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“The pace of the game keeps it going; it’s like a reaction game where you have to be really fast and it’s really fun,” Redwine said. Leonard plays on the same level as upperclassmen and won’t let them down. “Playing on varsity is intense,” she said, “because you have to stay up and do your job. The team is counting on you.” Whereas Perkins describes the sport as unpredictable. “The same thing never happens twice. It’s always subject to change,” she said, “so you have to be ready for everything.” This year’s varsity volleyball team includes leadership, different ages, bonding and success. “It’s an honor to be on the team,” senior Haley Dale said, “because it is such a good program and good group of girls. Every one on the team has worked very hard to earn that spot.” Varsity coach Claire Rose develops goals which include creating a successful program people enjoy watching. “I want it to be a family more than a team,” Rose said. Winning 36 games so far, there are five freshmen on varsity this year. “It’s pretty new to me competing on the varsity level,” freshman Annie Parks said. “But it’s exciting because there is so much to do and after every point during the game you can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.” Practicing every morning at 5:30, Dale describes volleyball as her life. “It literally consumes my life, in a good way,” she said. “All I do is eat, sleep and play


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volleyball.” Coaching varsity for five years, Rose enjoys watching the game. “This year, the team’s success is from reaching their goals they made on day one,” Rose said. “They work hard to achieve them and they don’t settle- that’s the biggest thing.” New members are inspired by watching the seniors. ”It’s cool to see the team grow and to see everyone improve,” senior Amanda Delka said. Winning isn’t everything, but it’s a bonus. “We work for it,” Dale said. “It feels good to win, but we work harder than anybody else so we should win.” The team feels closer this year, than in the past. “Besides everyone getting better, we’ve been more rounded,” Dale said. “We also have bonded more and we play well as a team.” Park’s first year in high school she loves playing volleyball. “The workouts are a lot harder than middle schools,” she said. “But we have a coach that explains a lot really well and we have team leaders and role models for us younger ones.” Playing on varsity for two years Delka enjoys the cool experience. “There’s so much going on, it’s not just one thing happening,” Delka said. “It’s exciting.” On their way to playoffs Rose speaks to the team with determination. “I couldn’t be more proud of these ladies that work hard everyday to do a sport they love,” Rose said.

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1. The Lady Eagles Eaglebuilt poster. 2. “We are fired up!” echoes through the gym as the team gets ready for a big game. 3. Players watch intently from the sideline, waiting for their team to score. 4. Showing sportsmanship, the Lady Eagles shake their oppenents hands after a win. 5. Libero, Amanda Delka, shows her hops as she high fives her tall teammate.


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5 By theBythe NUMBERSNUMBERS 6:00 Career wins by Coach Claire Rose Average height on the team Sports Freshmen on Varsity Wins by Varsity in...


5 By theBythe NUMBERSNUMBERS 6:00 Career wins by Coach Claire Rose Average height on the team Sports Freshmen on Varsity Wins by Varsity in...