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16 INSIDE this issue 06/ ASK THE EXPERTS Updating today’s teen bedroom

12/ WINDOW TREATMENTS 101 What you need to consider before you invest

16/ GET INSPIRED Ready, Set, Accessorize!

22/ COASTAL RETREAT A space that fulfills the promise of a slower pace and time with family and friends

36/ COLOR REMEDY Fine Casual Evolution: Justification of rough and refined




Universal Design: New thoughts and changes

49/ DESIGN DIARY Don’t underestimate serendipity

EDITOR’S WELCOME Publisher and Founder KAREN POWELL Editorial Director LINDA GOTTLIEB

Creative Director DIANNE SANNELLA

Managing Editor HEATHER GRUENDIG PALMER Contributing Editors MARY GILLIATT

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Autumnal Equinox Sounds so much better than the word “Fall” don’t you agree? The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night.” The autumn and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the sun crosses the celestial equator. From here on out, the temperatures begin to drop and the days start to get shorter than the nights. Autumn officially arrived on September 22, but for many, summer of 2014 was already a memory. It’s transition time, whether it’s back to school or shuttering up the beach bungalow; the days are shorter and the breezes carry scents of crackling leaves, apple pie and the first toasty fire in the hearth. This issue of Decor&You® is all about transitions and life changes. From updating a tween’s room into a space a teenager would love to Instagram, decorating and outfitting a home with spectacular décor yet full functionality for the physically challenged,to incorporating a new way of easy living, the Fine Casual lifestyle, taking a cue from a cozy Jersey Shore getaway. This season brings us many harvests; we’re grateful for the bountiful crops of majestic cranberries, spectacular orchards of crisp green, gold and crimson apples and texture-rich hay bales lined up in the farmer’s field. Maine celebrity resident, Stephen King, describes autumn in a way that helps us go with the flow of the season…. “Fall stays awhile…. and settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.”




“Let the Autumn

transitions inspire you LINDA GOTTLIEB, Author & Editor of Decor&You®



Vintage Vibe

HELP! MY TEEN IS TIRED OF ‘GIRLY GIRL’ RUFFLES AND WANTS HER CHILDHOOD ROOM TO GROW UP. WHERE SHOULD WE START? Top 5 Styles for Teen Girls from Decor&You® 1. Vintage Vibe 2. Funky Retro 3. Hotel Glam 4. Gypsy Queen 5. Boho Chic 6 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

Here are our four best tips for teen bedroom decor:

TIP ONE: Start with the bed. The bed will do a lot of the

heavy lifting when it comes to your teen room’s decor. You will find that this is the easiest way to get your teen engaged in the early planning stages. Having young adults look for and pick out bedding can give you (and them) a sense of what they like and reveal their personal style. In most bedrooms, the bed is the main focal point, it’s best to choose bedding first, and then select the wall color and other elements from the your bedding selection.




I LOVE IT. . . I never could have done it all on my own If you want unparalleled expertise for color, textures, furniture, fabrics, flooring and accessories selections...

You need a DecorDesigner. Your DecorDesigner will also: Provide all the Research and Legwork you Need Be your Personal Shopper Keep you on Time and on Budget

Whether your space is simply a room or an entire house, your DecorDesigner will listen carefully to your ideas and needs, and then present creative solutions that will fit your lifestyle and your space.

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Funky Retro 8 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

ASK THE EXPERTS TIP TWO: Decorate with consistency.

Once you uncover the look that fits their sense of style, stick with it throughout your teen’s room.

Don’t be surprised by their choices! Here at Decor&You® the top five styles teen’s lean towards are bright bold color combinations.

TIP THREE: Make comfort and

functionality a priority. When selecting elements, three rules apply: Rule 1: Stay clear of material that does not pass the touch test (it feels good and can be cleaned easily). Rule 2: If it does not serve any purpose, pass it by! Rule 3: Have a place for everything. this will keep clutter to a minimum for easy clean up.

TIP FOUR: Use personalized wall

art. It’s a great way to add your teen’s personality without an allout commitment, since it is as easily changeable as teen style. Plus it’s so much less expensive (and less permanent!) than wallpaper and definitely more convenient.

FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 9


Hotel Glam

10 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014



Gypsy Queen PERSONAL WALL ART TIPS: ABOVE. Have a short headboard or none at all? Stencil one to keep the bed the focal point


Boho Chic

LEFT. Easy solution for the “big blank wall”. Painting on walls never gets old, even for teens, so let their creative juices flow by painting a section of wall with a simple image FAR LEFT. Not sure about your drawing skills? You can still transform a room instantly with any of the wall art kits available today FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 11


To let in as much natural light as possible, window treatments should be hung high and just “kiss” the floor, otherwise known as a “trouser break”. Hanging treatments high will also highlight your room’s architecture.



Measure each window and doorway individually. Why? Many times, windows and doors that appear to be the same size are not.

From the fabric you decide on, together with the hardware you use, window treatments are an opportunity to define a room’s style. Window treatments add depth, color and polish to a room’s décor as well as tie together other elements in the room like furniture and artwork. With a wider selection of products and styles to choose from today than ever before, choosing the right covering for your windows can be a real challenge.

Here are the top four considerations that should be taken into account before you make your final decision. Making the correct choice the first time will save you time and money in the long run! 1. LIGHT CONTROL – Do you like to sleep late in the morning and get annoyed when the sun acts as a natural alarm clock? Use fully-lined draw draperies, wood blinds with full drapery panels on the side or cellular shades with room-darkening or blackout backing. Want more light? Use sheers or translucent, pleated shades or window shadings. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 13



To let in as much natural light as possible window treatments should be hung high and just “kiss” the floor or other wise known as a “trouser break”. Hanging treatment high will also highlight your rooms architecture.


“Cafe style” plantation shutters made from vinyl are great for the kitchen and bath — this material is very easy to clean and will not warp. Shutters should be neutral in color with a gloss sheen to reflect light and grab the eye.

14 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014


The larger the shutter’s louver, the more light you can let in.

WINDOW TREATMENTS 2. PRIVACY –Does your window face an area from which you can be seen from the outside -- especially at night? Good choices for window coverings include fully-lined draperies, plantation shutters, Roman shades, wood blinds and semi-opaque or opaque cellular shades. 3. TEMPERATURE CONTROL –Blinds with reflective backing or fabric sheers will deflect the hot, direct light of summer. Full draw draperies are an excellent choice for harsh winter climates as they can be opened for light during the day and closed at night to provide insulation from the cold. 4. ULTRAVIOLET (UV) PROTECTION – Your favorite piece of art, upholstery or flooring can be damaged by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Use shades, blinds, sheers or a combination of these to refract direct rays and reduce sun-fading. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 15


Ready, Set, Accessorize!

By DecorDesigner Amy Boesen Does your home feel bare? Need of a little change? Rather rehauling the entire room, try a few new accessories. They can make a big difference in the way you feel about your surroundings. With a little inspiration and planning, you can create an inviting environment for family and friends.


FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 17

GET INSPIRED Contrary to some few opinions, accessories are more than things that just gather dust. So, what purpose do accessories serve? Simply put, accessories make a space interesting. They can make a room feel inviting, stimulate conversation and reflect 18 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

the personalities of those who live there. Accessories include a variety of items such as framed art, mirrors, accent lighting, area rugs, pillows, floral arrangements, greenery, clocks, candlesticks— and the list goes on.


Select accent items for each of the three levels of the room: EYE-LEVEL (ex. Artwork or mirror), MID-LEVEL (ex. Floral arrangement) FLOOR-LEVEL (ex. Area rug)

How do you select the right type, quantity and placement to complement your interiors?

Apply the B-R-A-G-G principle: B: Black, brown or dark blue provides a visual separation from other colors and provides a resting point for the eyes as they scan a room

R: Rugs anchor colors, define a space and act as “artwork for the floor�

A: Art reflects your personality and adds color G: Glass or glitter (such as silver, gold, bronze) adds dimension and reflection to a room

G: Greenery adds life to a room by bringing the outdoors in


With a little creativity and forethought, you can achieve the stylish yet welcoming environment you have always dreamed of. If you are soon-to-be hosts, here are some accessories suggestions for sprucing up your interiors . . .

20 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

• Entry Hall or Foyer – Since your entry hall is the first thing people see when entering your home, decorate it for maximum impact. Consider a decorative area rug, update light fixtures, include a console table or bench, hang artwork or mirrors and add or update wallpaper or paint. • Living and Family Rooms – Give your existing furniture a new fresh look by adding or updating throw pillows, a new decorative area rug (yes, even over carpeting) and by supplementing your existing artwork, if necessary. Be sure to evaluate furniture placement for optimum conversation seating and edit any cluttered bookshelves. • Kitchen – Many guests congregate in their host’s kitchen. Consider sprucing up your kitchen with accessories, updating cabinet hardware, adding chair pads, a coordinating table runner and—you guessed it—a decorative area rug. • Powder Room – This small space can be an excellent place to add decorative drama with color, artwork and accessories. Evaluate your existing mirror, light fixture and faucet to determine if updates are in order. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 21



Karen and Terry Powell are two very busy entrepreneurs. Both are founders of their individual companies located in Southbury, Ct. Like many other working couples, finding time to relax together is difficult. However they both always made time to explore the Jersey Shore together and immediately fell in love with one of the Tom’s River beaches and vacationed there for 15 years. In 2002, Terry surprised Karen with a beach house of their own.

“Having rented for years, our number one and only rule for decor was we wanted a space all would enjoy and relax in. Period! “ FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 23


24 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

Life seems to unfold at this beach cottage retreat; fulfilling the promise of a slower pace, time with family and friends and enjoying rejuvenating ocean breezes. Most low-key evenings, you’ll find everyone looking at the stars from the deck (Karen’s favorite spot in the house ) — and then back again to see the sunrise over the ocean in the a.m. and the sunset over the bay in the evening.


Setting the mood. Done right, color can be both sophisticated and fun. Karen set the dinning room mood with the vibrant chandelier she fell in love with.

“There’s a bit of unexpectedness.” We put all formality aside . . . and the effect is radiant, fresh and fun!” The Powell’s coastal home has such a welcoming feel... one that embraces relaxation and yet energizes you at the same time. Many of items in their home hold a special meaning - either the gifts from people they love or ones Karen and Terry selected together. 26 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

“Our retreat is for connecting with the people we love. Family and friends are everything to us. Terry and I wanted a vacation home that would be the place everyone wanted to return to, unwind and enjoy. Our home has livability and incorporates our personal style. In other words... it has the look we love, with the feel we want and the function we need”.

“Your decor should bring pleasure into your life and provide function in your space. It’s meant to energize your soul and the space around you.” Low-maintenance functionality is a key design element for any get away: Smooth tile and wood flooring can be easily swept for sand brought back from the beach, plus you can easily dress them up with area rugs. Big ,wide sofas and chairs with easy-to-care for slipcovers provide comfort for lazy afternoons and you can switch out the slip covers when you want to change the look and feel. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 29

30 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014


With 20 years of decorating experience, Karen knew to pick a favorite treasure and wrap the room around it. The no-holds-barred color inspiration came from the “Happy Dog” art hanging in the family room- their love of their four-legged family members and Karen’s love of color give this home its energy and charm.

“Coastal style, to us, means family friendly and it should make you smile”. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 31


All of the guest bedrooms in, both, the main house and cottage welcome you to come in and relax. Karen’s Number One tip for guest rooms: Keep clutter to a minimum. 32 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

“The decor in your guest’s bedroom should speak to them, letting them know they are welcome and you are happy they came to visit”

FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 33


34 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

FUN & FUNCTIONAL In the children’s guest quarters the whimsical fish encourage creativity and imagination.

“If you can, use colors and bedding selected by the little guys who will be spending the most time in there. You will be surprised by the results” “I take all worry out of the picture by making sure all surfaces and materials selected are super washable. . .

If it can’t be washed with soap and water - I skip it! “ Karen’s recipes for a kid-friendly design: is smart space planning. She keeps the room from ending up a mess with an easy storage plan. “No matter how the room looks, if it can’t be cleaned up quickly, it will be overshadowed by the lack of function. And who wants to spend any extra time cleaning when we all can be enjoying more time together?” FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 35

Odds of a child being diagnosed with autism: 1 in 88

Odds of a child becoming a top fashion designer: 1 in 7,000 Odds of a child being diagnosed with autism: 1 in 88

Some signs to look for:

No big smiles or other joyful expressions by 6 months.

No babbling by 12 months.

No words by 16 months.

To learn more of the signs of autism, visit Š 2012 Autism Speaks Inc. "Autism Speaks" and "It's Time To Listen" & design are trademarks owned by Autism Speaks Inc. All rights reserved.

The Fine Casual Evolution

By DecorDesigners Kayla Johns & Kelly Murphy

The justification of the rough and refined. Picture Jeans and Pearls ... these differences put together create an enticing style that is always fresh and comfortable FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 37

38 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014


The Fine Casual Evolution Today’s “Fine Casual” design is defined by combining earthy colors with elegant details and adding touch-me raw weathered textures creating a room that is both vibrant and practical, for all to enjoy. Hint of cool hues of pewter or chalky grey colors provides an ethereal lightness and a great place to start this fresh look. Mix in unexpected twists by weaving in natural dark blues and sea green tones. This style is all about layering textures that makes this style both casual and elegant. By combining contrasting textures, such as linens with velvets and other organic fabrics, and mixing in just a touch of soft patterns, you have a perfect foundation for this aesthetically pleasing style. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 39


40 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

The Fine Casual Evolution Using ultra-smooth textures like stone, painted woods, iron and steel combined with rough surfaces and materials such as brick, slate, exposed wood and organic fabrics delivers a fresh look that is both stylish and freeing from trends at the same time. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOUŽ I 41

By DecorDesigner Janet Aurora

Universal Design

Don’t Ask “Why?". . . Ask “Why Not?"

42 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

Coming of Age . . .

The ultimate livable home Our society is changing. We want to make our homes safe and accessible for all, including the elderly, the physically challenged and the very young. The search for home mobility and safety modifications solutions for homes has grown dramatically.


15% of the world's population have some form of disability.

“Some people are born with a disability; others become disabled as a result of an illness or injury, and some people develop them as they age. Almost all of us will have a disability at some point in our lives.” - Disabled World Many of us will be confronted with the fact that what was once not even a worry has now become an obstacle in our own homes. These new barriers are inconvenient and frustrating and may become hazardous to ourselves or to someone we love. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 43

Don’t sacrifice form for the sake of function

Although safety is key and most important, removing potential restrictions delivers light and open, uncluttered spaces that are aesthetically pleasing

Decor Plus: The wider doorways and hallways and the removal of thresholds will make the home feel more seamless.

44 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

HOME ALLURE & APPEAL One of the most important things in life is to create a comfortable, comforting home that works well and appeals to our own sense of style - in that order. Our home provides the framework, the shelter, the springboard that we all need for the betterment of our lives. But some obstacles and barriers put us or a family member in jeopardy of having to leave our homes and neighborhoods just when we need and want to be there the most. What many are now becoming aware of, is our homes can have stunning design with high function and saftey to accommodate everyone in the home without compromising on aesthetics and comfort we love. This is called “Universal Design”. It’s an approach to simplify life by adding functionality to our homes that, in turn, will also extend livability for years and increase its value. It a win-win. The importance of Universal Design is clear. Our lifestyle needs change over time. “Easy Living” features can be added seamlessly and enhance independence, support safety through the various stages of life while increasing the home’s appeal and value. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 45


Mix up your seating. Combine chairs with a banquet. This combo has a less rigid style and allows a space to be open for easy wheelchair access

Additional Easy Living Features Check List 1. One step-free entrance into the home plus an alternate step-free exit in case of fire. 2. A bedroom, full bath and kitchen on first level. 3. All doorways are free of thresholds. 4. Room to room and outside doors have a recommended 36 inches or wider width to allow easy wheelchair access. Where turning is needed there is a circle of 60 in. space. 5. Doors, cabinets and faucets have lever handles, or pulls for easier use than rounded knobs. 6. All windows can be opened with minimum effort. 7. Hallways and staircases are well lit. 8. Stairways have secure handrails located on both sides. 9. Hard flooring is continuous.

10. Light switches, thermostats and fire alarms are easily reached, even when seated. 11. Electrical outlets are no lower than 15 in. above the floor. 12. Kitchen counters mounted at varying heights, so they can be used while standing or seated. 13. Kitchen bottom cabinets under sink and other work stations have been removed to allow easy access. 14. Under sink areas have insulation placed over hot water pipes to prevent burns. 15. Kitchen has heat-resistant countertop next to the range, allowing users to slide hot utensils without the danger of trying to lift them. 16. Kitchen and bathroom have cabinets with pull out shelves that are easily reached when seated.

Source: AARP Home Fit Guide, Disabled World and the Center for the Universal Design


You can accommodate Easy Living features while still retaining a stylish finish. Easy Living guidelines, regardless of age or physical ability are: wider doors and hallways, one entry without steps, a firstfloor master bedroom and bath, open design that eases wheelchair mobility, slightly lower countertops, lower light switches and higher electrical outlets, and the ability to install grab bars in the bathroom. These guidelines will support your lifestyle and incorporate a new way of easy living if needed.


Glass doors add a nice designer touch and they help everyone see where things are stored. Use pull handles on the lowest area of cabinet doors for a cleaner look and easier access

17. First-level bathroom has a roll-in shower option 18. Bathtub or shower have non-slip surfaces 19. Bathroom walls are reinforced for secure grab bars. ADDITIONAL DECOR TIPS When selecting seating, it’s easier transferring from a wheelchair if both are similar heights. Common dining or work table heights are usually too low. Check tables heights to see it they can accommodate the height of a wheelchair comfortably. Color plays a big part when planning Easy Living features. A high contrast between flooring, counter top, backsplash, cabinetry, appliances, and walls can increase visibility, plus this style choice delivers a clean fresh look. FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 47

48 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014


Don’t Underestimate Serendipity By Mary Gilliatt Serendipity is such a good word. It’s an even better word to describe the fortuitous luck, the un-thought of touch, which can creep into decorating to make effects that we had not anticipated but for which we are, nevertheless, grateful.

FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 49

DESIGN DIARY I shall never forget the change made, unthinkingly, by a friend who had left a purple cardigan behind in a living room that I had designed. It was undoubtedly a pretty room. The walls were glazed a pale honeysuckle, the geometric carpet was Indian red and green and honeysuckle on a white ground. The curtain fabric was a Colefax & Fowler design of honeysuckle with Indian red stamens and fresh green leaves on white. The sofa and classic modern Italian chairs were nicely neutral. Books and paintings added more color and texture and there was the elegant bonus of a pair of stripped pine columns and old double doors in stripped pine, as well. 50 I DECOR&YOU® — FALL 2014

I was pleased with the tranquil effect. Yet that one left-over cardigan, nonchalantly resting on the back of an armchair, gave the room a shot of vivacity that I had not realized was missing. The little slash of purple made the space look glowing, without in any way losing its former tranquility. And from then on I made sure to always be on the lookout for some fresh and accidental introduction of color into a space. And it’s not just color. It could be a different texture; a painting, a piece of sculpture, a large plant, an antique, a unexpected sculptural detail of a chair or an unusal colored side table. You never know your luck – or when that serendipity will come your way.

FALL 2014 — DECOR&YOU® I 51

Karen Powell, Founder and Publisher

A letter from the publisher I

love dogs, so it’s no wonder that I created an entire design theme around a piece of art featuring festive, colorful dogs for my beach house on the shore. I’m thrilled to invite you in to see my idea of Universal Design in this space I consider my oasis. The term Universal Design has everything to do with the way your home reflects who you are, while also being extremely responsive to the essential needs and preferences of those living in the space. Universal Design must also meet the standards of functional practicality. As our population ages, baby boomers will deal with increasing physical challenges. There are people who were previously considered “handicapped” (someone with a physical disability) that when accommodations are made in their space, it can create a seamless functionality that echoes a positive “I love living here!”attitude that includes beautiful aesthetic design. Home décor should inspire and relax you and spark a smile when you and your visitors enter. But if it doesn’t function and isn’t practical, then it has little chance to be a look you’ll love for years.

My four-legged BFFs - Toby & Gizmo

“No longer are we one-or twosizes-fits all”

Many interior design elements exist to help make life simpler and easier for folks with all sorts of physical challenges. The key is to understand what options exist AND to think of the numerous details that will make the home flow for everyone. No longer are we one-or two-sizes-fits all. Tuck some of the Universal Design ideas you’ll see in this issue into the back of your mind for consideration during your next décor project or when purchasing a new home. Your home and design environments are meant to support your lifestyle, allowing it to evolve with you. Enjoy this issue!



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