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PEDERSON,Frederick.(22),Address not traced.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,s/t.ANLABY H437 Wrecked at Iceland,14thJANUARY,1902. PEDERSON,Holger.(-),Address not traced.[Skipper] Lost with all hands,s/t.PARAGON H56 Wrecked at Adelvik Bay,Iceland,24thNOVEMBER,1908. PEDERSON,James.(21),44 Day st,Hull.[Sparehand] Lost overboard,s/t.JAMES LAY LO33 Off the Faroes,14thJUNE,1934. PEEL,Ambrose.(46),9 Wicken-ter,Wassand st,Hull.[Cook] Lost with all hands,s/t.TITANIA H903 Enemy action,N.W.of Dogger Bank,18thMAY,1915. PENNYCAD,Samuel.(39),Airedale-ter,Staniforth Place,Hull.[Bosun] Lost with all hands,s/t.ST.LAWRENCE H939 Missing,presumed to be enemy action,3rdOCTOBER,1914. PENROSE,Alfred.(-),Address not traced.[Deckhand] Lost with all hands,s/t.HALCYON H408 Struck mine,off the Butt of Lewis,19thFEBRUARY,1917. PEPPER,William.(14),83 Chiltern st,Hull.[Apprentice] Unlawfully killed aboard,f.s.RISING SUN H481 120 miles,N.E.of Spurn,1stJANUARY,1882. PERKINS,George.(-),Address not traced.[Skipper] Lost overboard,f.s.ROMEO H1235 In the North Sea,17thDECEMBER,1894. PERRET,J.(-),Address not traced.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,s/t.PARAGON H56 Wrecked at Adelvik Bay,Iceland,24thNOVEMBER,1908. PERRIN,Henry.(27),P.o.b.,London.[2nd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.JAMES COLIN HOARD H1022 Missing in the North Sea,6thFEBRUARY,1894. PERRINS,Norbert.(42),1 Salford-ave,Manchester st,Hull.[Fireman] Lost with 4 shipmates,s/t.STAXTON WYKE H479 Collision in N.Sea with,s.s.DALHANNA. 23rdAUGUST,1959. PERRY,George.(-),20 Euston-ter,Marmaduke st,Hull.[2nd/Hand] Lost overboard,f.s.SELBY H1205 In the North Sea,19thFEBRUARY,1881. PERRY,Thomas.(17),50 Ropery st,Hull.[Trimmer] Lost with all hands,s/t.ANGUS H895 Posted missing in the North Sea,18thNOVEMBER,1913. PESTEL,Charles.(30),P.o.b.,Somerton.[2nd/Hand] Lost overboard,f.s.GOOD HOPE H83 On the Dogger Bank,1stDECEMBER,1890. PETCH,John.(-),Address not traced.[3rd/Hand] Lost with all hands,f.s.LONDESBOROUGH H268 Foundered in the North Sea,22ndDECEMBER,1894.


Lost trawlermen  
Lost trawlermen