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Easy Interior Decorating Chapter 1 - Cushions Designing the interiors of your own home can be a very rewarding and pleasant experience. Not only are you able to customize your home according to your requirements, you can also enjoy the satisfaction that comes from creating your own personal space. Additionally, designing your own home allows you complete control over your budget. Not everyone has an eye for design and not everyone wants to use the services of a professional interior designer to transform the look of their home. And even if you do, your home will always need the touch of your own hand from time to tome to keep it looking its best always. Here’s where we come in. We’re happy to present to you our guide on Easy Interior Decorating for your home. Today we’re going to explore one of the easiest and least expensive ways to decorate your home and bring beauty to it. Presenting Easy Interior Decorating Chapter 1 – Cushions! Decorating Your Home with Cushions Cushions are an important component of design and style in a home. Overlooking this component is often easy because cushions are not an extraordinary privilege. This makes us fail to realize that cushions are among the most visible design elements in a room. The type of cushions used and various cushion designs brings an aura of comfort and elegance to your home. One aspect of interior designing is permanency. You do not buy a new couch every month and you do not change your coffee table once every week. Cushions, on the other hand, are a flexible aspect of interior design. You can change them as frequently as you desire. And this change works to your benefit because the color or pattern of a single cushion can spruce up the look of your entire living space.

5 Easy Interior Decorating Ideas with Cushions

1. Use Different Types Of Cushions Unless you are very strict with uniformity, using different types of cushions pads based on size and shape can bring variety into your home. Round cushions, bolsters and the usual rectangular and square shaped cushions can together be arranged on your chairs and couch to create an atmosphere of comfort.

2. Opt For A Natural Palette Natural hues are very soothing to the eyes and create an ambience of calm. You can opt for a light brown or solid tan upholstery for your couch and chairs and use nature inspired colors like green and yellow for your cushions. Natural cushion designs like leaves and flowers can also inspire a natural theme in your home. A potted plant on your coffee table can add to the natural magic.

3. Color Choices Count Let’s say your curtains have a red floral design against a white background, you can create a balance with red colored cushions. Make sure the floral red of the curtains and the red cushions are a perfect match. Similarly, you can create an illusion of contrast in your living space with color choices such as orange curtains and blue pillows.

4. White Wash With Vibrant Color Many of us prefer to stick to white with our interiors such as white walls, white cabinets, white furniture and white couches. The use of white enables you to use your interiors like a canvas for color. Enliven your home with different colors of cushions, red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, bring them all in for a pop of vibrant color to your space.

5. Go Black, White & Red All Over The use of black, white and red together creates magic. Black and white chairs, couches and curtains create the impression of artistic elegance and when you add the unexpected red to it with a number of red cushions; you make your artwork more valuable. Your home is that one place in the world you can call your very own. The freedom to design your own space is very thrilling and we hope you make the most of it with a shower of cushions. For











Easy interior decorating chapter 1 cushions  

Designing the interiors of your own home can be a very rewarding and pleasant experience. Not only are you able to customize your home accor...

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