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2008 annual report operational excellence financial strength disciplined investment

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Ralph Izzo

chairman’s letter Our focus on operational excellence in 2008 enabled PSEG to remain financially strong during the most difficult economic conditions in decades. With heightened efforts by our employees at cost reduction, we fully expect to emerge successfully as the economy improves. We have built a foundation for continued success with a disciplined approach to investment in several traditional service offerings and in new areas related to climate change. In doing so, we are advancing our vision of PSEG as a recognized leader, known for its people providing safe, reliable, economic and green energy. Few if any companies entirely escaped the effects of the economic downturn. Our stock followed the rest of the market and dropped 40 percent from a year earlier. But unlike some companies, we remained financially sound and, indeed, improved our balance sheet during 2008. We reduced debt through the sale of our last major international assets. Except for a few small residual investments, we have exited our international position and, in the process, lowered risk. We delivered operating earnings of $2.92 per share – a record for us and right in the middle of the guidance we had issued. Also on the positive side, we added to one of the longest records of


We are determined to maintain a strong company through our commitment to operational excellence, financial strength and disciplined investment

paying dividends among U.S. public

In 2008 as in past years, our employees

are seeing additional improvements by

companies. PSEG or its predecessor

excelled in being there for our customers

applying an operational excellence model

companies have paid dividends for

in all types of weather and conditions.

to our fossil units.

102 consecutive years.

Many New Jersey communities were struck by devastating storms in June.

Our Texas generating facilities are a

We increased our dividend by 10 percent

Our employees restored hundreds of

notable contributor to our success. They

early in 2008, and were able to increase

thousands of customers safely and

achieved another year of safe, reliable

it by another 3.1 percent in February

quickly. They responded with the same


2009. The latest increase marks the sixth

dedication in other restoration efforts, not

consecutive year that PSEG has

only in New Jersey but in places from

To sustain operational excellence

increased its common stock dividend.

Texas to Massachusetts.

requires a strong focus on finding ways

We are determined to remain a leader

PSEG Power, our large wholesale energy

tool called the balanced scorecard to

in our industry through our commitment

supply business, set new records for elec-

define successful operations with a

to operational excellence, financial

tric generation output and profitability.

degree of detail that has earned national

to do the job better. In part, we use a

strength and disciplined investment.

recognition and helped to improve perIn 2008, our nuclear units had a number

formance. We will continue striving for

Operational Excellence

of accomplishments. In May, Salem unit

new levels of excellence, as one would

Operational excellence is basic to our

2 completed the second shortest steam

expect from a leader in providing safe,

business. In 2008, through the consider-

generator replacement outage in the

reliable, economic and green energy.

able talents of our employees, we set

history of the nuclear power industry,

new records in several areas.

and in the process, established a new

Financial Strength

standard for radiological safety. In addition,

Our financial strength is serving us well

PSE&G, our New Jersey energy delivery

Hope Creek station completed an

during a time of unprecedented turbulence

company, won recognition as America’s

extended power uprate that provided an

in capital markets. Far from being new,

most reliable electric utility for the third

additional 150 megawatts of electric-

financial strength long has been a core

time in four years, and earned similar

generating capacity. Lastly, when the

component of our strategy – and we will

recognition for regional reliability leader-

weather warmed up, our nuclear fleet

continue emphasizing it.

ship for the seventh consecutive year.

produced more carbon-free energy than

Gas operations continued to excel with

ever before to keep millions of people

The sale of international assets improved

efforts such as responding to 99.9 per-

cool and comfortable.

our liquidity and strengthened our balance sheet. Our improved risk profile and

cent of gas leak calls within one hour. Our fossil fleet contributed as well. Our

successful debt-reduction efforts enabled

Safety goes hand in glove with reliability.

combined-cycle units increased year-

us to achieve our credit rating targets

In 2008, PSE&G received the Governor’s

over-year output significantly. We moved

in 2008.

Continued Excellence Award for out-

ahead with environmental upgrades of

standing safety achievement in the state

our coal fleet as a key part of our invest-

Our business has continued to produce

of New Jersey.

ment to improve their performance. We

solid cash flows. We completed the


Employees across the company are engaged in this effort, resulting in a stream of new ideas, including how to produce this report. We will remain cost vigilant

year with approximately $3.5 billion in

assistance to our customers at a time of

A major focus of ours is to help New

available liquidity and very modest

financial distress. In New Jersey, we

Jersey reach the aggressive goals of the

financing requirements.

have long partnered in programs that

state’s energy master plan. The plan

can help eligible customers pay their

delineates a leading role for utilities in

Financial strength is about many things

utility bills. In 2008, we deepened our

energy efficiency and expands opportu-

at PSEG, from rigorous controls to sound

involvement in such programs and

nities for both our regulated and

governance practices and an emphasis

expanded educational efforts to help

competitive businesses to grow in the

on risk management. It is fundamental to

our customers save energy.

renewable energy area.

for our shareholders — in keeping with

It will take time to overcome the wide-

We are pursuing energy-efficiency invest-

our century-long reputation for rock-solid

ranging impact of the economic

ments that can help customers lower

integrity and focus on reliable, long-term

downturn. Nevertheless, I hope our

their bills, reduce carbon emissions and


shareholders will take heart from our

stimulate the economy. In December

our efforts to provide acceptable returns

strong fundamentals and the proactive

2008, we received regulatory approval

Of course, financial strength has taken

way we responded to the crisis. We are

for a $46 million pilot program of house-

on greater importance in an extremely

determined to remain financially solid.

hold energy audits, and energy-saving

challenging economy. We moved

measures for homes, businesses and

aggressively to address economic pres-

Disciplined Investment

hospitals. This program has a strong

sures. We reduced our capital spending

As to the future, we are well positioned to

urban emphasis, reflecting the key role

plans for 2009 by roughly $300 million

address three major energy challenges,

that utilities can play in providing universal

well before the year had begun. We took

each providing significant opportunities:

access to green energy and green jobs.

steps to ensure our nuclear decommis-

The first is climate change; the second is

In January 2009, as part of our efforts to

sioning trust fund and pension fund

the need to replace aging energy infra-

provide an additional economic stimulus,

stay safe and sound. In the same vein,

structure; and the third is the need for

we proposed a new $190 million invest-

we are managing the business to take

additional energy supply.

ment to improve customer access to the

into account financial risk, including the

benefits of conservation.

Investing to Help Society Combat Climate Change

In the renewables area, PSE&G became

Climate change is the pre-eminent envi-

in 2008 the first utility to offer a loan pro-

We are working hard to ferret out cost

ronmental issue that will define our industry

gram to spur the development of solar

savings without compromising safety or

in the future. We are pursuing solutions

energy in New Jersey. This $105 million

reliability. Employees across the com-

along three main lines: conservation

program provides financing to expedite

pany are engaged in this effort, resulting

through energy-efficiency improvements;

30 megawatts of solar energy over two

in a stream of new ideas, including how

the development of renewables such as

years. In February 2009, PSE&G pro-

to produce this report.

solar, wind and biomass energy; and

posed a new $773 million program to

potential tax liability associated with our lease portfolio.

clean central station power plants using

bring the benefits of solar power directly

While taking great care with every dollar

proven nuclear or other environmentally

to all of our utility customers. This initia-

ourselves, we worked hard to provide

sound technologies.

tive for 120 megawatts of solar capacity

would include the largest pole-mounted

Roseland area of New Jersey. In January

should produce additional benefits,

solar project in the United States.

2009, PSE&G submitted an application to

including greater flexibility in sourcing fuel

the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to

and improved reliability.

Also, we are actively pursuing opportuni-

build the New Jersey portion of the line,

ties to develop wind energy resources.

along a route carefully chosen to minimize

Our nuclear assets are well-situated in a

We are a joint venture partner in Garden

impact on people and the environment.

carbon-constrained world and will remain

State Offshore Energy, which was chosen

We are working hard to keep the public

critical to meeting future demands for

as one of three companies to receive a

informed as we proceed.

energy. We are exploring the possibility of

$4 million grant from the state of New

new nuclear units at the site of our

Jersey to study wind and environmental

In January 2009, we announced plans

nuclear facilities in southern New Jersey.

characteristics off New Jersey’s shore.

for an additional $698 million in infra-

While in an early stage of evaluating this

This is the first step in a proposal

structure projects, including street light

option, we are determined not to lose

to develop a 350-megawatt offshore

upgrades and the replacement of older

sight of it. Nuclear is simply too important

wind farm.

equipment with advanced components

as a proven source of clean energy to

to help improve network reliability and

do otherwise.

Energy storage technologies could

reduce costly outages. These invest-



ments not only will support better service

We continually explore opportunities for

resources like the wind, which by their

quality but promote job creation and

new energy supply. In 2008, we were

nature are variable. In 2008, we entered

economic recovery.

awarded a contract by the state of



into a joint venture, Energy Storage and

Connecticut for 130 megawatts of new

Power, to license and develop the next

We are also investing to improve cus-

peaking capacity from our New Haven

generation of compressed air energy

tomer service. The centerpiece of this

Harbor generating station. The new peak-

storage technology (CAES).

effort is a new customer information

ing units are scheduled to be built in the

system with a range of advanced data

second half of 2011 and go into service in

Investing to Upgrade Our Energy Delivery Network and Service

and communications capabilities. It will

June 2012.

Along with efforts for green energy, we

manage their accounts and provide our

Strategic Outlook

continue our longstanding focus on reli-

employees with more timely information

Our assets are well-positioned in a

ability. We have a mature service territory

to better serve them.

business climate that will continue to be

give our customers greater flexibility to

influenced by environmental, aging infra-

with substantial capital improvement requirements.

Investing to Address Evolving Energy Supply Needs

structure and energy capacity needs. We

The PJM Interconnection, which operates

Our infrastructure requirements also per-

wholesale energy markets and a stable

the electricity grid in 13 states and the

tain to power generation. We are investing

regulated utility known for its reliability

District of Columbia, has mandated the

more than $1 billion in our coal units,

and strong customer relationships. This

addition of a new 500,000-volt power line,

installing advanced emissions control

balance enhances our ability to provide

called the Susquehanna-Roseland line, to

equipment to make them among the

our shareholders with an attractive com-

run from Berwick, Pennsylvania to the

cleanest facilities of their type. This effort

bination of growth and income.

have well-run operations in competitive

We will continue working hard to get more

can earn their degree in Energy Utility

which evaluates performance to help

out of our assets as well as explore growth

Technology. This program is providing an

individuals understand how responsible a

opportunities. If we cannot find attractive

important pipeline of new, diverse talent

company is to society and the environment.

ways to deploy capital for growth, we will

for our workforce, as we have hired more

PSEG was also named to the Carbon

return it to shareholders in the form of

than 70 of its graduates. We have added

Disclosure Leadership Index, which rec-

share repurchases or dividend increases,

a course on alternative energy to the cur-

ognizes companies with leading

but not at the risk of jeopardizing our

riculum, and established a Green Energy

approaches to climate change disclosure

liquidity or balance sheet.

Academy with the technical and vocational

and governance practices.

school system of Essex County in northern We strongly believe our focus on opera-

New Jersey.

tional excellence, financial strength

Behind such recognition is the ongoing commitment of our employees to opera-

and disciplined investment is the right

PSEG was recently named by Business

tional excellence, and I would like to

foundation for a bright future.

Week magazine as one of the “Best

thank them for all their hard work. We are

Places to Launch a Career” because of

fortunate to have employees who

The election of President Obama in

this focus on workforce development.

excel not only on the job but in serving

November 2008 opened new prospects

We have a similar emphasis on provid-

as volunteers for many worthy causes.

for policies to stimulate investment in

ing outstanding career opportunities for

Once again, their efforts made us the

infrastructure and green energy. We are

our employees.

number-one utility in the nation in raising

vocal advocates for a national renewable

funds for the March of Dimes.

portfolio standard and other constructive

Our Vision

policies that can help America develop

We believe there is tremendous value in

In closing, I wish to thank our shareholders

the world’s leading clean energy industry.

the PSEG vision of a company and its

for their continued trust and support. We

In the long run, growth will be aided by

people as recognized leaders in providing

will continue striving to justify your

collaborative efforts with government,

safe, reliable, economic and green energy.


labor and other key partners supporting

The vision defines us as an organization

investment to advance a common goal of

strongly committed to our customers,

a strong, sustainable economy.

employees, the communities we serve


and not least, our shareholders. It speaks

Workforce Development

to our proud 105-year history, precious

Preparing the future workforce is impor-

reputation and role in improving the quality

tant to sustainability. We have increased

of life. At the same time, the vision points

Ralph Izzo

our efforts to expand the pool of skilled

the way forward to achieve a position of

Chairman, President and

workers to do the energy jobs that lie

lasting, recognized leadership.

Chief Executive Officer

ahead — in green or traditional areas.

Public Service Enterprise Group Recognition is growing of our efforts

We have innovative partnerships with

in green as well as traditional energy

several New Jersey colleges, including

disciplines. In 2008, PSEG was added to

five community colleges where students

the Dow Jones Sustainability Index,

March 2, 2009

board of directors Caroline Dorsa is Senior Vice President of Global Human Health, Strategy and Integration of Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, which discovers, develops, manufactures and markets human and animal health products. Albert R. Gamper, Jr. is the retired Chairman of the Board of CIT Group, Inc., Livingston, New Jersey, a commercial finance company. Conrad K. Harper is of counsel to the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, New York, New York. William V. Hickey is President and Chief Executive Officer of Sealed Air Corporation, Elmwood Park, New Jersey, which manufactures food and specialty protective packaging materials and systems. Ralph Izzo is Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of PSEG. Shirley Ann Jackson is President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York. David Lilley is the retired Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cytec Industries Inc., West Paterson, New Jersey, which is a global specialty chemicals and materials company. Thomas A. Renyi is the retired Executive Chairman of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, New York, New York, a provider of banking and other financial services to corporations and individuals. Hak Cheol (H.C.) Shin is Executive Vice President-Industrial and Transportation Business of 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, a diversified technology company. Richard J. Swift is the retired Chairman of the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council and retired Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler Ltd., Clinton, New Jersey, which provides design, engineering, construction, manufacturing, management, plant operations and environmental services.

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