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Recap of conventions of a film Posters

Most film posters follow the same conventions of a standard poster. Here we can see that the tagline has been included in the front cover of the poster. This has probably been used to promote the film. The skull being teared apart is the main purpose here which attracts the audience. With the graphic scenes it could set the tone for how scary the film is. This is a convention of a poster as an image is used to set the tone for the poster and film

What normally reoccurs in film posters is the use of company logos underneath the credits. It normally offers the readers the time to see whether the film is in 3D, what major distributor is part of the film and the production team’s logo

The title is clear and bold for the audience to see. It has also used it’s trademark logo of previous movies from the series leaving the audience clear of what movie it is as soon as they see it.

We can see that acknowledgements are included at the bottom of the poster. All posters use the same font to appreciate some of the workers involved in the project.

The release date is always included in the poster, however, although this poster doesn’t allow the release date to stand out, it does change the colour of it to make sure it’s noticeable.

How this helps our poster • This will be able to help with the creation of our poster, as, we will be able to implement features of a standard conventional poster into our design, as well as adding additional features which could make our poster stand out

Recap of conventions of a film posters  
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