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>>Oh Boy!

Guard welcomes new member

Madeline Peña

With a quick flick of the hand, a flag soars didn’t think he’d be very good at it,” through the air and freshman Isaac Caban Thompson said. “But he turned out catches the smooth silver pole. to be good at it.” As the first boy to ever spin a flag for the As a male asset to the program, CaDHS color guard, Caban enjoys this activity ban brings more to the table. to its potential. “I think he’s a lot It’’s not just “It’s not much difstronger than the girls,” the people ferent,” Caban said. It’s Thompson said. “Tosses walking around like I’m just one of the seem easier for him.” making shapes, girls with a little more At a recent competition it’’s the pretty strength.” in Lake Dallas, the team Caban satisfied the was named best guard. ags everyone needed criteria and re“Everyone is about the same looks at. quirements to enter as skill level,” Caban said. “Just >>freshman, one of the four freshbeing a boy just adds a little Isaac Caban men in color guard. bit of mixture to the group.” “Whoever can do Along with the advanit I’m taking them,” color guard instructor tages of strength, Caban finds learning the Ginger Dillard said. “It’s not a gender-spe- routines comes naturally. cific activity so it didn’t really affect any“He gets his stuff down,” Thompson said. thing.” “He was one of the first people who knew At the end of each school year, interested the show before the season even started.” band members audition to join the color Along with the work put into color guard, guard. They perform routines with flags and Caban also creates a positive atmosphere. costumes while the marching band plays at “He’s all over the place,” Thompson said. games. Last year, an interest sparked Caban “He makes us laugh a lot.” at a football game. The love of turning flags isn’t the only “That’s what makes marching look cool,” thing that struck Caban’s interest. Caban said. “It’s not just the people walking “I want to eventually get to a point where around making shapes; it’s the pretty flags I can be captain my junior or senior year,” everyone looks at.” Caban said. Before the audition, interested spinners Other members see this as an achievable attend four two hour workouts sessions af- goal. ter school. The practices involve learning “If he stays in it I can see him as a captain basic flag movments of color guard. because when he is serious he can get stuff “I thought boy’s are kind of goofy and I done,” Thompson said.



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Allie Davis

Color Guard

In the rst game of the season, the color guard anxiously awaits the half-time performance. ““Everyone is about the same skill level,”” Caban said. From left to right, freshman Alexis Hamm, sophomore Valerie Thompson, freshman Isaac Caban, sophomores Jessie Hoerth, Haylee Newton, Andrea Ramirez. Not Pictured: Captain Sam Clark, freshman Christy Mahaɱey, freshman Ana Perez and junior Daniela Davila.


Feature TheJournal October2011 In the  rst game of the season, the color guard anxiously awaits the half-time perfor- mance. “Everyone is a...

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