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Lee Teed reads the nutritional information on some products at the Natural Food Store in Searcy. Teed switched to a gluten-free diet last fall.

Waving goodbye to wheat Searcy woman says gluten-free diet provides solution to health issues BY HARRISON KEEGAN


ee Teed took the trip of a lifetime last fall. Teed, a real estate agent from Searcy, went to Mongolia on a mission trip with nine others from Fellowship Bible Church. She spent 10 days in Mongolia and had an amazing experience interacting with people and taking in the culture. One thing she wasn’t crazy about, however, was the food. Teed wasn’t a fan of the fat-heavy way the meat and vegetables were cooked in Mongolia, so she stuck to grains. “The whole time I was there, I lived on bread and noodles from a package,” Teed said. “Over a 14 x well now x JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2014

period of two months after I got back, I had gained 10 pounds, and it started there.” Teed, 40, noticed she was retaining water and she was low on energy. In search of answers, Teed consulted her doctor and local dietitian Christie Brooks, who both suggested she might have a gluten intolerance. Teed did a 12-day cleanse and then adopted a gluten-free diet last fall. She said the results came in a hurry as she lost five pounds in the first week. The gluten-free diet is something Teed is going to have to stick with, and she said she is learning as she goes. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and