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STOKES,James.(20).Address not traced.[2nd/Hand] Lost overboard,f.s.D.M.STANLEY H1036 In the North Sea,12thMARCH,1885. STOKES,Richard.(55),12 Victoria st,Grimsby.[Skipper] Lost with all hands,f.s.MARY GRACE H623 Missing in the North Sea,22ndDECEMBER,1894. STOKES,T.(-),Address not traced.[Skipper] Lost with all hands,f.s.CATO Foundered in the North Sea,2ndDECEMBER,867. STONE,Albert.(29),1 Princess-ave,Rosamond st,Hull.[2nd/Hand] Drowned,boarding fish,s/t.GARNET H159 In the North Sea,26thNOVEMBER,1889. STONE,George.(62),63 Patterdale rd,Hull.[Cook] Lost overboard,s/t.AUBURN WYKE H218 In the North Sea,7thAPRIL,1959. STONES,Albert.(27),58 Haltemprice st,Hull.[2nd/Engineer] Lost with all hands,s/t.WINDWARD HO H692 Struck mine 3 miles South of Peterhead,9thMAY,1915. STONES,John.(34),13 Rugby st,Hull.[Skipper] Lost with 6 shipmates,s/t.DOUGLAS H375 Collision with s/t.AUSTRALIA H1328. 3rdDECEMBER,1901. STONES,Joseph.(30),Woods Lane,Commercial rd,Hull.[Deckhand] Lost overboard,f.s.LIBERTY H840 In the North Sea,3rdJULY,1882. STOREY,Thomas.(21),Address not traced.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.WINONA H863 Missing in the North Sea,24thDECEMBER,1881. STORGAARD,J.(23),7 Cumberland-ave,Eton st,Hull.[Mate] Lost with 4 shipmates,s/t.BOTANIC H967 Stranded,Vaero Island,Norway,27thDECEMBER,1910. STOTT,David.(20),18 Lincourt,Orchard Park,Hull.[Sparehand] Lost with all hands,s/t.ST.ROMANUS H223 Missing on passage to fishing grounds,11thJANUARY,1968. STOWE,Alfred.(36),Poplar-grove,Woodcock st,Hull.[Skipper] Lost with all hands,f.s.EXCEL H1187 Foundered in the North Sea,22ndDECEMBER,1894. STOWE,Thomas.(35),14 Craven-ter,Gillett st,Hull.[3rd/Hand] Lost overboard,f.s.BLUEBELL H11 In the North Sea,5thDECEMBER,1891. STRAKER,Karl.(17),78 Eton st,Hull.[Cooks-assistant] Lost with all hands,m/t.GAUL H243 Foundered,N.Cape of Norway,8thFEBRUARY,1974. STRONG,Albert.(36),6 Berwick-gardens,Clifton st,Hull.[2nd/Engineer] Died aboard,s/t.KINGSTON SARDIUS H588 In the White Sea,25thMAY,1956.


Lost trawlermen  
Lost trawlermen