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Heinz packets undergo makeover

Jackie Trujillo j llo

After having the same ketchup packet design for 47 years, Heinz Co. released the new “Dip & Squeeze” design for consumer use. Squ According to the front of the packet, there is three A times as much content than the traditional. To top it tim all off o , the container is actually shaped like a ketchup bottle. bott The consumer can tear off the “cap” and squeeze. I found fou this feature to be a bit tough for me though since I’m not very strong. Or, one can dip by peeling back the tab. However, I do advise not to cram a french fry in there because the package is wider than frenc it is d deep. It w was made for easier access when on the road; this w way drivers don’t have to deal with the pesky tin foil foi packs. I like how the plastic container keeps everything clean- for once the table surface around everyt me wa wasn’t covered in ketchup. All in all, a very cool and fresh ketchup packet for the ne new generation. Food joints like Chick-Fil-A and now B Braum’s distribute them with every meal.

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by staff photographer Allie Davis


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My mom and I passed by this sunflower field on all of our trips to Austin over the summer. We always wanted to stop and take pic-

tures but never had the time. It was when we were on our way back from visiting my eight-month-old nephew Payton in the hospital that we decided to stop there, because the sunflowers looked close to withering away and we wouldn’t be traveling to Austin again very soon. So we pulled over on the shoulder, and I hopped out of the truck. I fell in love with the whole setting as soon as I stepped foot onto the cracked soil. I walked though rows and rows of the sunflowers taking pictures, enjoying every second. The sun slowly ducked beneath the horizon, casting a stunning glow on all the field and what it contained. Three images stood out among the cluster of sunflowers as I looked through my lens and focused. With just a click of a button I captured their fading beauty.


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&gt;&gt;Upcoming Events&lt;&lt; Entertainment Heinz packets undergo makeover Check out : for more upcoming events an...

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