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* Memorial Hospital

3D Max. Interior Images.

Nurse Station

CONCEPT: Field of View PROBLEM: Nurse needs to see patient at all times, patient hates being watched SOLUTION: An axial plan is used as a compromise between the patients and nurses by creating an indirect view for the nurses while maintaining the patient’s privacy. The use of ornate surfaces which interact with the light alter one’s perception of reality within the space by creating a distraction.

Patient Rooms

Waiting Room

* The Social Wine Experiment

The design solution for Bardina emphasizes the wine tasting station as well as the fire place as two points of social engagement. The aim is to blur the threshold between strangers and friends and create a socially relaxed atmosphere. The design strategy is achieved by encouraging the guests to engage in participation with the two stations and thereby initiating conversation with each other. This interaction between guests is essential at Bardina. The material palette for the space is inspired by the natural materials found in a winery. The color palette is voluntarily neutral to create a comfortable space to enhance the relationship between the guests and the wine. The neutral palette will be accented by dark purples and smokey greys to create a intimate atmosphere.

Material Palette.

lounge area with fireplace wine tasting area with standing bar

cafe/lounge area with seating and standing room

Ruby Cafe Redesign

North Section 1/4" = 1'0"

CONCEPT: Panels The space uses panels to portray the versatility of RubyCafe. Each window is covered with a panel to control the light within the space. In addition, each desk has a panel to allow for the control of privacy.


Discovery Library

Rendered Plan 1/4” = 1’0”

Reading Kidz Container

CONCEPT: Fiction Vs. Non Fiction To library is divided into two parts to create a balance between stories (Fiction) and facts (Non-Fictior). One side allows the imagination flourish inside the life size stuffed animal whereas, the other side is sterile and neutral.

Reading Kidz Container

CONCEPT: Reading Jungle The fun and inviting space encourages kids to interact with the letters of reading and to promote the act of learning.

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Interior Design  

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