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“How pretty I feel all of a sudden!” -Lance Morse, Theatre II

“I can’t snort, what is wrong with me?” -Sarah Alling, band

“What are they chemically doing to this room?” -Teresa Powell, APUSH “Do I have gummy bear poopy on me?” -Jason Cochran, principal

“I feel like my vibrato is in a very Kristin Cenoweth mood today.” -Lacy Franklin, varsity choir

“Do we have an armless football player?” -Madeline Peña, newspaper

“I don’t like big ripped women.” -Franklin Killen, US History

“I didn’t find any scissors, but I got these fruit snacks.” -Erin Patterson, passing period

“I just paper cut my face.” -Krista Tamplen, economics

“They are better than new shoes because they’re on my face.” -Sarah Stromberg, newspaper

“Put the banana back on the sofa!” -Lance Morse, Theatre II

“Everything related to technology is having seizures today.” -Jennifer Smith, British Literature

“Who doesn’t prefer a magic show over bananas? -Holt Garner, mock trial

“When he puts up his head, he’s actually pretty smart.” -Aubrey Thompson, U.S. History

“Too many Chiefs...” -Della Stallard “...Not enough crackers.” -Ryan Inman, U.S. History

“You need to go on a pen diet.” -Audrey Micinski, physics

“The insurance covers one toe at a time.” -Madeline Pena, newspaper

“Is that a foreign exchange student?” -Arin Blaylock, lunch “No, it’s a ten year old.” -Cristin Morgan, lunch

“The stapler broke my paper.” -Stephanie Micinski, college algebra


“I’m like bleu cheese. Sometimes people want me and then sometimes they hate me.” -Tyler Sirman, mock trial

“Lacy, give my sanity back to me.” -Natalie Neighbors, varsity choir

“If your arabesque isn’t up to par, I’m going to tell.” -Cole Wendling, newspaper

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