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HOPKINS,Edward.(29),Address not traced.[Fireman] Lost overboard,s/t.SWIFT H99 225 miles,N.E.x E.of Spurn,18thNOVEMBER,1900. HOPWOOD,William.(24),Address not traced.[Skipper] Lost with all hands,f.s.NIGHT HAWK H28 Foundered in the North Sea,11thDECEMBER,1883. HORNBY,Frank.(25),5 Geuant st,Cleethorpes.[Deckhand] Lost overboard,f.s.SWIFT H204 In the North Sea,2ndMAY,1893. HORNER,George.(42),Address not traced.[2nd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.FRIENDSHIP H1071 Missing in the North Sea,29thDECEMBER,1880. HORNER,George.(28),Address not traced.[Bosun] Lost overboard,s/t.EXPERT H244 In the North Sea,15thMARCH,1896. HORSFIELD,Edwin.(48),28 Brunswick-ave,St.George's rd,Hull.[-] Died aboard,s/t.LOCH MELFORT H249 In the North Sea,12thJULY,1963. HOSIE,James.(29), Bean st,Hull.[Fireman] Lost with 9 shipmates,s/t.ORIOLE A305 Enemy action off Strakken Pt,Faroes,11thJANUARY,1941. HOUGHT,Richard.(30),110 Goulton st,Hull.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,s/t.STORK H489 Wrecked, West coast of Iceland,14thNOVEMBER,1912. HOUGHTON,Alfred.(25),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost overboard,f.s.THE BOYS H1004 Foundered in the North Sea,6thMARCH,1883. HOUGHTON,George.(20),Address not traced.[2nd/Hand] Lost overboard,f.s.BESSIE LEWIS H1170 In the North Sea,27thNOVEMBER,1881. HOVAT,O.(18),Address not traced.[Cook] Lost with all hands,f.s.LILY H904 Foundered in the North Sea,6thMARCH,1883. HOWARD,David.(42),13 15th Avenue,Hull.[Sparehand] Lost with all hands,s/t.STRATHLYON H19 Struck mine off Iceland,1stSEPTEMBER,1943. HOWARD,John.(23),Address not traced.[2nd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.WALTER & ALBERT H3 Missing in the North Sea,21stDECEMBER,1876. HOWARD, Joseph.(17), Address not traced.[Apprentice] Lost overboard,,f.s. SWAY H889 In the North Sea,2ndSeptember,1878. HOWDEN,A.(23),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost overboard,s/t.JAY H278 120 miles,E.x N.½ N.of Spurn.13thDECEMBER,1913.


Lost trawlermen  
Lost trawlermen