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HINDMARSH,William.(54),4 Worcester-ter,Gillett st,Hull.[Bosun] Lost with all hands,s/t.AMBER H398 Presumed to have struck mine,10thJANUARY,1920. HINES,Joseph.(18),Address not traced.[Cook] Lost with all hands,f.s.VANGUARD H1117 Foundered in the North Sea,3rdMARCH,1883. HINNIGAN,John.(18),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost from,f.s.PRINCE CHARLIE H778 Found derelict off Texel,Holland,6thAPRIL,1877. HIRD,Frederick.(45),120 Sibelious rd,Hull.[2nd/Engineer] Died aboard,s/t.KINGSTON JACINTH H198 Off Iceland,16thJUNE,1970. HIRD,William.(17),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost with all hands,f.s.JOHN HARKER H1070 Foundered in the North Sea,6thMARCH,1883. HOBSON,George.(-),40 Claremont-ave,Hull.[Radio/Officer] Lost with all hands,s/t.LORELLA H455 90 miles,N.E.of N.Cape,Iceland,26thJANUARY,1955. HOCKING,G.S.(34), Fore st,Newlyn.[4th/Hand] Drowned embarking,s/t.ACTIVE H191 In St.Andrew's Dock,5thNOVEMBER,1910. HOCKING,Samuel.(18),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost overboard,f.s.YOUNG PETER H969 In the North Sea,5thNOVEMBER,1877. HODGE,Richard.(20),Address not traced.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.STAGHOUND H1013 Missing in the North Sea,28thDECEMBER,1880. HODGSON,Herbert.(47),70 Havelock st,Hull.[Mate] Lost overboard,s/t.ESKE H859 Off Iceland,26thAUGUST,1926. HODGSON,Robert.(-), Resided in Withernsea.[Chief Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.ST.LOUIS H153 Missing on passage to Skolpen Bank,12thJANUARY,1930. HODGSON,Ronald.(25),1 Clifton-grove,Paisley st,Hull.[Sparehand] Lost with all hands,s/t.LADY LAVINIA H160 Missing off Sula lighthouse,Norway,6thMARCH,1938. HODGSON,William.(23),Address not traced.[Chief Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.CYPRUS H198 Foundered in the North Sea,15thFEBRUARY,1900. HODSON,Charles.(-),6 Gloucester st,Hull.[2nd/Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.WREN H215 Foundered in the North Sea,18thDECEMBER,1923. HODSON,William.(20),Sedmans-ave,Witty st,Hull.[3rd/Hand] Drowned boarding fish,s/t.MERLIN H924 In the North Sea,17thJULY,1932.


Lost trawlermen  
Lost trawlermen