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Editor Sandy Wijaya | Article Hilman Arioaji | Curator Pandu Issac YP Founder & Creative Dede Kharisma | Translator Chandrawulan Crazy Toycam is an Indonesia based free online magazine as an exclusive media partner of KLASTIC which dedicated to introducing photographers and their artworks produced from plastic or toy camera. This magazine is published bimonthly in PDF format.

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY YES! WE LOVE #CRAZYTRIP Deadline October, 27 2011 | JPEG Resolution 300 dpi | Max. 2 photos Email subject (TRAVEL OCT) Include Name, Title, Camera, film & also story behind the photos! Send to Do submit your works according these following criterias: 1. Using a camera with 3 aperture settings (Maximum) or none (point and shoot); 2. Battery-less camera except for built-in functions such as, internal flash & film advance/rewind. 3. If you are not sure yet... Ask!



From The Editor Desk It’s been a month since the long holiday of Idul Fitri 1432 H, I hope you guys get some travel photographs and bring them as souvenirs. Because there’s something special in this holiday season; The ninth (#9) edition up to the #10, Crazy Toycam will give you a SPECIAL EDITION which will discussing “Travel Photography with Toy Camera” thoroughly, of course.

graphs criticized and commented for better improvements. I will manage this feature myself. So...we are waiting for you to submit your photographs guys!

We never have enough to congratulate one of KLASTIC members who won the July and August photo of the month. Prepare your cameras, load films, and capture moments to celebrate In these many interviews and articles that we’ve the WORLD TOY CAMERA DAY on October, prepared for you all, toycamania. In main col- 17 2011. umn we give you toy camera’s travel photography introduction series, and we have summa- I hope this Travel Photography edition is not rized “travel checklist” before you get on your yet too late and could be useful as a guidance vacation, and one technical article about tim- for your next holiday season. Last but not least, ing as your vacation planning equipment. happy reading and Bon Voyage! Good news! There are two new features begun in this #9 edition, those are CRAZY ICON, is a profile review of a photographer with his high dedications and brave to give opinions about toy camera. This #9 edition we bring you a photographer from Salatiga, Mr. Heru Wijaya. Another one is CRAZY CLINIC, is a feature opened Sandy Wijaya to all toy camera users who want their photo- Crazy Toycam’s Editor



Photo Of The Month KLASTIC: July

“Bicycle” | Unggul Wisesa Haddad using Eximus w/ Fujichrome 64T


“Summer Beach” theme for me identically with an atmosphere of holiday, make us love to play water, take picture, or just relax, etc. Summer beach, if we described it by the weather condition, it is warm with rich sunlight and bright sky. Beside a stunning panorama, there are a lot of human activities can be portrayed along our beach visit, sometimes it confusing, which objects would be taken? How? And when is the right time? Of course we are face the choice according to each photographer’s desire, there are people who prefer to shoot the moment at sunrise, sunset, or even on daytime.

If we talk about “Summer Beach” in theme, there are about 90 photos submitted and my choice goes to “Bicycle” by bro “Dadad”, beside the eye-catching color created by X-pro, the picture’s content quite simple and interesting. With the activities (bike riding, swimming, and walking people) makes the photo more dynamic. Unfortunately, the sunlight was too bright as some parts quite over exposed. Sandy Wijaya - July’s POTM Curator


What is usually inspires you? The Human, I have my own imagination; I can freeze the time and take human pictures around me. Are there any projects you do now? So far I haven’t yet, I still concern with KLASTIC regional activity. Who is Dadad and how was you introduced to toycam? I am a victim of a toy camera online shop 3 years ago, and thank God I get the chance to learn it now. Yeap! I only looked at toy camera in Facebook online shop and my small business went well, so I have enough money to buy it. Firstly, I interested in its shape and its results only. But after I know my buddies, I realized that I could do more with this camera, not just for fun only. Klastic is one reason I still concern with toy camera.

Are there any interesting experiences using toy camera? I have so much, actually, but the funniest is when I get to toy camera for the first time, I believed so much in the tag line “don’t think just shoot” hahaha!!!

Tell us the story behind this photo of the month “Summer Beach” I was in Bali with family. I wanted to have a picture in less crowded beach in Kuta to see sunset, it was very hard to find it, there were a lot of activities and there was a bicycle rider too, I How long have you used toy camera and what wait him passed in front of me, Voila! makes you use toy camera beside its shape and unique results? Any tips and tricks for toycamera users? Almost 3 years. I’m not a very focus kind of per- Some people don’t really like googling or readson, that’s why I want to be 100% in this realm. ing tips and tricks from the internet, I suggest I mean, I want to change; I want to be serious to read a lot, browse for references and even with toy camera. ask for advice to ones you think more professional. Cheers! Holga or Diana? Holga of course, I always love to see result from Flickr 120mm format-camera. Facebook CRAZY TOYCAM #9



to object? Emmmm, the biggest reason is if I shoot this object, would it be have a story? That’s it. But usually I couldn’t get what I expected, but for me personally, if that picture would be stunning, I used to say to myself “are you sure this picture would be great?” and sometimes 80% it is!

“Meatballs” | Wahyu Gunawan using Disderi w/ Colorplus 200

Photo Of The Month KLASTIC: August This picture makes me want to go back to my childhood time.... Makes me want to go back to my childhood time.... I say it twice because there are two pictures. It was pretty hard to decide the winner. Good job! Unggul Wisesa Haddad – August’s POTM Curator

Please describe yourself before and after know toycamera I knew toycam several years ago, around 2006 or 2007, It’s about a year I get to know and learn whole things about photography more seriously, especially toycam. If I describe myself, wahhhhh !! you can compile it as sinetron scripts, it’s a lot. Clearly, before I know toycam I was nerdy, after I know it I become nerdier LOL!!

What makes you join Klastic? It is unplanned, when I went out of town, I found plastic camera in a market, and I ask here and there and finally I met there Surabaya Klastic friends. About toycam and sort of that still at second priority , the first is friendship itself. What do you think should be gained by Klastic in the future?

How is the toycam interest in your home- KLASTIC, IN MY OPINION town? SHOULD GO It’s quite HAPPENING!! But still I often meet a lot of boys or girls in Surabaya who say have INTERNATIONAL! toycam, and most of them dusty and not used. I think my friends in KLASTIC created great pictures just like any other. Tell a bit about the POTM winner meatball picture Okay, Gun.. please give motivation for all I took the picture in my campus in the after- friend. noon, after class and wanted to just spend af- The motivation is: I suggest you read the anternoon with friends. The meatball seller is such swers above. a living legend around campus; he is still a boy and his joke quite entertaining. Hahaha! Flickr Can you describe a photo object in your own Facebook words? Why do you want to make him as pho-







Trapped in Crazy Toycam’s Land

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with Toy Camera - Part 1

photo by: Sandy Wijaya

The state-of-the-art results are not only created by expensive and hi-tech camera. Toy camera with its unique and lo-fi feature always have a characteristic in creating picture that not all hi-tech camera to maximize? by Sandy Wijaya


n glance, travel photography is a group of photograph documenting an area’s landscape, tourism object, people and culture, also architecture portrayed along the journey or holiday. For any further, the writer pick the definition from the Photographic Society of America (PSA) “travel photography is a group of images, representing the feeling of a place in certain time where image portrays a landscape, its people with their culture without geographical limitations”. Travel photography is not only created by amateur photographers, many professional photographers also pursue this field, we can find them for instance in the National Geographic Magazine.

Picture 1 - Portrait of a family vacation in Tanjung Lesung Beach 2010. . (Nikon F5 – Kodak T-Max 100)

It is undeniable; the rapid progress of travel photography is proportional to the condition and situation of one country in managing tourism. The better and the more often one country upgrading its facilities and infrastructures on the travel destination, the more travelers will visit the place, and it is affected in a lot of pictures will be created from those places. We can see now there are a lot of tourism campaign whether in national and foreign counties by the Indonesia’s local government, especially in promoting tourism in Eastern part of Indonesia where the aesthetic and uniqueness of the nature hasn’t well enough explored. Well joint by several departments, organizations, and even local business by organizing the travel photography competition with interesting prizes! One of our activities as toy camera lovers in



holiday season is visit a city or tourism places and transferred it to a film using low-fidelity camera. If we are now planning a travel journey for the next holiday season with toy camera in hand, this article will guide you to prepare your holiday. Self-Preparation Travel Photography is an interesting genre of photography, as it involves various kinds of photography objects and surely every place we visit has its own extraordinary character and unique atmosphere. We wish to capture the travel documentation to be a memory which everlasting, those are the essences of quality that must be remembered before we took a picture. Bob Krist in his book “Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer”, says a good travel photography portrays the spirit and could illustrate its memory and feelings of the place.

Picture 2- a Morning Landscape in Pangalengan, Southern Bandung, West Java. (Holga 120GN w/ Kodak Ektacolor 160)


The first and most important thing is to choose and decide your destination. It could be a beach, mountain, city or culinary spots that excite you. Perhaps, there are still a lot of aspects you haven’t realize in one destination, that’s why we need references. The National Geographics’ photographers spend a lot of time doing research. It helps us understanding many kind of information. Read brochures and traveling books, go to library, book store, or web browsing, discuss with friends who have been to that place. Even you may pick travel information in destination’s country embassy. Don’t forget to 15

learn and understand local habit and tradition. Architecture It is an important lesson! It is often that the city represented by its architectural design, for instance hiostorical ancient The writer believes that you want to make sure buildings as the landmarks or icons of a city. Do that you will act and speak politely. Knowing a not be glued on city’s architecture only, village little local language will give plus point! buildings or houses which identical to modest design are more attractive. Don’t be afraid to travel with the toy camera! Always bring that camera anywhere you go, the state-of-the-art results are not only created by expensive and hi-tech camera. Toy camera with its unique and lo-fi feature always have a characteristic in creating picture that not all hitech camera could, like Holga. To create a powerful image using toy camera, we should pay more attention to technical and non-technical aspects, it’s not just “be there, done that”. These are the genres that you may find in Travel Photography: Landscape Every time we go travelling, along the way we will see a stunning scenery or panorama. That’s why; do not hesitate to stop your vehicle to portray the beauty of nature. Human Interest (candid, people, and culture) On destination has its own uniqueness, it is reflected by the people’s activity. By finding that special activity whether in its people or culture, combined with dynamic interaction, we will get as stunning travel pictures.


Picture 3 - Gedung Merdeka, one of 19th century art-deco architecture icon in Bandung. (Holga 120GN w/ Kodak Ektacolor 160)


Others This is depending on your own point of view and interest in detecting photographic objects. Self-prepared is absolutely needed before you begin to travel. Have you ever felt disappointed for not brought more film or left your camera in the hotel? In this situation, we are pursue to prepare ourselves mentally and physically. Mentally, we are more concerned in our thoroughness to find the right objects with right timing. For example, if we travel to Bali, if we do not prepare our mental, we will be focus on the tourist “way of living”, and then we could miss object. Improvisation in finding angles is very important, Coreen Meester, for example, early 1980’s he is the photographer who portrayed Kecak Dance with uncommonly angle at that time, from the high angle, created a very eyecatching and totally different picture. Honestly by using toy camera we already have plus point in creating a picture, the uniqueness of toy camera itself. It depends on how hard we try to find the best moment in right timing. The result will be EXTRA ORDINARY!! Along with mental preparation, there should be physic preparation. It means we ought to be fit to walk along the photography spot which often exhausting, moreover if we carry a slingbag on shoulder or a backpack contains our photography equipments although the weight is not much, but in long trip it could burden Picture 4- Inside View of Madakapura Falls, Probolinggo, East Java. (Holga 120GN w/ Kodak Ektacolor 160 + CPL) us. CRAZY TOYCAM #9


Picture 5- Borobudur, One of Indonesia’s cultural heritages and tourist favorite destinations. (Holga 120GN w/ Kodak Ektachrome 100)

Photography Equipments Preparation In preparing a photograph, whether it is travel photography or other photography genre, the material preparation should be prepared well, so we won’t be disappointed by our own carelessness! Prepare toy camera photography equipments commonly contain: a. Camera Take the camera which in good condition, make sure there are no technical problems could hamper your photography session. No need to bring various kind of cameras, 2 or 3 cameras is more than enough, one with wide lens camera and one mid lens camera. The more your bring your camera, the harder it gets. b. Film Stock your film, don’t let yourself be walking store by bring too much film. Prepare film with various ISO, fit them with the destination. ISO 100 to 800 should cover all. Color or Black and White? Depends on your need and desire. c. Filter (if there’s a place to set the ring, eg: Holga/Diana) Polarization filter (CPL) will strengthen the sky and leaves color density, or ND filter used to reduce light density, it is suitable for slow-speed photography technique. Or other creative filters which create unique photographs. d. Accessories Photography accessories such as tripod and cable release are better being included. They are CRAZY TOYCAM #9

useful for slow speed shoot and to avoid shake. Flash is important as well. e. Others Seal tape, rubber strap, scissors, and changing bag are toy camera photographers’ must have items to seal-up the leak parts. A changing bag is useful to keep fat-roll or imperfect rolled 120mm film. f. Camera bag The camera bag is useful to keep all important equipments in one solid container. Continued to Traveling with Toycam: Part II article in Crazy Toycam #10 edition, discussing “On Location Guidance” all pictures by Sandy Wijaya Source: Krist, Bob. Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer, Amphoto Books, 2000. ISBN-13: 978-0817458942 Krist, Bob. Travel Photography: Documenting the World’s People & Places, Lark Books, 2008. ISBN-13: 978-1600591105. duChemin, David. Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, New Riders Press; 1st edition, 2009. ISBN-13: 978-0321605023 G Sukarya, Deniek. Kiat Sukses Deniek G. Sukarya: Kumpulan Tulisan Fotografi, Elex Media Komputindo Edisi Ketiga, 2010. ISBN-13: 978-979-27-600-3 I’Anson, Richard. Lonely Planet Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures, Lonely Planet; 3rd edition, 2009. ISBN13: 978-1741046892 Stuckey, Scott. National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Travel Photography, National Geographic Press, 2010. ISBN-13: 978-1426205163, accessed and downloaded on April 23 2006.


Travel Checklist

photo by: Sandy Wijaya

The first thing which should be prepared long before we begin the trip or traveling is a PLANNING. Why should we have a plan? oleh Pandu Issac YP


he first thing which should be prepared long before we begin the trip or traveling is a PLANNING. Why should we have a plan? Without a preparation in form of planning we might face much kind of obstacles. The preparation must be arranged in a comprehensive way, such as the destinations accommodation, transportation, physical preparation, time, travel companion, expenses, photography equipments and last but not least, medicines. Destination You may start by “googling” and gather as much as possible the information about the the place we want to visit, including what kind of transportation? How much is the accommodation on the location? Physic Prepare your physical condition after you find out the condition of your destination, because the physical condition could determine a successful journey. You don’t want to be shocked by the extreme weather-changing in the location and drop the physical condition. Time Decide how long will you spend time in one place, and create a detailed rundown according to which place visited first, and start to make shoot-list describe what will you shoot and when. The function of the shoot-list as you have already know what will you shoot in each location, is to avoid you miss the precious moCRAZY TOYCAM #9


ment and as a time management as well. Travel Companion (Friend) What is the relationship between traveling and friends? Clearly, friends have important role! Make sure that you bring a friend or more when you plan to travel. They are can be useful for: - Taking care and helping each other - Cost sharing - Giving ideas when we face a dead end - Sharing joke when you having bad mood - There’s a lot more… Expenses This is the most important thing from a traveling plan, list the cost plan (expenses) as detail as possible for all places you are willing to visit, of course this could be done if you already have all your information. It contains destination information for fuel cost (if you use own vehicles), ticket fare (if you take public transport), accommodation, food, and other rent cost, film roll, and unexpected costs as well. Make sure to bring more money as reserve, financially unready? Better don’t push yourself to go. Photography equipments Prepare the film roll and your camera, of course you need to bring the suitable ones to the location. Two or three different cameras with up to 4 various film ISO. Once again check accessories, such as filter, shutter release, tripod, etc. bring as much film you can, it is better you got more film in your bag.


Medicines and first aid kit It is also important, always bring various kind of medicines, vitamin/supplement and first aid kit. Yeap, prepare for the worst! Okay, I think it’s enough for now, Travel Checklist will continue in CRAZYTOYCAM #10


Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

photo by: Sandy Wijaya


in travel photography There are a lot of photographers only succeed in the technical side but couldn’t get right when talking about timing. When is the right time to release the shutter? by Sandy Wijaya


o create a strong photograph which has a character or in other words it can portrayed the mood, it won’t be successful if we just rely on the technical matter alone (exposure accuracy and framing or choosing objects, composition, and angle), One’s should pay attention to the TIMING before we press the shutter which is very important. Almost all successful photographs beside flawless in technical side; it is also perfect in terms of timing. The accuracy of timing is referring to the moment or light condition.

if we maximized both the technical matter and the more important is knew the right timing to shoot. Here are the tips to learn more about TIMING: It is a MUST for Photographer to learn the detail of the event, object, or place we’d like to visit, more over for a landscaper to know one spot’s golden hour. Gather references by browsing pictures of other photographer (it is not plagiarism!). Then find out the possible light condition (search the advantage and the disadvantage) condition per month, what kind of lens camera would be used and what kind of filter is needed. It is better if we know the exact time to shoot, so we can make a detailed preparation.

There are a lot of photographers only succeed in the technical side but couldn’t get right when talking about timing. When is the right time to release the shutter? Commonly the failure happens when photographer can’t stand to wait and less anticipative to create the situation, whether it is the best moment or light. Embrace the technology, Nowadays “The Photographer should be sharp, patient and of Golden Hour” is much easier to be scheduled. course needs a lot of practice. Thanks to mobile internet technology and satellite, we can estimate the twilight time, the Travel photographs could be captured better sunrise and sunset with 90% accuracy. CRAZY TOYCAM #9


(Sunset at Tanjung Tinggi, Belitung. Fuji MDL-9 / Fuji Pro Plus 100)

Arrange the schedule between shoot time and travel time, so we can set the time and know what equipments to bring. If we still have free time, try to come to the spot to do a minisurvey and some kind of pre-visualization at least it could minimize the time needed during the session. Make our eyes as natural lens and light meter; of course it needs experiences and practices. Try to be in the spot earlier, minimal one hour before, the light condition (and also the mist) during sunrise or sunset are changing minute by minute, from twilight which dominate by blue-violet-orange to golden yellow, and white-yellow when the sun fully rise, or in sunset when golden yellow and orange domi-


nate until it fully set and blue hour at last. Time waits for no man! That’s why we have to prepare the right time and know the best timing for our spot. “Luck favored the prepared mind�, do not only focus on single object, because the right timing may differ with others, prepared yourselves to see other possibilities. Just as human interest photography, find the best timing according with the subject. Shooting works activity, usually happens in the morning, daytime, or in the afternoon, for instance capturing the market activities, teapicker are in the morning, and etc.


Blend with surrounding, interaction between the photographer and subject before shoot is no-less important thing to create such an expressive photo. If there are still time and the object is too good to be missed, improvise until the subject feels “there’s no photographer” and explore more. Our travel photography would be more dynamic. The best trick to create an extraordinary photograph from “common” spot is to combine the accurate timing with the different composition or angle. Don’t be afraid to spend all of your film if the timing is right. Come on!! Use your holiday as the chance to create a better travel photograph with toy camera. Bon Voyage!


27 we learn for everything we’ve got we try to make it simple without losing any details then we share it to you! go to NOW!!!

send your picture to to be critiqued by Sandy Wijaya. Subject Email: (CLINIC) Include: Name - E-mail - Title - Camera - Film Setting

! c i n cli


(P.Tengah – Spinner 360)

Let’s Talk About Travel Photography!

An Interview with Rinald Caraka

What do you think about Travel Photography? Whoa! It’s pretty hard! IMO it all about documenting landscape, people, atmosphere, and travel activities. Okay Nice! Then, where is your favorite place? I prefer natural traveling than city traveling; I get bored with its crowded. Most often I go to mountains.

quite near. Wow SEMERU! Nah, talking ‘bout what do you prepare before it? Making checklist >> Prepare the equipments and other needs >> Packing > Go!

How many camera and film you used to bring at each trip? Is there any reason for that? Well, it is tend to be a dilemma with lo-fi cameras. There are so many type which all of the are unique. I wish I could bring all mine in the cupYour favorite mountain? board but it’s impossible, right? Finally, I bring Hmm.. Every mountain has its own unique- the most compatible to the trip ones, usually ness. So, it’s no need to tell the favorite one. I three different cameras, so I can get different frequently goes to Mount Semeru, because it’s photograph range. I think three cameras are CRAZY TOYCAM #9


(Segoro Anakan – Diana Mini)

(Bajulmati – Vinon Jamboree)




enough. I’ve ever brought more, but it hassle because lo-fi cameras have minimum operame, and not all of them are used. It’s better to tions or even nothing at all. To get appropriate focus on the objects than bring lots of camera. result (which is not under or over-exposed), it should be noted to pick film’s ISO correctly. Hehehe! Talking ‘bout lo-fi cameras, there should be some weaknesses right? Then, how Bring equipments as complete as possible, but much important looking for references and it should be as light and as clever as possible. where you used to look for it? You don’t want it bothers your trip and fun. You It is very important for me, even before I buy need to make plan carefully, how many days a camera, firstly looked for references as much spend in the location, so you can count how as possible, I usually browse from the internet. many films you need. It won’t be any problem if I learn its functions, intensities, weaknesses; I it is sold in the location. even try to explore the camera to maximize the functions. Talking ‘bout nature, the conditions usually unpredicted change. What did you do if, for example, the weather changed? It depends on the situations actually, for instance I’m about to capture a scenery, is it still possible to use tripod and bulb? Why don’t you just try? Who knows we can capture great moment too! Another example, if we want to capture human-interest photographs using flash and the result is flat, so it’s better to turn it off. It’s hunting, sometimes we get the objects, but sometimes we don’t. The point is, just try, and don’t push it too hard. Yeap right! Everything forced won’t give good result. Do you have tips and advise for those who will begin their travel? Get to know the camera, learn ho to operate, know the weakness and the intensity. Match the film’s ISO according to the light on location,


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I Fall in Love with a Holga and Toy Cameras

An Interview with Randy Smith (HolgaMods)

Your Full Name Randy Smith, Owner of Tell us about you… When was the first time you fell in love with toy camera? And why? 11 years ago I fell in love with the Holga, and have only cheated on her once or twice with a Diana F.... :) Why did I fall in Love with a Holga and toy cameras? Easy! Head here, holgamods/newgallery/Holga_Photos.html sit back, relax and after the show is over, tell me you would not have fallen in love with a Holga or a toy camera also...

If I can’t be behind the camera, then the next best thing for me is to be able to make a tool for my customers. I can’t thank you all enough What motivates you? My customers! I have the best customers in the for the long hours, no vacations and the lack world. Like I say on my Holgamods Customer of weekends! But you know what? I wouldn’t gallery.. Since I started HolgaMods I seem to change it for the world. have less and less time to devote to my own photography. That’s okay though, as I receive In your own opinion, toy camera is just anothjust as much enjoyment seeing the photos my er cult (or it can be a real media for alternacustomers pass on to me. tive photography?) Absolutely not a cult, and yes, it is definitely a real media for alternative photography... the results I am looking for.

Where are you located now? Central, New York..USA

I’m sorry, But I just feel Hasselblads or expensive digital cameras just do not, or never will be able to capture the mood of a shoot like a Holga or other toy camera is able to. Digitals have their place, just as toy cameras do

What is your favorite toy camera and film, can you explain why? Of course my Holgas. I shoot with 8 of them. And like I say on my web site. Each one has it’s own character. That’s what I love about Holgas. When I go out to shoot, I usually know ahead of time what I will be shooting, so I choose one, two or three of my 8 Holgas that will give me

How serious can you go with your toy camera? As serious as you wish. Don’t think about your Holga as a toy, think of it as a paint brush and you the artist. I sell my Holgas to professional studio Photographers, Professional Wedding and portrait photographers, Professional travel and magazine photographers.



My good friend David Burnett has used my cameras to shoot US presidents, He was the first photographer to have his Holga work in National Geographic Magazine for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina aftermath. So please don’t think of a Holga or any toy camera as only a toy.


Do you have any current project with toy camera? Nope! :) Too busy making Holgas Could you tell us a little bit more about “HOLGAMODS”? I started Holgamods buy accident about 11 years ago. It all started because I was looking to move into medium format film, but could not justify the cost of a Hasselblad 501CM, my dream camera, or my other dream camera at that time, a Rolleiflex 2.8F TLR. So one day while searching the internet, I came across these funny looking cameras online called Holgas and after some more research I found a few web pages that talked about some of the modifications people did to them. It was then I decided to purchase two Holgas, one a back up in case I totally messed up the first one while trying to do some of the mods I planned to do. Well, it went pretty easy and also preformed the mods on the second camera and placed it on EBAY for sale.

“you’ve got to be kidding me” and purchased two more. When they arrived I preformed the mods on them and put them on EBAY also. Same thing happened with the EBAY bidding. ALMOST $100.00 again.... Ok, now I’m feeling guilty, because in my eyes, they were only worth about $29.95... So that’s when I purchased domain name and started selling them on EBAY with a buy it now price of $29.95 plus shipping on my web site for the same price. Over the years I have been adding more mods to them. Seems every time I come out with something new, the Holga factory copies me. Oh well Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?

Tell us several good online-resources for toy camera you recommend visiting? And Boy, was I surprised to see the EBAY & www.filmwasters. ding reach almost $100.00. I thought to myself com CRAZY TOYCAM #9


What do you think about “Travel Photography using Toy Camera”? I never leave home without one of my Holgas and an extra roll of film and neither should any of you reading this. I am going to go out on a limb and assume everyone reading this article either shoots with a Holga or plans to shoot with a Holga someday. So I don’t have to tell anyone that with a Holga you’ll have much more than travel shots when you return home, you’ll have beautiful memories.

Have it not be all about the Holga Camera. But Can you offer any advice on how to build-up rather a day to get outside, enjoy the air, get a portfolio / ‘getting your foot in the door’ some exercise, work that heart muscle, blow for our readers wishing to start a toy camera the cobwebs off....And just have fun! So on that note, I try to have fun with the prize packages photography career? also. Can’t help you here :) Tell us a little bit more about Holga Hike Competition? What is the idea behind it? and what do you expect for the future? A very good friend of mine who will remain nameless (I call her the Anonymous Holga Hiker) called me from New Mexico a couple of years ago and told me I should sponsor a holga Hike.... Kind of like the World Toy Camera Day or Worldwide Pinhole Day, but different.



I originally planned to have two a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. But this year, I’ve decide to have it just once a year in the spring. It’s just too much work for me to have it twice a year..... Sorry guys :( Thank You for your time Randy! And thanks for thinking of me for Crazy ToyCam !


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Crazy Icon

About Passion dan Taste in every shoot An Interview with Heru Wijaya

bet in luck in Java Island, which is in Semarang and he worked in PT. Inter-Delta (Kodak), and finally until now he settled down in Salatiga to pursue in wedding photography business up to end 1990.

An accidentally meeting between Crazy Toycam Team (CT) and Mr. Heru Wijaya or simply called Pak Heru is during the team surveyed The #Crazytrip’s hunting-location in Rawa Pening Lake. We stop over in a coffee shop and there were Pak Heru and family prepared and waited for sunset hunting. Shortly, after the introduction and had a coffee-break in Suharto’s coffee shop, CT Team were invited to visit his house that not so far from the hunting location.

Please tell us the story of your first photography experience… I knew photography, when I was given a “sudden money”, after I got permission from parents, and then I bought a camera. Because at that moment everything is so expensive, I began to to learn photography without teachers. I was just asked the seller “How to use it?”, and he replied “just take this setting f/5.6 and 1/60”. I tried to explore it myself. At this frame, object A on speed X and aperture Y. I write it down in a note for the changes in every frame.

Discusing on photography and sharing the Rawa Pening stories filled our night accompanied with some other local photographers from Salatiga. And it is unforgettable for us, the coffee aficionados, as we were served a cup of Mandailing coffee. It warmed the atmosphere, indeed. Pak Heru shared stories why he would like to dedicate himself to promote Rawa Pening as one of travel photography spot in salatiga. To satisfy our curiosity, then we came up with an idea, why not the discussion with Pak Heru is summarized as a mini-interview. So that was a story behind the creation of Crazy Icon in this Ninth edition. CRAZY TOYCAM #9

When we heard Pak Heru’s “very thick” Javanese accent, you would never wonder that he was born and grown up in Belitung Island which is in Sumatera. His photography career was begun in 1977; he taught himself photography and took references from a book and practicing. In 1980 this antique camera lover tried to

After I spent a roll, the developing time is not only one hour just like nowadays. It was about 5-7 days, because I lived in Belitung and I had to send the film to Jakarta to be processed. During the waiting time, I got sleeping problem!! I was anxious, would it be good or not. When I got the clichés, then I re-opened my huntingnote for cross-checking with the result. If it was 39



unsatisfied, there must be a wrong technical pher colleagues to explore it. setting. I try to guide them to some great spots, so the What is your opinion of photography as just hunting result will be satisfy and avoid getting trend? lost. I funded the local fishermen to repair their These young people who know photography nets and boats so they can fulfill the photograby just following a trail of trend or their friends, phers’ taste. Hoping those fishermen can get exthey will have no favor to spend their ideas, tra income from the photographers who come money, and time for hunting. It is different with to Rawa Pening and use their services. All I did the people whom have passion in photogra- is pure to help Rawa Pening’s local people. phy; saving money for hunting is very common. As me, do hunting as often as we can and stay For a broader scope, I created a Rawa Pening focus, it will upgrade the photographers’ skill. Photography Lover Community in FaceBook. Even, for the flexibility of photographers the Regardless it is digital or analog, sometimes contact person of Rawa Pening’s fisher is pubphotographers don’t have taste. Ruin the beau- lished in the group, so they can speak directly ty of Rawa Pening or other places with untact- and arrange the appointments. ful digital process. Haven’t been capable and mastering the photography basic knowledge, Which area in Rawa Pening are the most often with the average taste try to make something used as photography spot? different and new. Instead of make it better, The common access to Rawa Pening is straight they ruin it. to Bukit Cinta, Semurup Village (Bawen), Ambarawa or Kesongo. Because of now Bukit Cinta Can you tell us the background of promoting in spoiled by water hyacinth, the best access to Rawa Pening among photographers? get the lake-side is from Sumurup Village, the In Salatiga, my participation is not only in Rawa sub-distric of Bawen. Pening, I build good relationships with local people in other hunting spots in Salatiga. Each What is your opinion of analog and toy camday, I see Rawa Pening’s condition become era? more unmaintained as the rapid growth of wa- During my first year in photography, I always ter hyacinth spead all over the lake. That con- hunt with analog cameras with my wife. I feel dition causing difficulty for the fishermen to glad there are a lot of photographer still maincatch the fish, and then I tried to help them in tains to use the analog cameras. By the result, my own way. As my talent is on photography, I think negative film and slide are way better I try to promote Rawa Pening to all photogra- quality than digital media. 40

Seeing these camera in front of me (Holga 120 & Vivitar UWS), i’m sure that the maker have estimated all aspects from result and technique. The result still could be great event hough it is taken with this kind of camera. One thing that must be followed when we push the shutter button is TASTE. That taste will determine the final result after the film developed. Do not only rely on the equipments, as they are only help photographers to catch the moment. That’s it!


back to hotel to rest; got a lot of photography knowledge and shooting tips in Rawa Pening, directly from the master. For you who’d like to visit Rawa Pening, feel free contact the keeper, here is the details:

Is there any unique experience using analog camera? One I used analog, after I push the shutter button, I always see the back side of the camera, hoping the result is displayed in the LCD. Then I remember this is ANALOG!. Hahaha! What was your favorite camera in analog era? My favorite camera is Nikon F100. Now I’m using DSLR, and sometimes I still miss to use analog camera again. Why? Because analog camera made me like this! If only there is still possible condition and we got more time, I’m sure the discusion with the “Keeper of Rawa Pening” would be continued throughout the night. Perhaps in any other time we can have more discussion and sharing knowledge with him. Finally, with a happy face, one of our friends, Pandu Issac Yanuar got a special gift; an old camera belongs to Pak Heru. Thank you very much Pak Heru! Finally we went



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! c i n i l c

Name: Firman E-mail: Title: Nelayan Camera & Film: Eximus | Kodak Colour Plus 200 Fisherman is one of the favorite object among photographers. Using a camera with a wide lens like Eximus, the photographer should be more careful while determining the composition of an image, in this picture there are only 2 weaknesses, the first is too much empty area in this frame probably is caused by shooting distance is too far away.

Here’s an alternative composition or crop:

Secondly, the timing of shooting, I see the object appears plain! Wait until you get the best moments, for example when fisherman cast his nets. CRAZY TOYCAM #9


Name: Giovanni Janottama Banjurdja E-mail : Title: Ayo!! Kamu Pasti Bisa Camera & Film: Octopus Ungu Kodak Colour Plus 200 The event of Traditional “Sack Race� always become an interesting and unique object to be photographed, human interest photographs. In such situation one needs patience to capture the best moment. Apparently you did not manage getting that moment, the image appear quite plain. In addition, the composition and the angle were not good enough. The portion below and the left is still too wide, and the right part does not strengthen the image content. It is better to try another angle with the changing of spot. Photo below is the result of improvisation in terms of composition / cropping.



Name: Irma Nirmalasari Title: Keraton’s Stair Camera & Film: Diana F+, ISO 100 Taking photos of architectural elements is quite challenging, to produce a successful image one must be very thoughtful about the composition and angle. For me Keraton’s Stair its just a CRAZY TOYCAM #9

simple snapshot, that’s it! The first impressions about this photo is the composition is too cramped, I believe because the Diana F+’s normal lens is 75mm (less wide) or equivalent with 50mm in 35mm format. You may try looking for another place which more suitable distance to accommodate what you wanna take. Re-compose and Click! 51

Name: Novel Pramana Angga E-mail: Title: Fish-Man Camera & Film: Fujica M, Fujifilm Superia 200

of alternate composition, using “leading lines” of boat so that the eyes of the audience can be more focused to the POI.

This picture taken from Fujica M1 is performed quite well, but I do not see any connection between the boat with the subject, the two elements tend to stand alone, I think because the framing is too broad. If “posing” the subject was possible, I believe you will get it will definitely better. Nice try bro! Here, I try to give some example CRAZY TOYCAM #9


Name: Ryanto E-mail: Title: Rose Camera & Film : Recesky, Fujichrome Provia100 Setting: f/11 @ 1/125’ In a matter of using a low-fidelity camera, I can say the close-up are a pretty successful experiment, although there are some fundamental weaknesses. First, the the background is not appropriate in this case as it is quite disturbing, white wall and red-colored crates did not reinforce this picture as a whole image. Second, the vignette can still be controlled and I think if we could predict the position of vignette it easier for us to compose and compensate (vignette) in a frame, vignette in top section actually weaken this image . Continue exploring an object in different angles. Keep in mind, the simpler a picture it’ll be better. “less is more, simple is better”.



Thanks God it’s TOYCAM!

Let’s celebrate world toy camera day! October, 17 2011

Crazy Gallery!


Untitled - Fikarr using Yellow Octopus w/ Kodak Elite Chrome EBX 100 “This photo was taken on my way back home at Cikampek Railway.”

Borobudur #13 - Fikarr using Yellow Octopus w/ Kodak Elite Chrome EBX 100 “My 1st time trip to Borobudur temple”

Lonely On The Deep Sunset - Karunia Rohadhi w/ Fuji Pro 160S

Do Car - Made Darma Junaedi using Superheadz UWS w/ Kodak Elite Chrome (Exp. ‘08) “When i was spending my holiday in Negara (Bali), i found these unique carriage, they are waiting for passenger.”

Dibalik Kerasnya - Robert w/ Superia 200 (Exp. ‘09) “Spending my holiday by going to Sadeng Beach. (Jogja).”

Tropical Memory - Ahmad Seiichi using Clover San UWS Superheadz w/ Fuji Provia 100F (expired - cross processed) “Kemanapun bangau terbang, pasti akan kembali ke kubangan. Senikmat-nikmatnya negeri orang, tetap tidak bisa menghilangkan rindu akan kehangatan dan keramahan lambaian pohon kelapa di Tanah Air.�

Sudut Papuma Syaifiena Wijayanti using Recesky w/ Proplus 100 “Ibuku batu karang, tegap kokoh tak bergeming, setia tak peduli hari. Bapakku debur ombak lautan, tak pernah bosan datang menyapa karang. Bertemu lalu bersama karena angin. Melahirkan aku. Sudut yang selalu pantas disebut cantik di sebuah pantai selatan Jawa. Sebuah pantai bertajuk Papuma.�

Menyapa Matahari Syaifiena Wijayanti using Recesky w/ Proplus 100 “Langit ufuk timur bercahaya lagi. Semburat sekian rupa warna mulai menghapus gelap. Hai matahari, pagi yang lain untuk hari ini ? Aku siap untuk cahayamu..�

Vredeburg+ - Wihinggil Prayogi using Yellow Octopus, Jelly Fish Eye w/ Lucky BW 100 “Vredeburg is now a museum, back then in time of Dutch Collonial Era it used to be a fortress which located in Central Yogyakarta. Instead of visiting this kind of historical place, youngster choose a Mall or Shopping Central as favorite place.�

Man in Sunset - Giovanni Janottama Banjuradja using Purple Octopus w/ Proplus II 100 “This photo was taken at Sengigi beach during my vacation to Lombok�


Deadline December, 27 2011 | JPEG Resolution 300 dpi | Max. 2 photos Email subject (BW) Include Name, Title, Camera Send to


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