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Hack It Josh Pearce

Through the glass you see The perfect arrow cursor of an airplane across the clouds. Rain comes down the window like Tetris blocks. You tap Against the pane, rap on snailshell keys. Some kid is outside in the planterbox, jumping on the flowers, spitting fiery obscenities and you feel you know exactly what her problem is. Traffic crawls by, the progress bar of the city. A flicker of lightning in the system. You’re on the inside of the box and the entire world performs all the operations to bring you these moving colors on your unflatscreen. People on the street move from the bus to the store, from home to job in their screensaver loop lives until the display cracks around the edges under a daylight virus. The sun breaks through, scattered into pixels, and the sky bluescreens.

Josh Pearch - Hack It | 81

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