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Penny the penguin. Once upon a time in Antarctica there lived thousands and thousands of penguins and a baby one coming. The penguins had to keep it warm so each day they created a cuddling circle and as they gathered the egg would shake over here and over there. “It’s hatched” said the mummy penguin. There was a splatter over there and over there dipping and diving everywhere as the penguins were so excited.

“BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” the footsteps were getting louder. Penny who was a friendly little penguin stayed at home and waited until noise was finished, but as soon as she could screech her parents were gone!

As Penny shivered and quivered it began to be much quitter. Every single penguin was so scared but they still came out of there igloos. But no parents came out until “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” The sound of terror was everywhere “It’s coming closer” All of the penguins screamed out, but Penny did not leave she stayed there and prayed “oh god take me to my parents”. He scooped up little penguins but penny was not taken instead, when the footsteps of terror got quitter and faster she cried and whined.

Penny could hear the sounds of her parents so she ran outside but still no sound of her adoring parents in fact no sound of anything. She cried and whined until “Penny, Penny” the sound of her parents “Penny can you hear me” but nobody did take her lovely parents they were back in shock blowing lots and lots of kisses. “Penny “said dad in a sad voice.

Her mind was blowing with joy as they cuddled and hugged, “PLOP!” “an egg” said mum and dad awkwardly ,but they still loved each other they were very impressed. That was the life of penny and the penguins.


Penny the penguin.doc Hannah Mary  
Penny the penguin.doc Hannah Mary