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Carrying Out Cleaning and Brightening Of Wooden Deck A wooden deck like any other item in the house requires maintenance. This article will discuss the various steps that are necessary for deck cleaning and brightening. Your deck may require just a wash or it may require all these steps to be followed. However, in case your wooden deck has been painted, then you would need to go through this step. The step is an easy one and happens to be only labor extensive. Various materials and tools are needed. They are rubber gloves, goggles for eye protection, plastic bristles, paint scrapper, deck cleaner and push broom. Using these steps you may complete cleaning.

An annual inspection of the deck is necessary. You need to inspect the deck for loose boards and other structural items. Also look out for rotting wood. Rotting wood refers to various conditions such as presence of mold, softness when examined with an object like a screwdriver and discoloration. In case there is any dry rot or soft wood, then it must be replaced. Once the inspection has been carried out and the wood looks good, then proceed to the next step.

The wood surface needs to be prepared for stain. Remove the loose surface finishes and then paint if necessary. In case you do not have any opaque stain or paint, then this step can be skipped. Also, if your deck has been painted or if it is about to be repainted, then don’t bother with this step. This step becomes necessary only if there is an opaque or painted stain and you would like to have a semi-transparent wood with a stained refinished surface. Start by employing a sharp paint scraper for removing loose solid stain, finish or paint. In case there is something that cannot be removed, then use sanding. In case of any sealed film finishes, you would have to strip it off with the help of a chemical stripper. However, be careful to use a goggle and rubber gloves before applying a chemical stripper. The chemical stripper needs to be applied in directions. Apply it in small sections and wait for it to work. The loosened front can then be scraped from the wood. However, stubborn areas will enquire a second application of the chemical stripper.

The next step is to apply the cleaners. There are different cleaners in the market. They are chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach and oxalic acid bleach. With these steps you can carry out cleaning and brightening of your wooden deck. Deck Daddy offers number #1 deck cleaning services in America. For further details, please contact us at

Carrying Out Cleaning and Brightening of Wooden Deck  

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