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Brother and sister compete in sports Cristin Morgan

Every morning cross country coach David Park sees the face of twin juniors Macky and Gunnar Dailey for practice at 5:45. “I’m thrilled that they do cross country,” Park said. “They always seem in a good mood.” Park shares the Daileys with softball, baseball, basketball, football and track. “I think it’s great our school gives students the privilege to participate in multiple sports and I’m happy to work with them to make it happen,” Park said. Every morning Macky wakes up at 4:30 to make it to cross country workout by 5:45. “It takes determination,” Macky said, “and dedication.” On a Decatur team since seventh grade, Macky ran on varsity freshman year. “In ninth grade I was a state champion,” she said. Macky also participates in basketball and softball. “I played basketball in middle school and ninth grade. And then I am doing it again this year,” she said. Macky describes basketball as her challenging sport. >>Photo by “You have to remember plays and then you have to work on the Allie Davis plays a lot,” Macky said. A er ft cross country practice she gets ready for school and goes to ball, cross country and track. Waking up at 5:15 every morning for cross country practice Gunall her classes until the eighth period bell rings. nar describes this sport as pain. “I have athletics eighth period and that’s when I practice basket“Running six to eight miles everyday is painful,” he said. ball,” she said. Participating in cross country for three years now, he hopes to A er ft practice ends, she goes home and starts homework. “I try to get as much homework done as possible, I have Ms. Pow- make it to state for the second year in a row. “My favorite part of the race is the sprint at the end,” Gunnar said. ell for AP,” Macky said. “Then sometimes I go to work at Sweetie Pies Playing football for six years, Gunnar is wide receiver on varsity. and other days I go to fall ball softball practice at 6:30pm.” “My favorite part of the game is fourth quarter because either Her third sport, so ball, ft also takes practice and time. She dewe’re winning and we know we got it, or we’re losing and we know scribes this sport as commitment. “You work on basics all the time because if you lose the basics you we have to get going,” Dailey said. Getting done with football practice around 6:30, going home, can not really do anything,” she said. Macky made it to playoffs her sophomore year in softball. Her then finishing homework, Gunnar goes to bed around 11:00. “[Participating in multiple sports, my weakness] is not getting younger years consisted of t-ball and baseball with her brother. “I used to be on my brother’s pewee teams. So, I’ve played pretty enough energy throughout the school day,” Gunnar said. For more than ten years Gunnar participates in baseball. His posimuch my whole life,” Macky said. tion includes second and third base. Playing three sports, the last event on ““They aren’’t going to say “Just hanging out with my friends makes the Macky’s daily agenda includes sleep. it, but they like each other sport fun,” he said. “I’m so busy all the time and I have to and look out for each On the track team for four years, every meet catch up on chores, work, homework, go inspires him. other.”” to church, and other stuff,” she said. “This “I get real excited and nervous before a race,” past week two nights combined I got sevhe said, “and I hope to improve my times this en hours of sleep.” >>cross country coach year.” On average Macky gets to bed around David Park At the end of the day, the Daileys finally get to 2:00 in the morning. Her overall goal in bed and set their alarm for 4:45 and 5:15 to start the three sports includes keeping up and another day tomorrow. improving. “Believe it or not they get along better than most,” Park said. “I want to become a better player and runner in all of them,” she “They aren’t going to say it but they like each other and look out for said. Macky’s brother Gunnar also participates in sports: football, base each other.”




TheJournal October2011 >>cross country coach David Park “They aren’t going to say it, but they like each other and look out for each o...

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