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Figuring out if you are a ‘cave person’ or a ‘cloud person’ can help you choose window coverings, such as black-out blinds or lacy curtains, that support the way you sleep.

Decide if you want a

cave or a cloud


JANINE WORKMAN Special to the Calgary Sun

With winter here, now is the perfect time to cosy-up at home. And nowhere is a snuggly space more important than in the bedroom, where the right decor can powerfully affect a solid night’s sleep. All people fall into two categories in the bedroom, says home décor expert Karl Lohnes. The first type is categorized as a “cave person,” someone who needs window coverings that keep the room pitchblack in the morning. The second type is a “cloud person,” someone who needs light in the morning in order to wake up. Identifying your sleep habits is a great place to get started on your bedroom décor as it helps you choose window coverings that support the way you sleep, whether you need black-out blinds or lacy curtains. “Window treatments here need to be both beautiful and functional,” said Katie

O’Dwyer, interior decorator and owner of the Decorating Den. “Styles, fabrics, trim, hardware and fabrication techniques can vary tremendously to satisfy both function and beauty.” Along with a place to catch a good night’s rest, a modern bedroom can function as an all-around at-home retreat. “Rugs, draperies, upholstered walls and furniture can act as important soundabsorbing elements to provide an intimate setting or solitude,” said O’Dwyer. “Make it personal, cosy, functional and private and you’ll find yourself retreating there more often than before.” She suggests visualizing what sort of activities you would like your “getaway” haven to support. “ P e r h a p s i t ’s w r i t i n g thought-provoking entries in your journal, reading your favourite books, watching TV or meditating, to name a few,” she said. O’Dwyer recommends evaluating your space with a criti-

cal eye before decorating to be sure the space can accommodate all of your desired activities, whether it be a cosy corner to read in or an invigorating yoga space under a sunny window. “While the answer is usually yes, you may still need to take advantage of some clever pre-planning,” she said. These activities and sleep habits can also play a big part in the colour scheme you choose. Cloud sleepers are best suited to light, reflective colours and wood tones that keep the space light and airy feeling. Cave sleepers can opt for rich paint tones, deeper-toned bedding and dark-stained furniture to create a more intimate space. “Colour sets the stage and provides harmony to everything else that will eventually find its way into your new bedroom,” O’Dwyer said. “It’s the backdrop that surrounds all of your furnishings, fabrics and accessories, lighting. Everything.”

Sun 15 nov 2014  
Sun 15 nov 2014