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Warm up your House with Cushions this winter Cushions are no longer square inconsequential throws that lie around a couch as an appendage. They have grown in their relevance in making or breaking a home’s décor. Cushions can add color, warmth, variety and style, if chosen well. Cushions play dual role in contributing to a room’s appearance-they can add color and warmth to a drab room setting, as well as make a room appear cozy and homely. The advantage of using cushions is that they can be easily added or removed, without any effort or planning and are relatively investment-free.

This winter, choose to brighten up your house with some gorgeous cushions in fall colors and interesting patterns. Here are some cushion covers trend that will add a touch of warmth and class to your house during the cold months •

Knitwear pattern Cushions Dress your cushions with ski chic covers in dove gray, ivory and subtle winter colors for a classy feel.

Velvet Cushions Channel your inner drama queen into your upholstery with rich decadent velvet cushions in jewel tones to create an air of sophistication around your living room.

Frosty metallic Cushions Have a party of one right on your couch with these sequined metallic cushions. You can play it safe with champagne, muted and gold metallic cushions. To give a bold effect, try metallic blue covers instead.

Fur Cushions Winter’s no fun without any fur. Choose soft faux fur cushions in your study to give it a cozy lair feel

Graphic Design Cushions A cushion cover with a graphic interpretation painting or picture design is fantastic when it comes to adding color in a minimalistic way. Choose designs with cheery or vibrant color flashing on serene backgrounds.

Patchwork Cushions Buy cushions with cute patchwork prints or a handmade origami or psychedellic prints to evoke a kitsch feeling. You can also make it your own D-I-Y project by creating these covers by stitching your favorite patterned fabric.

Plaid thread Cushions Infuse a bit of the Scottish culture into your patio with lovely plaid and tartan pattern cushions. The warm colors of the threadwork instantly warm up the whole view.

Work the Holiday Charm Fill your house with Holiday cheer this winter with some special Holiday Themed upholstery decorations. Give your home the Christmas Makeover with red and green mini-cushions .This Christmas, Deck the hall with boughs of holly with cushion covers imprinted with cute Christmas bells, reindeer and snow patterns. Throwing a Halloween party this year? Build the ambience in your living room for the Halloween effect by stacking abstract and caricaturist themed cushions in funny shapes. Gear your party room with Count Dracula, Jack-o-Lantern or Frankenstein cushions for a coolness upgrade. Get it right Choose cushions in tandem with the rest of the room’s dÊcor .Place cushions that compliment the size of the couch or settee without having an overwhelming effect. Make the color palette your friend and get cushions that uplift the mood of the house in general.

Warm up your house with cushions this winter  

Cushions are no longer square inconsequential throws that lie around a couch as an appendage. They have grown in their relevance in making o...

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