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Pros and Cons: Wooden Deck vs. Concrete Patio Before you decide whether to build a wooden deck or a concrete patio, just make sure that your site is low to the ground. Wooden decks can off course be built at low or high levels, but concrete patios cannot be built at a higher level.

Construction of Wooden Deck vs. Concrete Patio Decks are built with wood and laced near the ground or at a height. However, they are never placed directly on the ground. They usually have a support system in place to hold up the structure. They may be built at a lower floor of the home such as the kitchen or a living room or they may be located on the roof. They are usually accompanied with some type of railing. On the other hand, a patio is an outdoor space. It is placed directly on the ground. The patio maybe in direct connection with the house or be constructed in the yard. Patios are concrete bases with stones and tiles used for creating the foundation. In majority of the cases, they do not have a rail.

Looks The first feature of aesthetics would be dependent entirely on the individual. A wooden deck is mostly build up with durable wood. This provides it with a more rural look. In contrasts the patios are created from different types of materials. These materials could be bricks or concrete. They render an attractive and shiny look.

Drainage A Wooden deck is floored in a way that allows for the water to drain through. In contrast, a patio is not porous. It has a solid joint sand to prevent weeds. This may or may not prove to be a problem.

Security Children are vulnerable to falls. A patio would possibly skin your child’s knee in an event of a fall. It would also shatter any plate that falls. Wooden decks are safer. Besides ignoring any plate that falls, they would also be kinder to any skin falling on top of it. So with children around, wooden decks happen to be more favorable.

Wood decks are by far warmer and through proper maintenance last a couple of decades before any replacements are required. Also, with a wooden deck, you need not be concerned about digging foundations. With patio, you need to be careful about the proper slope of the concrete porch which needs to allow for good water drainage. ` Deck Daddy happens to be the #1 choice in America for Deck Resurfacing. Famous for being the leader in the industry, you are guaranteed to receive the best customer service at most cost effective prices that will allow you resurface your dream deck.

Pros and Cons: Wooden Deck vs. Concrete Patio.  

Here are some pros and cons of wooden deck and concrete patio. This slide is presented by

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