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WALKER,William.(32),Address not traced.[2nd/Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.ENGLAND H255 Foundered in the North Sea,22ndDECEMBER,1894. WALL,Thomas.(28),28 Hereford-st,Hull.[Sparehand] Lost with all hands,s/t.KING ERIK GY474 Enemy action,off Iceland,5thSEPTEMBER,1941. WALLER,Barry.(19),99 Eighth-ave,N.Hull Est,Hull.[Decky-learner] Lost overboard,s/t.ST.ALCUIN H125 In the Humber estuary,2ndAUGUST,1968. WALLER,G.A.(34),P.o.b.,Brighton.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.COLIN H1241 Foundered in the North Sea,4thFEBRUARY,1894. WALLIS,Charles.(14),Address not traced.[Deckboy] Lost overboard,s/t.MARY BOWES H1886 In the North Sea,12thAUGUST,1886. WALLIS,Herbert.(17),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost with 3 shipmates,s/t.CRUISER GN54 Enemy action in North Sea,2ndMAY,1915. WALMSLEY,Bernard.(17),8 Olive-grove,Harrow st,Hull.[Decky-learner] Died result of accident,s/t.STELLA AQUILLA H114 At Iceland,6thAPRIL,1963. WALMSLEY,George.(41),45 Cecil st,Hull.[Chief Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.LINNET H363 Foundered in the North Sea,25thJANUARY,1902. WALMSLEY,George.(26),Victoria-ave,Woodcock st,Hull.[2nd/Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.KINGFISHER H830 Wrecked off Portland,Iceland,20thAPRIL,1912. WALMSLEY,Jack.(26),Eden-grove,Eastbourne st,Hull.[Bosun] Lost overboard,s/t.MARCONI H488 Off the Russian coast,23rdDECEMBER,1928. WALMSLEY,John.(40),76 Subway st,Hull.[Chief Engineer] Lost overboard,s/t.GENERAL GORDON H844 100 miles N.W.x N.of Pentland Firth,1stFEBRUARY,1911. WALSH,Paul.(16),Leithholm-close,Bransholme,Hull.[Trainee] Died result of accident aboard,m/t.NORINA FD324 Off the Shetlands,1stOCTOBER,1990. WALTON,Terence.(19),7 Bramwell-ter,Grey st,Hull.[Deckhand] Lost with all hands,s/t.ST.ROMANUS H223 Missing on passage to fishing grounds,11thJANUARY,1968. WALTON,Thomas.(29),4 Whitfield-ave,Division rd,Hull.[3rd/Hand] Died result of accident aboard,s/t.PRINCE OF WALES H138 220 miles E.x N.of Spurn,14thDECEMBER,1896. WARBETON,John.(19),Address not traced.[3rd Hand] Lost overboard, f.s. BEN AND MARIA of Hull. In the North Sea,6th MAY,1879.


Lost trawlermen  
Lost trawlermen