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Pretty Decora

What do you receive? . . . . . .

space planning suggestion inspiration board mood boards furniture and accessories list decora shopping list with details of the pieces listed how to “decora�

Notes: please consider size of the pieces when buying suggested items may or may not be available at time of purchase due to vendor stock and availability. Decora is not responsible for those items, but will try to assist you in finding suitable alternatives when possible

TAILOR-MADE PACKAGES Decora’s tailor-made online services are perfect for those who prefer to be provided with recommendations for a room, and then do it themselves. Some people may have a limited budget or may only be interested in focusing on one room at a time. Others may want to take a new look at their entire home or office. With our online sevices we can create the look you want to achieve, despite time, distance or budget.   We’ll help you find that designer look for less by using pieces from commercial chain stores in creative ways

Pretty Decora

space planning option Laura’s bedroom

bedside table bed


accessories/ lamp

bedside table


wardrobe stool

Pretty Decora

inspiration board Laura’s Bedroom

Pretty Decora

mood board/ furniture Laura’s bedroom

Side tables


1. 1.



2. 3.


Click on the pieces to be directed to supplier’s website

decora shopping list

1. Coronado side table $530 - Ecochic (Colour: various, Dimensions

1. Cancun Queen Bed $999- Freedom (Colour: white wash, Dimensions cm:

2. Replica prismatic side table $59 - Life interiors (Colour: white,

168W x 215D x 110H)

Dimensions cm: 41W x 41D x 37H)

2. Style Two Queen Bedbase $599 - Domayne (Colour: aak; Dimensions cm:

3. Art school bed side table $349 - Freedom (Colour: natural,

158W x 212D x 40H)

Dimensions cm: 45W x 45D x 65H)

3. Mandal bed frame $499- Ikea (Colour: birch and white, Dimensions

4. Roadie storage unit $924 - Ecochic (Colour: rustic recycled teak

cm: 160W x 202D x 27H)

with metal trimmings, Dimensions cm: 42W x 2D x 56H)

Note: prices are for bed frames only. Matresses are not included.

cm: 52W x 52D x 52H)

Pretty Decora

mood board/ accessories Laura’s bedroom

Floor mirrors

Table lights





3. 3.

Click on the pieces to be directed to supplier’s website

decora shopping list

1. Mirrored jewellery cabinet $129 - Milan Direct (Colour: white,

1. Harbour Lantern Large $59.95 - Dommayne (Colour: blue Dimensions

Dimensions cm: 36L x 39W x 153 H)

cm: 24D x 24W x 45H)

2. Outline floor mirror $499 - Freedom (Colour: natural, Dimensions cm:

2. Ljusas uvas $79 - Ikea (Colour: various, Dimensions cm: 32L x 24W x

89.5W x 200H)


3. Hovet mirror $199 - Ikea (Dimensions cm: 78W x 196H)

3. Jonsbo Egby $49.99 - Ikea (Dimensions cm: 29L x 23W x 123H)

Pretty Decora

mood board/ accessories Laura’s bedroom


Accessories 3.



1. 2.


Click on the pieces to be directed to supplier’s website

decora shopping list

1. Harper Frame $24.95 - Freedom (Colour: natural, Dimensions cm: 4D

1. Olly Owl Yellow $29.95 ea - Dommayne (Colour: yellow and blue

x 26W x 21H)

Dimensions cm: 13D x 16W x 22H)

2. Madison Frame $24.95 - Freedom (Colour: white, Dimensions cm: 3D x

2. Marrakech Jar with Lid $49.95 - Freedom (Colour: Azure,

26W x 30.5H)


3. Finlir Frame $19.99 - Ikea (Dimensions cm: 18W x 124H)

cm: 14.5L x 14.5W x 46.5H) 3. Elle Bulb Glass Vase $18.95 - Dommayne (Colour: blue, Dimensions cm: 14D x 20H)

Pretty Decora

mood board/ accessories Laura’s bedroom

Bed linen 1.

3. 2.

decora shopping list 1. Danya $167.96 - KAS (Queen size, incl. quilt cover and 2 std pillowcases) 2. Malin Figur $99.00 - Ikea (Queen size, incl. quilt cover and 4 pillowcases) 3. Madeira $64.95 - Dommayne (Queen size, incli. quilt cover and 2 pillowcases)

Pretty Decora

how to “decora”

After selecting and purchasing your item it’s time to start DECORAting!!! 1. Remove all items that won’t be used anymore. 2. Clean the entire room, before placing the new items purchased. 3. Bring all the furniture in and place them according to our suggestions, please see floor plan for reference. 4. Accessorise it! Set the table lamps up and place them on top of the side tables. 5. Find a nice place close to the table lamps to put your lovely new accossories (frames etc) 6. Now it’s time to do your bed. We suggest you to wash and iron the new bed linen before putting it on your bed. 7. Place the new pillows as per picture below.

8. For a nice and personal touch buy scented candles and light them up safely a couple of yours before before going to bed and enjoying your new fabulous room. Enjoy Decora team

Pretty Decora How do I get started? Complete and submit the questionnaire, that will be emaild to you after purhasing the package on our website, along with 2-4 low-resolution images of the room and room measurements, we will also need a drawing of each wall including the overall dimensions of the room, wall height and please include power points, windows etc and don’t forget your budget. All information is sent electronically. Nothing is mailed

Pretty Decora How long does it take? Once your questionnaire, room images, measurements and payment have been received, the design process begins. We design each room, one at a time, and each room design takes approximately three weeks to be completed and sent back to you. If your project involves multiple rooms or an entire home or office, please email us for a time estimate. Â Rates & Payment: Payment is due in full when the questionnaire, room images and inspiration links have been submitted. Room design will not begin until payment has been received in full. We accept credit cards, bank transfer and paypal. All designs are non refundable. Notes If necessary, we can provide a follow-up service and help you at your home (available in Sydney only). Additional project management/ assistance fee is $250. Please contact us for details.

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Pretty Decora

Notes: Process only starts after payment is located and all the information about the room and client’s needs are received. we need three working weeks to design your room. we give you one working week to give us feedback about the design (we will do our best to accommodate all your needs within your budget and space).

pretty decora  

pretty decora website

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