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Declaring War on Nostalgia II/ Interview with O (circel)/2012

DWON interviewing O (circel) We are really pleased to have the chance to ask „O“ a bunch of hopefully stimulating questions. These guys are from the border region between Germany and the Netherlands (Aachen) and they satisfy their audience with their post apocalyptic Post Rock/Ambient sound infiltrated by the spirit of punk/hardcore. They are highly underrated, but they claim for world supremacy. Yo guys! How are you? Anything random to add to this short introduction? (I have stolen most of it from your facebook info anyway) Hi. Sounds pretty good, but we´re not all living in Aachen: just two of us. The rest lives in the Netherlands (Maastricht, Vaals) and our drummer currently lives in Antwerp. (Belgium) The first question we want to ask you is a quite obvious one. Please be so kind and tell us about your band’s name. O or circle, what do you prefer? Is there any deeper meaning behind it? How did it come into place? We prefer „Circle“. We´ve had a hard time and long discussions how to call us. First we´ve thought about names like „Jukai“ or „Sea of Trees“ because the concept of our upcoming LP is based on the theme of the Aokigahara forrest in Japan, but we didn´t want to be connected to that forever. Names are like frames that set boundaries. We didn´t want to be fixed to something because life is about changes and therefor you need space to evolve. The idea to use a symbol as our name was just the logical consequence of this thinking. We´ve chosen a circle because it´s a unit in itself. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning at the same time. An endless cycle, infinity, the cycle of life, life and death. These are also the topics we focus on in our songs. All of you played in several bands before, some of you used to play in a post/hardcore screamo band. I would like to focus especially on that one. But can you shortly let us know in what other bands the members used to play in? Levi (drums) played in a screamo band called „allegorie“. I (Yves) played together with Piotr (bass) in "Dancing on Debris". Ben (guitar) still plays in a indie rock band called "Kings of the Day“ and Kay (drehleier) is still playing on several folks festivals with his father. As mentioned before, I want to highlight the fact that members of O performed in the Screamo band Dancing on Debris. Was there anything that triggered you to create even more atmospheric music? Was it logically the next step in your development as musicians or did you got sick of the “hardcore/screamo scene”? In some kind of way I (Yves) really had some problems with the scene, but that wasn´t the reason for this change. I think it just happened and was a normal development. Even with „Dancing“ I always focused on writing long and somehow epic riffs. After we´ve quit the band I´ve started to play with Chippy (guitar) but the music was more inspired by bands like „Kidcrash“. After some time I got really inspired by music from the 1960s and 1970s like "The Doors" and "Pink Floyd" and wanted to create something like they did back then but with today´s

Declaring War on Nostalgia II/ Interview with O (circel)/2012 possibilities of making music and of course with an own sound. Besides that I really love black metal and I´m convinced that this is the ugly mother of nowadays' Postrock. As already mentioned, you try to create a unique sound experience. Most of your songs develop slowly and with an increasing loudness. What are your expectations regarding your audience’s behavior during your set? I for example attended Post Rock Ambient concerts, where people were clapping and talking during the songs and was very annoyed about it. We can not say "shut your mouth and enjoy the music" but mostly the audience is silent and they get in a good mood. Gladly it didn't happen that often that the people were talking during the whole set. What´s strange sometimes or might be strange to other bands is when the audience does not clap after a song. We love that feeling when we´re together with the audience but somewhere completely else. Our music shouldn´t be just music but an experience. That´s what we aim for. Your musical background indicates that you are very familiar with the DIY attitude, ethic or whatever you want to call it. If I am right, O plays or played small DIY venues as well as “bigger clubs” with well renowned Post Rock bands such as 65daysofstatic. It is often the case that smaller bands use the DIY scene as a spring-board to “bigger business”. What is your approach concerning this issue? For example, I guess you were looking for a label to release your first record. Has it to be a DIY Label? We are and will always be a DIY band. We always tried to make everything ourselves: shirts, artwork, printing recording, shows, ... I think it is important to be as independent as possible so that you are able to really do what you want whenever you want. For us it means freedom and no boundaries to develop and evolve the way we want to. We are so glad that we´ve found two DIY labels that support us and help us to release our first album this autumn. „Alerta Antifascista“ and „Twintoe Records“...Thank you so much! But it doesn´t always have to be a DIY show or label, as long as the audience is willing to come with us on a musical journey and we have the independence to do things our way. We´re not interested in bigger business or any business at all, just music. Currently, there is a heated debate about bands, which are politically highly questionable, but still have a huge impact/influence on modern alternative, experimental or extreme art. I am thinking of bands like Burzum or Death in June. How far is art allowed to go? Where would you draw the line? We don't care actually, because art shouldn't have any boundaries. You can decide for yourself how far you personally are willing to go. We don't want to have anything to do with intolerant thinking and discrimination etc. This discussion about those bands will never find an end and bands like this will become more famous because of all the discussions about them. We ourselves are a non political band. We don´t play music about any politics but life in all it´s colours. You toured parts of Germany and Austria with the furious Dead End Friends in April. I heard these dudes are a bunch of jerkish farmers from the middle of nowhere. Any impressions about your trip?

Declaring War on Nostalgia II/ Interview with O (circel)/2012


O - DWON Interview