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Panel Discussion on Faith Formation

Ignited by Grace Celebration Dinner So many toys, so little time… Youngsters quickly find their favorite truck or doll for the day. School has started at DPCC!

Commitment Sunday, Kirkin’ of the Tartans

D P C C B E G I N S A N O T H E R I M P O R TA N T YEAR SERVING DECATUR FAMILIES By Ellen McClure, Director PCC is off to a rousing start, welcoming 205 children weekdays to our programs, which include: Parent’s Morning Out (9 months through almost 2), housed at Sycamore House, Preschool (ages 2 years through 4 years old), and Kindergarten (5 years old), both in the Bradley Building. The teachers arrived on August 13 for a week of room preparation, planning,

D Meet Trip Porch


ASC Sunday Sept. 23


Shame/Honor Culture


Celebration Event


Panel Discussion


Save the Earth!


Global Village Project


Parker; Kathleen Gallivan has replaced Sherry Dawkins in the 2-year old classes with Juliet Rodriguez; Amy Wilson is back with the 3 day/2 year olds after a medical leave of absence last year; Sally Gutzke and professional development. We had a good turn- has replaced Robin Ackerout at Parent Orientation on mann and is working with Jeannie Adamson and the 5 Monday, August 20. day/3 year olds; Jennifer We are pleased to welCampbell is working on come many new families to Mondays and Wednesdays DPCC, and several new in the PMO; and Cristin teachers. Pam Hughes (wife Davis has replaced Mandy of Associate Pastor Ken King in the Young 2 class. Hughes) is working with the 2 days/2 year olds with Julie Continued on Page 3

P age 2

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he Congregational Care Council is looking for the next coordinator of “Punch on the Lawn” events. Georgee Corley, who is cycling out, says, “This job simply involves service and fellowship — no meetings or minutes. For a little work, you have a chance to see everyone, not just those in your class, pew, or committee. And who doesn’t love a cookie!” There are four Punch on the Lawn events during the year: Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Rally Day. Georgee will share written instructions on how to do the job, and a list of generous cooking “providers” who can be relied upon to bring baked goods. Have children? It is a great way to involve them in setting up and serving cookies. For more information or to volunteer, contact Sue Bingeman at


rip Porch has joined Decatur Presbyterian Church as Interim Director of Youth Ministry after graduating from Columbia Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity degree. Born and raised in Pensacola, FL (“whitest sand on beaches in the world!”), Trip graduated with a degree in French from Florida State University (“Go Noles!”). He is an avid musician, photographer, technophile, and foodie. Trip is also very passionate about God’s action in the world and the wonderful and radical persons of Christ and the Holy Spirit. He was married August 18 to Brittany Harrold, who is a Christian Educator in her last year of her Master of Arts in Practical Theology (MAPT) Degree at Columbia Theological Seminary.

the church looks like now! Youth group is a place not only to form tight support and community, but where youth and parents can go to be challenged by the peace of Christ, the radical love of God and the movement of the Spirit in our lives.

Named Charles Porch, III, he goes by “Trip” for “Triple.”

Broad Street Ministry where he led youth groups from around the world through the streets of Philadelphia to learn about, confront, and affect change on issues of homelessness, hunger, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and education in the Urban World. Trip is truly empowered by the belief that Youth are not the “what the church will look like in the future,” but part of what

Amazing Moments Trip cannot wait for Sunday night youth group, Wednesday night Bible study and hangout, youth retreats, ski trips and all of the little amazing moments that happen off the calendar. He is eager to be here and meet everyone — but bear with him as there are SO MANY names to remember! Despite this obstacle, he is very grateful to be a part of this Decatur family and is ready and raring to get going!

Destined for Youth Ministry From an early age he was active in the youth groups. Trip went to Montreat for his first youth conference when he was a month old! And his love of youth ministry carried on during college and into seminary where he volunteered as a youth advisor for Faith Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee. His most recent time Trip and Brittany enjoyed a tropical honeymoon after working with youth was at their August 18 wedding.


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here will be a very special service on Sept. 23, 2012, to celebrate and deepen the ongoing relationship between Decatur Presbyterian Church and Agnes Scott College. Agnes Scott College was founded by members of DPC, and many Decatur Presbyterian Church members have graduated from Agnes Scott and/or served on the faculty, staff and the board. During the Sunday School hour at 9 a.m., the church will host a panel discussion featuring mothers and their daughters with connections to Agnes Scott College and DPC. They will provide their perspectives on the subject of “Faith Formation Across the Generations: Fulfilling Our Baptismal Promises During the Pivotal Years”. The guest speaker for the worship service will be the Rev. Lib McGregor Simmons, the first female pastor and head of staff at Davidson College Presbyterian Church in Davidson, NC. Rev. Rev. Simmons

Simmons is a graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary and a graduate (’74) and current board member of Agnes Scott College. We are again planning for ASC alumnae, students, faculty and staff to participate in the service. This special day will also kick off this year’s “Adopt a Student” program. If you would like to be involved in this program, please contact Kate Colussy-Estes at Please mark your calendar for this very special event and tell your DPC/ASC friends!

in two different rooms this year: Lori McMahan, Jackie Ashley and Colleen Flood. Among the children, We are energized and this is a record year with 8 feeling pretty fresh with the sets of twins! And three of newly painted walls in the our little ones started classrooms and hallways school with a leg in a cast (thank you Endowment (soon to be removed). The Committee!), and we are kids are great — all of them playing hard on the new — and they have settled in mulch and digging the new quickly and comfortably. sand in the sandbox. Life is DPCC has expanded to good at DPCC! Students learn songs, instruoffer three music teachers ments in Lori McMahan’s class.

DPCC | Continued

Celebrate the Relationship Between Agnes Scott College and DPC on Sunday Sept. 23, 2012 9 a.m. Panel Discussion Guest Preacher Lib McGregor

“I truly believe it is more natural for children to express themselves through music and movement than through vocabulary.” Lori McMahan

P age 4

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MISSIONARY REFLECTS ON CHALLENGES OF A “SHAME/HONOR CULTURE” This is a heavily edited version of letters from our missionary, who serves in an Asian country where persecution occurs for doing Christian work. Todd, Ken and the DPC family, Betty, Phil, Jr. and I are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support that so many of the ministers, staff and Church members gave us at the time of our deep sorrow. There were so many cards, telephone calls, and gifts of food. The special visitation reception after the Memorial service enabled us to have warm and comforting exchanges with Christian friends. The Memorial Service was deeply meaningful to us. The affirmation of eternal life and the vivid reminder that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God gave us assurance and comfort. You all have our gratitude. The Noble Family August 14, 2012


n the American culture, typically an individual’s actions are based on conscience (or lack of it) and are for the good of the individual. The same rule is supposed to apply for everyone. And people are supposed to take responsibility and answer for their own actions (not that of the group). This differs from the shame/honor culture where I work, whose hallmarks include living for a larger purpose, a spirit of magnanimity which requires forsaking oneself to uphold the honor of the group or family, self-control, a sense of respect for others and dignity for elders, and a connection to the past and future (to continue the legacy of honor for the family). In a shame/honor culture, family is more powerful than God. The unity of the

family is strongly policed by the community to keep each other’s dignity intact. One must follow these rules to be accepted in society. No one in a shame/ honor culture listens to a person of little dignity and respect. Families of low honor cannot marry off children. Women and girls are not respected because they are the means of respect for men. Where I have worked, women and men never touch each other unless the man extends his hand first. Typically a woman averts her eyes to not make direct and sustained eye contact. Often there are no smiles. And, there are more pleasantries as one typically inquires about a colleague’s health, family, condition, and contentment. So you can understand better the sense of “culture shock” I experienced while there. Especially at the beginning, one must quickly evaluate cultural differences before reacting in many if not almost all situations. It can be a very tiring time.



he program year for PW begins again Tuesday, Sept. 11, for the day circles. Join other women of the church at 10:30 a.m. in the Crusader’s Classroom (M202). Associate Pastor Ken Hughes will lead the Bible study, “An Overview of the General Epistles” from 1st and 2nd Peter, 1-3 John, and Jude. Members will enjoy lunch by Zest Atlanta in Slack Fellowship Hall at

Rev. Ken Hughes will be the Bible interpreter for the day circles, while Dr. Cheryl Sullivan will teach the night circle.

noon. Reservations should be made by Friday, Sept. 7, by calling the church office at (404) 378-1777. The cost 4

is $7 per person. Our Mom’s Group will be meeting weekly on Mondays from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., starting Sept. 10. Childcare is provided in B307, with the mothers gathering in M306. The Night Circle will meet on Thursday, Sept. 13, at the home of Marianne Adams. The group will convene at 6:30 p.m. and enjoy a light supper together, followed by a Bible lesson by Cheryl Sullivan.


P age 5

Save the date!

Celebration of the Life and Ministry of Decatur Presbyterian Church!


P age 6

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Family & friends of Virginia Downing, who died 7/17 Wick & Kim Campbell & family on the 7/20 death of his mother, Nancy Campbell Family & friends of Rick Kell, who died 7/24 in Alabama of cancer Alick Elliott and family on the death of his sister in London Jimmy Southard and family on the 5/14 death of his grandson Michael Scott Barksdale, Jr., in Colorado Springs, CO. Son of Scott and Susan Barksdale of John’s Creek Phil Noble and family on the death of Betty Pope Scott Noble, 8/7/2012 Iris Pollock on the death of her mother in West Virginia Joys and Praise Nate and Katie Baughman on the 9/1 birth of their first child, Korra Mae. She was 19“ long and weighed 6 lb., 13 oz. Nate was a 2011 summer intern.

The panel will consist of distinguished By Dave Williams, Chair professors and pastors, who will be asked he Task Force for Faith Development is planning a panel discussion to engage in discussion of the future of to be held at Columbia Theological faith formation in the Christian Church and respond to specific quesSeminary on Sunday, Sept. tions. Dr. Stephen A. 30, from 2 until 3:30 p.m. Hayner, CTS President, will A short reception will be serve as moderator. held after the discussion to meet the panel memThe response of the panel will assist the task bers. force with its final recomThe theme is “Faith st mendations to the session. Formation in the 21 CenWe hope you will be able tury Church” and all memto join us for this exciting bers of the congregation and informative session. are invited. No reservation is required.


H O S P I TA L & H E A L T H C O N C E R N S Linda Bailey’s sister, Janice, radiation for lung cancer, and Linda’s mother has moved to Magnolia House Assisted Living in Conyers Terry McMahan, brother of Matt McMahan, recent heart stint, surgery 6/26 to remove tumor in abdomen and cancerous kidney, recovering at mother’s home, AL Pinky Glausier fall, cracked pelvis, in rehab at The Manor @Blue Water Bay, 1500 N. White Point Rd., #252, Niceville, FL 32578 Alex Cook healing from thumb and shoulder surgery after a fall from a roof on the job Joyce Bond fall with head injury, at Budd Terrace John Newsome had foot surgery 7/13, must stay off his feet 4-6 weeks Harley Smith, Jr., making progress in rehabilitation therapies at Shepherd Center in Atlanta

Jennifer McCracken, back pain Charles Darnell, knee replacement surgery 8/22, recovering at home Jimmy Owen recent hospital stay JoAnn Murphey, fall, broken arm at shoulder Pat Bach, has spots on lung and liver believed cancerous, not planning to treat Rev. Barry Davies, second hip replacement, Aug. 6 Dan Ault, rotator cuff surgery 8/29 Homer Allen, stroke, rehab at Budd Terrace Dana Greiner, knee surgery in July Chuck Darrah, bypass surgery 8/28 Mary and Herb Uthlaut request prayers for family members. Grandson Christ Uthlaut is being deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Infantry Division at Ft. Stewart. Great-grandson Garrett Scott Uthlaut of Charlottesville, VA, may need spinal surgery


P age 7

NEW TASK FORCE HELPS DPC ALIGN S C R I P T U R E W I T H S AV I N G T H E E A R T H ers will create examples of God's creation By Julia Glenn Carter using recycled products and add them to f you haven't the “Tree of Life.” done so yet, take a look at the Elementary-age youth are also leading "Tree of Life" project a recycling effort that earns the church on the wall across money for future environmental projects. from the office of ReThe project’s goal is to demonstrate bekah Abel Lamar. A the cost saving and fundraising opportuninew Environmental ties created by environmental stewardTask Force is working ship. To support DPC’s youth, while adults Julia Glenn Carter to align our actions learn more about caring for the earth, all with scripture, and this project is a great church members are encouraged to recyexample of that intent. cle their print cartridges, dental hygiene In July, the Session authorized a new disposables (toothbrushes, toothpaste Environmental Task Force to evaluate cur- containers and plastic toothbrush packagrent waste and recycling needs, and to ing), and foil-lined drink pouches at the educate DPC members and staff on ways church. our recycling programs can be enhanced. Look for recycling bins designed for The task force plans to qualify for a Waste this project in the narthex, the church ofWise certification from Georgia Interfaith fice lobby, and Slack Fellowship Hall. This Power and Light by the end of December. ongoing fundraising effort will earn 50¢ to The group recog$1 for each printer carnized the importance of tridge, 2¢ per dental GENESIS 2:4-15 teaching youth how to product and 1¢ to 2¢ protect the earth These are the generations of the per drink pouch. through the reuse and heavens and of the earth … And Stay tuned as recycling of products, every plant of the field before it other environmental therefore, DPC’s children was in the earth, and every herb in programs are launched will play a leading role. the field before it grew … And the that are meant to eduEvery few weeks Lord God took the man, and put cate members and staff throughout the Sunday him into the garden of Eden to of all ages. school year, preschooldress and to keep it.


The Congregation of Decatur Presbyterian Church: You contributed several car-loads of food to Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry (DEAM) during our food drive in the month of July. Those were appreciatively received by the DEAM Food Pantry and will be put to good use helping people in need. Bob Wiggins

Youth Recycling Project: Sept. 1 - Oct. 31 How You Can Support? Collect & Recycle! Used printer cartridges Old toothbrushes Empty toothpaste tubes Plastic dental packaging (excluding cardboard) Drink pouches, foil-lined (no juice boxes)

DPC will earn $$ for any brand Support recycling! 50¢ to $1 / cartridge 2¢ / toothbrush 2¢ / toothpaste tube 2¢ / dental packaging 1¢ to 2¢ / drink pouch

Place these items in special recycling bins:

Narthex Church Office Lobby Slack Fellowship Hall After Oct. 31, this will become an ongoing recycling effort.

(404) 378-1777 Published monthly. Submit articles to by the 15th.

● 9 a.m. Sunday School for all ages ● 10:15 a.m. Sunday worship service ● Office open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Students of the Global Village Project primarily come from African and Asian refugee families. Michelle Carter (right) is the new Executive Director of the school, which is located on the third floor of DPC’s McGeachy Building.


A The mission of the Global Village Project is to help teenage survivors of war acquire the education necessary to succeed in life and to fulfill their dreams.

s the Global Village Project enters it's fourth academic year, we are thrilled to be serving 37 refugee girls (an all time high!) representing Afghanistan, Burma, the Congo, Iraq, and Sudan. We are excited to have two new staff people join us this year. Michelle Carter is the new Executive Director and Anne Garbarino is a new teacher in our English program. Michelle is an Atlanta native who comes to us with 15 years of professional experience working with children and families in the nonprofit arena. She and her husband, Brad, live in Stone Mountain with their two children, Henry (2 1/2) and Anna (4 months). Anne Garbarino is an experienced English teacher who has taught English language learners at the International Community School. She and her husband live

in Decatur with their 10 month old daughter, Grace. We have so many things to look forward to with this new school year and one is our new website. Please visit us at and check us out. The Board of Directors is also working on a strategic plan for 2013-2016 and will be surveying all of our stakeholders. If would like provide your input please do so at: THS3W8V To meet the students and teachers, attend an Author’s Tea in Keith Parlor at 2 p.m. the first Friday of each month. Wish to serve as a tutor or mentor? Contact michellecarter@globalvillage Wish to donate? Contact Development Director Temple Elliott at 404-371-0107 or

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