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Deco Bubbles Qualatex® Deco Bubbles are made of stretchy plastic that protects and displays latex balloons, preventing oxidation and making them last longer. Inflate Deco Bubbles with a latex regulator until wrinkles disappear from the seam, and tie tightly with a Bubble Cinch Knot. When double-stuffed with a 16" latex balloon, a cinch knot is not required. Simply tie the latex balloon (not including the Bubble) like normal. Deco Bubbles do not have valves, and are View the designed for use by balloon professionals. Deco Bubble Use Deco Bubbles to create: • Deco Gumballs • Deco Double Bubbles • Balloon Garland • And More!

Inflation & Bubble Cinch Knot instructional videos at

Deco Bubble KAI #68824 20" Clear KAJ #68825 24" Clear

Deco Bubbles

Stretchy Plastic Balloons

See package for instructions on creating profitable Deco Gumballs.


Deco Bubble – Flowers All Around KAK #12112 20"

Deco Bubble – Stars All Around KAK #15611 20"

Deco Bubble – Hearts All Around KAK #15610 20"

with 11" Lime Green

with 16" Goldenrod

with 11" Ruby Red

with 11" Neon Violet

Deco Bubble – Big Polka Dots All Around KAK #16872 20"

Deco Bubble – Swirls All Around KAK #15574 20"

with 16" Emerald Green

with 16" Pearl

Light Blue Deco Bubble – Snowflakes All Around KAK #15609 20"

U.S. Patent No. 5,041,046, No. 4,966,568, No. 6,782,675

Solid-color Bubbles Solid-color Bubbles from Qualatex® are 15", stretchy-plastic balloons with self-sealing valves. Available in eleven vibrant colors, this new product will heighten your decor potential by allowing you to create longer-lasting Classic Balloon Decor!

Solid-color Bubbles: • Are non-allergenic and never oxidize • Come four per moisture-proof package • Float with helium and last even longer when air filled • Are intended for use with a latex regulator • Feature extended tabs for easy tying in pairs • Match Qualatex latex colors • May vary in performance in some colors when used in extreme weather conditions

Feature self-sealing valves

Red KAL #21334 15" (4 ct.)

Yellow KAL #21335 15" (4 ct.) Dark Blue KAL #21336 15" (4 ct.)

Green KAL #21338 15" (4 ct.)

with 11" Pearl Mint Green

Orange KAL #21339 15" (4 ct.)

Purple Violet KAL #21340 15" (4 ct.)

Deco Bubble – Scroll Filigree All Around KAK #23593 20"

Pink KAL #21342 15" (4 ct.)

with 16" Rose

Deco Bubble – Floral Patterns All Around KAK #16874 20"

with 16" Pearl Lavender

Deco Bubble – Joined Hearts All Around KAK #21364 20"

Onyx Black KAL #21349 15" (4 ct.)

Not Available Now– See Your Distributor

White KAL #21347 15" (4 ct.)

Solid-color Bubbles are pop resistant but not pop proof. They can withstand temperature changes; however, exposing them to extreme heat (temperatures exceeding 120 degrees F, 50 degrees C) may result in poor performance. Enclosed areas, such as a vehicle in sunlight, can exceed these temperatures. Some colors may absorb heat faster than others. At this time, we recommend that you not expose Bubbles to these extreme conditions. Due to photography and color printing processes, exact colors may vary.

Come four to a package

Solid-color Bubbles

Pale Blue KAL #21341 15" (4 ct.)

Stretchy Plastic Balloons

Lime Green KAL #21337 15" (4 ct.)


Deco Burbujas y Colores Sólidos  

Catalogo de productos burbujas 2009, deco burbujas y colores sólidos.

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