apartheid force. And how to

made up my mind to focused on concerning social interests,

contributes in countering such dictatorship

particularly in finishing DPAZL - my book (final project) to be

power by our limited effort. Those are the

published and to educate people about how they irresponsible

underlined key messages that have to be

consumption lifestyle could possibly affecting human lifes in the

known and striven by the youth generation as

middle east or even in the whole world.

the future leaders, a future decision-makers.

timeline 2014 – Present

Writer & Founder, DPAZL - The Book & (soon: community), Jakarta Big 50 Nomination, Reka Baru Desain Indonesia (RBDI) 2014, Jakarta, 2014 Favorite Participant, Konferensi Sarjana Desain (KSD) 2014, Semarang, 2014 Finalist, Wego Design Challenge of Promoting Indonesia, Jakarta, 2014

2012 – Present

Founder, Mukaku - face portraits, Jakarta Big 46 Semifinalist, “Mukaku” for Shell Livewire Business Award 2013, Surabaya, 2013 2nd winner, Business Poster Competition, "Mukaku" as the Best Seller Product, Muslim Youth Millionaire (MYM) Conference, Jakarta, 2012


Teacher, Artmagic Studio - art & drawing tutoring, Surabaya


Internship Painter, Caravan Studio, Jakarta Internship Graphic Designer, Roundbox - Design & Communication, Jakarta


Freelance Graphic Designer, Graphichapter - Integrated Visual Communication Partner, Surabaya Freelance Graphic Designer, Bunker Creative, Surabaya


Teacher & Assistant Teacher, Sketch - art & drawing tutoring, Surabaya Illustrator, “Deteksi” & Sidet of Jawapos, Surabaya

2009 – 2014

Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya, majoring in Industrial Product Design, in field of Visual Communication Design course (DKV.) GPA: 3.66 (range level: 1-4) News Department Crew of Eureka TV (currently ITS TV) - ITS Surabaya, 2010 Highest GPA Graduates, Virasata Award, major of Industrial Product Design ITS, Surabaya, 2014 Invited designers, PPKU DKV 2013 at Best Western Hotel, Jakarta, 2013 Art & Culture Delegation, Jenesys 2.0 Programme, Japan, 2013 Nominee, most achieved student of ITS Heroes 2013, ITS, Surabaya, 2013 Most Favourite, Poster Design Competition, Gunnebo Indonesia & Binus Center, Jakarta, 2012 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, Peksiminas (National Student Art Week) in Lombok, July 2012 Best of the Best, "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012 1st winner, "Mainanku Kreasiku" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012 Shortlist, "Jiwawaka" in Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award 2012, fx Lifestyle X'nter, Jakarta, May 2012 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, Peksiminal (Regional Student Art Week) in East Java, May 2012, goes to Peksiminas (National Student Art Week) in Lombok, July 2012 2nd winner, Comic/ Caricature Competition, ITB Fair 2012, Bandung, 2012 "Nonton Film Sedih" as 25 Semifinalists, Hellofest 8 - Anima Expo, Jakarta, 2012 "Kontras" as Featured Project, Student Show - Behance Network, 2012 2nd winner, Comic Competition, L.A Lights Campus Edutainment, Surabaya, 2011 2nd winner, Poster Design Competition, Postertation, Planologi ITS, Surabaya, 2011 Finalist, Game Development Competition, Gemastik 2010, Surabaya, 2010 1st winner, Poster Design Competition, PPNS ITS, Surabaya, 2009

2008 – 2009

Helpdesk, PT. Sistelindo Mitralintas, the AT&T Global Service in Indonesia, Jakarta Network Engineer, PT. Sistelindo Mitralintas, the AT&T Global Service in Indonesia, Jakarta Student, Villa Merah: Visual art & Design tutoring, Jakarta, 2009 1st winner of Comic Competition, Gelar Jepang 2009, University of Indonesia, Depok, 2009 1st winner, Wallpaper Design Competition, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, 2008


Freelance Web Designer, Warung Desain, Jakarta

2005 – 2008

Student, SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Jakarta, majoring in Radio Network Access Engineering Internship Engineer, PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Jakarta, 2007 1st winner, DDR competition, Gelar Jepang 13, Universitas Indonesia, 2007 3rd winner, Web Design Competition, 2006 2nd winner, Caligraphy Competition, 2006

2002 – 2005

Student, Islamic State Junior High School 3, Jakarta 1st winner, Caligraphy Competition, 2004 Supporting Cast for live theater “Cairan Perempuan”, Teater Bejana, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, 2002

1996 – 2002

Student, State Elementary School, Kp. Utan I Tangerang 2nd winner, Drawing Competition, 2002 3rd winner, Painting Competition, 2001


Human, Earth Resident

trainingand conferences 01

Art & Culture Delegation of Jenesys 2.0 Program, Japan



Keynote speaker of TEDxITS: A BlasTED Idea, ITS Pascasarjana Building, Surabaya



Talkshow speaker of the Bright Future Ahead, Exhibition of student’s final project of ITS


Industrial Design Product major, Surabaya Town Square, Surabaya 04

Talkshow speaker of 1001 IDE: The Extinction Exhibition, exhibition of 1st year student in


DKV major of ITS, Ciputra World, Surabaya 05

Speaker of Paradesia, exhibiton of student’s final project of UNESA, Pakuwon Mall,


Surabaya, 06

Invited participant of Little Big 10 2014, WIT Indonesia, Pullman Hotel, Jakarta



Selected designer of PPKU DKV 2013, Best Western Hotel, Jakarta



Invited participant of Seminar Nasional Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif berbasi Media,


Desain & IPTEK, Garden Palace Hotel, Surabaya 09

Invited participant of Training of Trainer (ToT) DKV 203, Santika Hotel, Surabaya


organizationalexperiences 01

News Department Crew of Eureka TV (currently ITS TV) - ITS Surabaya.

2010 – 2012


Ext. Public Relation Department of Hima (Student Association) in Industrial Design

2010 – 2011

Engineering major - ITS Surabaya. 03

Committee & Creative Director in the making of student’s annual book - SMK Telkom


Sandhy Putra Jakarta 04

Elder of Student Mading (Bulletin Board) - SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Jakarta.

2006 – 2007


Sie. Persepsi & Kreasi Seni (Art Creation & Perception Section) of the OSIS (Student

2002 – 2003

Internal Organization) - MTs. N 3 Jakarta Selatan. 06

Elder of Boy Scouts group - SDN Kp. Utan 1 Tangerang

2000 – 2002

seminarparticipations 01

Asia Student Package Design Forum 2014 (ASPAC 2014), Telkom University, Bandung



Reka Baru Desain Indonesia, Unika Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang



Kumpul Kreavi 7: Starting a Local Creative Company, Ciputra University, Surabaya



TEDxITS: an Escalated Life, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya



TEDxITS: a Passionated Way, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya



FDGI & Campus #1 “Clinic: Logo & Branding”, Jakarta



Creativepreneurship for Nation Competitiveness, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of


Technology, Surabaya 08

Komikasia 2005, Workshop & Talkshow, University of Bunda Mulia, Jakarta


exhibitions 01

Pameran Desainer Muda 2014, Paragon Mall, Semarang



Bright Future Ahead, Surabaya Town Square, Surabaya



Cergamboree 2013: Festival Komik Perancis - Indonesia, AJBS, Surabaya



In-House Exhibition (INEX) 2012, Robotica Building, ITS, Surabaya



Cergamboree 2012: Sejarah Kecil Surabaya, Centre Culturel et de Cooperation


Linguistique (CCCL), Surabaya 06

Nirmana Award: Warna-warni Kreasi Indonesia, FX Lifestyle x’nter, Jakarta



Refresh: Blend New Brain, Cak Durasim Cultural Park, Surabaya



1001 IDE: Semangat Kepahlawanan, Metropolis Apartment, Surabaya


interestlist 01

Fine art & graphic design


Movies & cinematography


Biking & swimming





deden fathurrahman



ILLUSTRATION GRAPHIC DESIGN I love constructivity detail of making graphics, as well as intuitive work in stroking brushes

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DESIGN FIELDS Illustration, Promotion Design Branding, Print Design Infographic, Editorial Design Illustration Animation, Motion Graphic Comic, Storytelling

PROJECT Indigenous Indonesia Flamindo Organik DPAZL The Book Illustration 2014 PPLN Taipei Election Procedure Pers & Pekty

20 13

07 08 09 10 11

Infographic, Graphic Design Branding, Print Design Branding, Print Design Illustration Illustration, Poster Design

Sholat Infographic Namira School Hafuza Teknologi Illustration 2013 Illustrational Ads

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Editorial Design, Print Design Branding, Print Design Mascot Design, Promotion Design Illustration Illustration Illustration, Character Design Illustration, Poster Design Illustration, Poster Design illustration, Poster Design Character Design, Animation Illustration, Concept Art Illustration Illustration

Sinarmas Land Muhammadiyah School Rebranding Muhammadiyah School IMC Illustration 2012 Nirmana Award Xenom Gaming Laptop Gunnebo Poster Lombok Promotional Poster Semarang Old City Event Poster Supertrap TV Bumper Jember Fashion Carnaval Concept Art Heroes Series Mukaku Face Portraits

20 11+

25 26 27 28 29

Branding, Print Design Character Design, Animation Character Design, Animation Character Design, Game Design Branding, Logo Design

Link Creative Management Bekal dari mama Nonton Film Sedih Petualangan Mitfas Logo Collections

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Indonesia is very heterogeneous in so many aspects. It is

Indonesia’s name itself was established based on its

languages, islands, musics to its foods, which respectively are

people’s cultures. Indonesia’s wonderful islands was even called as “Zamrud Khatulistiwa” or the emeralds of the equator. Indonesia has an indigenous natures that need to be reintroduced to the world.

authenticity of Indonesian culture are the inseparably keywords to depict Indonesia. So that, “Indigenous” is very appropriate to represent Indonesia.

FINALIST | Wego Indonesia Design Challenge, “Promote Indonesia”, Jakarta BIG 50 NOMINATION | Indonesia’s New Invention of Design, Jakarta

Indigenous Indonesia Illustration, Promotion Design

I was trying to implement the combination of digital art illustration graphic design as a promotional series of Indonesia. I believe that Illustration and graphic design are both have its own characteristic that can brings out a great result when they are being combined together.

indonesia The elements of emerald, islands and nature are adapted in the logo. The colours has to be represents all of the elements, including Indonesia’s key colour, which is red.

but they don’t have a clear picture about where are the sites really are. The silhouette of the island is used in cropping the sites/ ritual / food illustrations so it can ease

One other thing that should be underlined is that Indonesia has so many islands so that it might be a shortage. Foreigner tourists even local tourists may known the name or the photo of the places, rituals, or any other cultures,

island. There is also a map pin and the description name of the illustration, city and island to facilitate the viewers to furthermore processing the informations.

Flamindo Organik Branding, Print Design

Flamindo Organik is a family-company that commits to improve Indonesian’s was to approach the organic images and associated them by developing the pictograms as the representative icons

FAVORITE PARTICIPANT | Indonesia Conference of Design Graduates 2014 [KSDI 2014], “The Exhibition of Young Designers,” Semarang

DPAZL The Book Infographic, Editorial Design

utilize their maximum capabilities. So that, I tried to design something educative pre-order since I’ve been invited in various exhibitions and talkshows

Illustrations 2014 Illustration

This year, I’m very passionated to approach the cartoony styles of illustration that are inspired by western 3D animation studios like Pixar

PPLN Taipei Election Procedure Animation, Motion Graphic

Taiwan to have their role in Indonesian election 2014

Pers & Pekty Comic, Storytelling

Pers & Pekty is a web-published comic, exactly on Facebook, themed about moslem boys perspective that sometimes contradictive but at the same time, it is represents the lifestyle of muslim youth today. It is designed with the satirical approachment

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BERDIRI Menghadapkan jiwa raga (ke kiblat) kepada satu Dzat Yang Maha Esa dan Maha Segalanya.





Penyerahan diri secara total kepada Allah SWT. Seperti dalam keadaan “menyerah”

Ketundukan untuk mengikat tubuh dan tidak akan beranjak sampai shalat usai

Hormat dan mengagungkan Dzat Yang Maha Kuasa serta mengingatkan kelemahan dan ketidakberdayaan diri sebagai manusia. Secara bahasa adalah menunduk.

Ketundukan untuk mengikat tubuh dan tidak akan beranjak sampai shalat usai

Berdiri tegak, mengangkat kedua tangan sejajar tlinga, lalu melipatnya di depan perut atau dada bagian bawah. Gerakan ini bermanfaat untuk melancarkan aliran darah, getah bening (limfe), dan kekuatan otot lengan. Posisi jantung di bawah otak memungkinkan darah mengalir lancer ke seluruh tubuh. Saat mengangkat kedua tangan, otot bahu meregang sehingga aliran darah kaya oksigen menjadi lancer. Kemudian kedua tangan didekapkan di depan perut atau dada bagian bawah. Sikap ini menghindarkan dari berbagai gangguan persendian, khususnya pada tubuh bagian atas.






Sujud pertama mengingatkan asal-usul manusia yang diciptakan dari tanah. Bahwa kepala yang dihargai sekalipun pada dasarnya disetarakan dengan tanah.

Kemudian manusia hidup di dunia dan meminta kepada Allah ampunan, belas kasihan, derajat, rezeki, petunjuk, & kesehatan. (Seperti bacaan doa)

Sujud kedua mengingatkan akhir perjalanan hidup manusia (cepat atau lambat) manusia pasti kembali ke dalam tanah.

Sholat Infographic Infographic, Graphic Design



This infographical posters are made to be displayed in the moslem’s public areas like mosque or prayer room. I was inspired by the Islamic lecturer’s speech and made me realize that not everyone have known about what is Sholat really means

Namira School Branding, Print Design

Namira School is an islamic school for playgroup and kindergarten located in Probolinggo, East Java.

Hafuza Teknologi Branding, Print Design

Hafuza Teknologi is a company based in Bekasi, that focused in engineering &

Illustrations 2013 Illustration

These Islamic Illustrations are made for many purposes like poster, calendar, greeting card and brochure

Illustrational Ads Illustration, Poster Design

These illustrations are made for the poster & print-ad design competitions from the government [Ombudsman RI] and Caraka Festival Semarang

20 12

Sinarmas Land Editorial Design, Print Design

Sinarmas Land is one of the largest property developer in Indonesia. This internship in the graphic design bureau in Jakarta

Muhammadiyah School Rebranding Branding, Print Design

Muhammadiyah is one of the largest Islamic Institution in Indonesia. This is

Muhammadiyah School IMC Mascot Design, Promotion Design

This is a school-work in creating an integrated marketing communication. interactive / ambient media, website, bus design & an event of coloring competition for children

Illustrations 2012 Illustration

These illustrations are made after I had an internship-program in an Illustration Studio in Jakarta

1st WINNER, BEST OF THE BEST, & SHORTLIST | “The color of Indonesian Creation” Illustration Competition, Nirmana Award, Jakarta

Nirmana Award Illustration

I tried to explore Indonesia’s authentic toys and the indigenous traditional dress for the competition themed: “The color of Indonesian Creation”. The left Illustration was awarded as the 1st winner and the right one was exhibited as the shortlist. I was awarded as the best of the best of Nirmana Award 2012

Xenom Gaming Laptop Illustration, Character Design

These illustrations are made to represent Xenom’s Indonesian gaming laptops variants. These laptops series are named Pegasus, Siren, Hercules, Shiva, and Phoenix

MOST FAVORITE | Poster Design Competition, Gunnebo Indonesia & Binus Center, Jakarta

Gunnebo Poster Illustration, Poster Design

The competition-theme: “Gunnebo, 40 years keeping Indonesia safe� inspired me to adapted the evolution-theory as the illustrational poster. Gunnebo is a security tools provider so that I analogized them as a heroic robot that protects the people

1st WINNER | Poster Design Competition, National Student Art Week [Peksiminas XI] Mataram

Lombok Promotional Poster Illustration, Poster Design

Lombok have the most beautiful pearls in the world. Then I tried to combine the beauty of Lombok and its culture with the shell. I was the representationstudent of East Java that had won the regional competition before

Semarang Old City Event Poster Illustration, Poster Design

heritage and old city preservation in Semarang. It was an event that brought people to the old Semarang’s atmosphere as felt in a long time ago. There were also some talkshows and old musics that made up the event

Supertrap TV Bumper Character Design, Animation

This is a student group-work in creating bumper design of the TV show. We design since my team are worked for the animation, sound and others

Jember Fashion Carnaval Concept Art Illustration, Concept Art

This artworks used for the TV-ads stroryboard and concept that had been presentated to the government of the city of Jember

Indonesian Heroes Illustration

design of a creative company in Bandung

BIG 46 SEMIFINALIST | Shell Livewire Award 2013, Surabaya 2nd BEST SELLER PRODUCTS | Muslim Youth Millionaire Competition 2012, Jakarta

Mukaku Face Portraits Illustration

Mukaku is the start-up company of mine. I have ran this home-business for illustrating people’s faces that usually be gifted for the customer’s best moments. Sometimes I also do the exhibition and the on-the-spot manual drawing. I publish them in the social media and mukaku’s website

20 11+

Link Creative Management Branding, Print Design

management company based in Surabaya

Bekal Dari Mama Character Design, Animation

I made it by myself to pursue the deadline of the government-presented competition. I used the Animation Studio software for the animation, and Adobe Illustrator for the vector-based environment

SEMIFINALIST | Animation Competition, Hellofest 8 “Anima Expo,” Jakarta

Nonton Film Sedih Character Design, Animation

frame manually with the graphic tablet. I submitted it to Hellofest competition

FINALITS | Game Development Competition, National Student Show of Information and Communication Technology [Gemastik 2010,] Surabaya

Petualangan Mitfas Character Design, Game Design

high-school kids to learn about math and physic. I designed the characters, storyline, and also the promotional design to be submitted for National Student Show of Information and Communication Technology [Gemastik 2010]


Universitas Airlangga

Magister SainsManajemen

Universitas Airlangga

Pelatihan Manajemen

Universitas Airlangga

Magister Manajemen

Universitas Airlangga

Universitas Airlangga


Logo Collections Branding, Logo Design

Pasca Sarjana

These are the selected logo design of mine that have been created since 2010 until 2014 +62 89 999 19 067

Fathurisi Selfprofile 2014  

Deden Fathurrahman's profile & portfolio